Arroyo Grande man seriously injured in Jeep crash

February 2, 2015

ambulanceAn Arroyo Grande man suffered major injuries Saturday night after he lost control of his Jeep Wrangler and the vehicle rolled over. [KSBY]

Teddy Duncan, 33, was driving southbound on El Campo Road north of Falcon Crest Drive in Arroyo Grande just before 11 p.m. Duncan drifted onto the shoulder of the road and then overcorrected, causing the Jeep to roll, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Emergency responders transported Duncan to a local hospital. Authorities have not updated his condition.

The collision totaled the jeep, a photo shows.

CHP officers are still investigating the collision. The CHP has made no mention of drugs or alcohol factoring into the crash.

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He passed away Feb 5…

If the location is accurately described, this is a short section of road. It begins with a sharp right coming off 101 southbound, a less sharp left at the base of a hill and a gradual curve to Falcon Crest near the top of the hill. Less than 1/2 mile total.

My guess is that if speed was involved, he came off 101 too fast and couldn’t complete the sharp turn. If he made that turn, he should have been going slow enough for the others so it is more likely something like distracted driving (assuming no DUI).

(Damn, it IS fun to speculate without enough facts occasionally isn’t it.)

As a ’09 JK owner i would love to hear details about the model, amount of lift, etc. My ’09 supossedly has the ability to sense a roll and automatically start correcting. At least that’s what is says on the label ;>)

With you on this one Tomsquawk! Wrangler YJ owner here. I’m curious as well to the year and amount of modifications done to the jeep! Also- it didn’t discuss speeds in here either… Hoping for a quick recovery for the driver!

Ted (the driver) is my uncle. I was looking online to see if the crash was on here. I can’t believe it. He was almost home. He is in the hospital on life support and just about a half hour ago or so, he opened his eyes! I think their called spinal columns, are crushed but people all over the country are praying for him so I am praying to God that he makes it out okay after he recovers.

We all know if the driver is a current or retired LEO, (yes I know at 33 retired is unlikely but not impossible) , or well connected, no DUI check was performed.

he was taken with major injuries to the hospital. any sobriety test where a driver is in need of medical attention will be based on the blood transfusion or test upon arrival to hospital

He is my uncle by the way…..I hope he will be okay.


Pushing an agenda?. When someone is critically injured, the CHP do not haul them out of the car and make them do a field sobriety test, leo or not. All testing is done at the hospital through blood tests. It’s only when liquor bottles are strewn around the crash scene or the officers smell alcohol, that they say that the crash may have been a dui.

Your effort to push an agenda that is not suggested here resulted in 22 idiots agreeing. What does this say about you– you 22 idiots?

Jeeps and Toyota Tacoma trucks are known for roll overs. If you make a sudden sharp turn in one of these vehicles, you are likely to roll it. I’ve owned both. If you make the same turn at the same speed in an older Honda with the double wishbone suspension, you’ll make it just fine.

No agenda, just commenting that we have had many area crashes, both resulting in no injuries and serious ones, including fatalities, and in many cases because the driver is connected no DUI check is performed, resulting in an easy out if the public ever finds out and pushes for action. DUI checks do not always require an onsite check. Alcohol is only one substance, many other factors can impair a driver not always with a easy “smell”.

I have owned Jeeps and one reason they are known for roll overs involves unsafe speeds, if you drive a Jeep at a speed safe for the conditions they are safe. Just because one type of car can take a turn at 50 and not roll over and if you do the same in a Jeep, and it rolls, it does not mean the Jeep in unsafe, it likely means you took the turn at a unsafe speed and were lucky with the other vehicle. Odds are there would have been a sign stating the turn should not have been taken at a speed above 25 or such and neither vehicle would have rolled if driven at the posted speed without other factors. Owning a Jeep, and such vehicles, just takes more driver responsibility when it comes to speeds and turns as well as other areas.