Fourth Lompoc police officer arrested in under 12 months

February 21, 2015

LompocSanta Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Lompoc police officer accused of domestic violence on Friday, marking the fourth arrest of a member of the Lompoc Police Department in less than 12 months.

According to police, an unnamed police officer informed his supervisor that John Reyna had been involved in an act of domestic violence. After police command staff looked into the allegation, Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested Reyna and booked him into the Santa Barbara County Jail.

Officer Reyna is a seven year veteran of the department.

In October, deputies responded to call from a neighbor about a domestic dispute at a Vandenberg Village home. The deputies arrested 29-year-old Lompoc police detective Matthew Hill and charged him with assault.

Prior to Hill’s arrest, Lompoc officer David Garcia was arrested in March for driving under the influence and Sergeant Joseph Stetz was arrested in May for felony vandalism and making criminal threats. Stetz’s charges also stemmed from a domestic dispute, while Garica wound up in handcuffs after he crashed his car into a tree and took off while on duty.

In addition to the arrests of officers, another Lompoc city employee was arrested late last year. On Oct. 7, parks and recreation worker Kelly Didrickson allegedly backed a city vehicle into another car and drove off while under the influence of alcohol.

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The term “rule of thumb” came from an ancient standard in Greece that did not allow me to beat their wives with anything larger than the circumference of their thumb. It is also a fact that the ASPCA was form several years before there were any protective rights for women and children. Mostly, if the woman lived through the abuse–it was not considered abuse during most periods of time in the US.

Seems the US has some issues with this—and why would any police department be any different? Women need to stand up more—if any of us are being abused–ALL of us are being abused!

Sometimes you make good points but when you repeat things that you’ve heard but haven’t verified you harm your credibility. That story about “rule of thumb” is a myth, and you didn’t even get the myth correct.

That being said, I agree that people, regardless of gender, need to take responsibility for things and stand up for themselves and not be afraid of the consequences. Instead they are being taught to make the law their shepard and put their trust into it, which can be a giant mistake.

Is the Lompoc PD going for a Yahtzee or what?

And prior to keeping a clean record so he could run for office, Sheriff Parkinson did not scrupulously pay his property taxes.

The cream rises to the top of good SB and SLO county law enforcement.

a few different thoughts here:

1. you are four times more likely to be a victim of domestic violence if you are married to a police officer.

2. on the bright side, at least it isnt five officers being arrested by the FBI like SLO PD.

3. “protecting and serving” – just another civil servant doing their job. what ever happened to honor and integrity?

WHAT the hell is in the LOMPOC water?

Just a guess — but maybe steroids?

Bringing work home eh? She was probably resisting or he “fear for his life”. I’m sure there’s a logical reason behind this. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

This article should have indicated the present legal status of each case and if any of the

officers were found guilty.

Do people really believe the criminal justice system still has legitimacy?

Why? Do police use those same standards when they determine how to treat suspects or who to initiate encounters with?

lol. guilty of what? being a tax grubbing parasite?

To be fair, yes I agree.