CalCoastNews King of the Hill Award

February 17, 2015

Snarky email contestCalCoastNews is announcing its first King of the Hill Award contest.

The award will be given to the public official who has written the snarkiest or most underhanded correspondences to members of the community. CalCoastNews and its readers will select the winner.

Have you ever written to a local CSD member, city councilmember, mayor, city manager, or county supervisor and been appalled by the tone of the response you received? If so, please share. We’re interested in seeing how public officials respond to their constituents.

In addition, please send short YouTube videos and meeting minutes of public officials addressing each other or the public.

Please email copies of videos, emails and letters to All correspondence needs to be sent to CalCoastNews  by Feb. 27.

The contributor of the most egregious email or letter will win a gift card from a local vendor.


Not from a public official, but still worth a look back.

From the Trib, Nov 6, 2014


Opinion of the Tribune

A Look back at 2014 local race results

Though not all outcomes have been declared, we offer thoughts on the winners and losers

Biggest near-upset, second place:

Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara barely held off a challenge from write-in candidate Jim Hill, who rode a wave of discontent in Arroyo Grande. Keep in mind Ferrara’s win isn’t 100 percent certain – we still don’t have a final tally.



Beautiful CCN.


Kevin Rice

Two video submissions:

“We make decisions all the time that we don’t totally understand.”

“I don’t have a clue.”


The snarkiest comments about articles posted here might be fun. Appalling enough for anyone, I’d say. Sort of a best of craigslist.


After the Tony Ferrara pity party one poster wrote this quotable quote:

“Sour Grapes for Balls!”





“Fine them out of existance” Pandora Nash Karner to the Regional Waterboard


From Steve Adams publicly announced resignation letter

Adams also defends McClish and her reputation. He attempts to clear up the rumors surrounding an alleged affair, reiterating his previous comments that “nobody was at any time unclothed or partially clothed.”

KSBY October 2, 2014


Wish it could be favorite quotes……

When Mr. Page was being kicked out of the Wednesday morning Arroyo Grande City Council special meeting and Tony Ferrara shouted.

“Shut it down… Shut it down”


” No need to reply. This is an FYI. I’m not going to take this crap anymore.”

Tony Ferrara to the ENTIRE Arroyo Grande City Council.

Serial Brown Act violation too!

Ted Slanders


Who has any aforementioned egregious correspondence from Adam Hill? Because of his modus operandi in disparaging others in his posting history, this is going to be hard to pick out the winner!

Cal Coast News, quit making this contest so easy!

Ted Slanders

^ psst, we get it, King of the “Hill” Award, shhhhhhh