Paso Robles man killed in crash

February 17, 2015

motorcycle crashA Paso Robles man involved in a crash at the bottom of the Cuesta Grade Monday night has died.

Shortly before 8 p.m., Robert James Dowdy, 42, was driving a 1995 Yamaha motorcycle northbound on Highway 101 near Reservoir Canyon Road. Yolanda Ramirez, 52, did not see Dowdy and pulled her truck onto the highway in front of him.

Dowdy crashed his motorcycle into the back side of the truck which ejected him from the motorcycle.

Emergency personnel transported Dowdy to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center where he died early Tuesday morning. No one else was injured in the accident.

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The roads are only as dangerous as the idiots who use them and it has nothing to do with CHP presence, “dangerous” intersections, or anything else.

Excellent idea George…

But, this accident happened at reservoir cyn x 101, one of the many un lighted, un signaled and one lacking an over/under pass freeway on/off ramps in this county.

Once again, I call out Caltrans for lack of diligence for not bringing these very dangerous crossings and on ramps up to current safety standards.

And Jorge you are spot on about bean counters trumping common sense and public safety…

One has to only look at the extreme highway speeds many drivers today exhibit, lack of adequate on/off ramps, and the lack of CHP presence on our highways aside from the few construction sites where they park all day…

Lack of CHP presence? Clearly you don’t commute. Between here and Goleta in the morning I routinely see 7-12 CHP officers actively patrolling or monitoring speed, not counting the construction sites.

As far as safety, one only has to look at the WAY in which people drive that is evident self absorption or distraction instead of trying to create any logical flow. For example, moving into the left lane, before checking the speed of any upcoming traffic and either not waiting or simply continuing at your existing speed of 1mph over the vehicle you are passing is pretty dangerous. I will routinely be passing in the left land, and come upon a very small vehicle in the right lane coming up on a semi truck. I will slow down to allow that person to merge in, but at the point I expect them to merge, they are not even checking their mirrors. Not until they are within about 5 feet of that semi ahead do they suddenly swerve in to the left right in front of my vehicle.

Speed is not the problem, on the freeway. There are plenty of alternate routes people can take if they do not want to drive 65-75mph.

The CHP Officers that park at construction sites all day are off-duty officers paid by the construction company (Cal-Trans or private) and do not reduce the number of officers available at any given time. Their presence is mandated by California Department of Transportation on a job by job basis.

This is such sad news.

To the family of RJ; May our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen, comfort, and lift you up during this most diificult time. Blessings to all of you.

RJ. Rest in Peace.

Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life.

For decades I have been an advocate for a surface road between Santa Margarita and SLO.

I thought the EIR of the late 90’s Cuesta Grade project would include this need as the number of lanes grow. For you and I, EIR mitigation requirements are required but for CalTrans their funding is the bottom line so cross traffic will continue until many die.

I am very sad to read of this death. I heard of the incident on last night’s news and had plan to visit the injured to discuss his needs and hopefully further the process for this unmet need too. Now he his gone and just another data bit that the CalTrans bean counters will file away, this too is extremely troublesome.

Highway 101 between Santa Margarita and SLO has driveways and cross traffic, these issue have been laid on CalTrans lap, Wednesday January 17, 1996 but to no avail. “There is no money” yet the number of lanes have grown as well as the danger.