CalCoastNews King of the Hill Award

February 17, 2015

Snarky email contestCalCoastNews is announcing its first King of the Hill Award contest.

The award will be given to the public official who has written the snarkiest or most underhanded correspondences to members of the community. CalCoastNews and its readers will select the winner.

Have you ever written to a local CSD member, city councilmember, mayor, city manager, or county supervisor and been appalled by the tone of the response you received? If so, please share. We’re interested in seeing how public officials respond to their constituents.

In addition, please send short YouTube videos and meeting minutes of public officials addressing each other or the public.

Please email copies of videos, emails and letters to All correspondence needs to be sent to CalCoastNews  by Feb. 27.

The contributor of the most egregious email or letter will win a gift card from a local vendor.

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I nominate the colossal the threesome of irons, christine johnson and noah smuckler for publically stating that there was “no cause” for the city manager and city attorney’s dismissal, subsequently costing us-the residents of morro bay close to 750,000 after its all said and done. pathetic! and look what they have now

I nominate the following quote from Bruce Gibson, from September, 2013, to a Los Osos prohibition zone property owner that was simply requesting an audit from the county to determine if any of the $20 million in assessment money that the 2000 – 2005 LOCSD wasted on the now-failed, “mid-town,” “picnic area”/sewer plant Tri-W disaster — an assessment that “more than 4,000” LOPZers are now stuck paying for until the year 2033/34… for a non-project that will never exist — was salvaged for use in the county’s current project — a project that is being funded by a completely different assessment:

“This type of audit would not provide anything more than information that is already publically (sic) available.

Allow me to translate: “You want to know if the County of SLO was able to salvage any of your wasted tax money? Go dig the answer out of a gigantic stack of confusing documents yourselves, losers.”

Gibson’s answer may not qualify as “snarky,” but it sure is cruel.

And, right now, due to Gibson’s unbelievably cruel and uncaring response, more than 4,000 LOPZ property owners have no idea if one dime of the $20 million that the LOCSD wasted “developing” the Tri-W disaster, and that those property owners are now stuck paying until the year 2034, was able to be salvaged for use in the county’s current sewer project in Los Osos — a project that does NOT include a “mid-town” “picnic area”/sewer plant.

Uh, winning!