Hill blasts Mecham; then the two agree on vote

February 11, 2015
Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


A week after San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Frank Mecham removed his fellow board member Adam Hill from a leadership position, Hill lashed out at Mecham during a discussion on water use regulations.

Despite receiving the verbal lashing, Mecham ultimately sided with Hill Tuesday. Mecham agreed to reconsider a vote he cast last week and possibly extend an ordinance that restricts water usage in North County.

Last week, Mecham volunteered to step down as chairman of the county board of supervisors and seat Supervisor Debbie Arnold as chair and Supervisor Lynn Compton as vice chair. The move unseated Hill as vice chair, which will likely cost him the chairmanship in 2016, his campaign year.

Also during last week’s meeting, Mecham voted with Arnold and Compton to let a water use ordinance expire. The ordinance, which is set to expire in August, prohibits residential or agricultural development in the Paso Robles basin unless developers or ranchers create conversation projects elsewhere in the area that preserve an equal amount of water.

In last week’s vote, Mecham, Arnold and Compton rejected not only an extension of the ordinance, but also a plan to implement it in the Los Osos and Nipomo Mesa groundwater basins. On Tuesday though, Mecham said he would like to reconsider the vote and that he is interested in extending the ordinance, but not making it permanent.

Minutes later, Hill, who supports an extension of the ordinance, chastised Mecham for his vote a week prior and referenced the bible in questioning Mecham’s conversion on the issue.

“I don’t know why this wasn’t talked about last week, why this has suddenly become a road to Damascus for Mr. Mecham,” Hill said. “Not really interested in that let’s see if we can cover up one supervisor’s ass.”

Following Hill’s comments and several warnings from county attorneys that the board was flirting with a Brown Act violation, Mecham withdrew his motion on reconsidering an extension of the ordinance.

The discussion on a reconsidering an ordinance extension lasted for about nine minutes after the conclusion of public comment Tuesday. The Brown Act, California’s open meeting law, allows the board to direct staff to place items on future agendas, but it prohibits general discussion on items that are not agendized.

After the nine-minute discussion, the board proceeded with its business. However, about nine minutes after that, Hill made a motion to place the water ordinance on a future agenda. Hill said there would be no limitations to the discussion.

Mecham then joined Hill and Gibson in agreeing to revisit the issue. Arnold and Compton dissented in the 3-2 vote.

Since Mecham removed Hill from his leadership role, Hill and Gibson have taken turns chastising him.

The day following the board realignment, Gibson confronted Mecham in his county office. Gibson then penned a commentary in the Tribune saying Mecham took “the easy way out” and failed to show courage when faced with pressure.

During last week’s meeting, Hill accused Mecham of partisanship.

Mecham often holds the swing vote on the board of supervisors. Both Hill and Gibson are liberal Democrats, and Arnold and Compton are conservative Republicans.

Mecham is a Republican, but he has often sided with Gibson and Hill on key votes.

Prior to announcing last week that he was stepping down as chair, many of Mecham’s constituents were criticizing him for cooperating with Gibson and Hill. Since the realignment, though, county residents have overwhelmingly praised him.

It is currently unclear when the water ordinance will return to the board of supervisors.

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QUOTING ARTICLE: “In last week’s vote, Mecham, Arnold and Compton rejected not only an extension of the ordinance, but also a plan to implement it in the Los Osos and Nipomo Mesa groundwater basins.”


I can’t wait to see the reactions of the boards of directors for NCSD and LOCSD. NCSD will finally have do something besides just raise water rates for existing customers to pay for the new developments which most residents are against.

I adore this photo image of Supervisor Adam Hill. It makes him look like a stunted, angry little gnome. And how his fat little face is so squished together!

I suggest this image become the new official CCN Adam Hill photo image.

Maybe he’ll want to buy it for his rumored California State Assembly campaign.

MaryMalone says:” like a stunted, angry little gnome.”

Someone should make some AHill garden gnomes and send the profits to some good nonprofits.

The angry little gnome from the happiest city in America ™, get yours today!

We could 3d print them like sad keanu http://images1.sw-cdn.net/comment/picture/original_2047_43179_1389298320.jpg

Mary, I don’t even know Adam Hill. But, I too, want to thank CCN and Blackburn for such a great photo. All too apropos, and all too funny.

What do you look like Mary?

Anyone calling you to model bathing suits?

The day will come when this Supervisor is going to go over the edge and the County Administrator, Legal Counsel, Supervisor Gibson who feeds into Hill’s behavior will all be responsible because they know when he gets his way he functions “somewhat” under the radar, but when he is not in control this man is a keg ready to explore anytime and I pray no one gets hurt in the end. He has a mental problem, please don’t wait under he goes over the edge to say “we didn’t know he was this bad” like most parents who try to work through it and in the end it is painful for all.

Anyone that thinks this man should have any authority for anything in this County is enabling his behavior and mental behavior, very sad!

Adam Hill is so inappropriately angry and inconsistent….it almost makes me feel sorry for Dee Torres who is living with that mental case.

In part I would say don’t be too sorry for Ms. Torres. a person who stole from homeless people, just how can someone do that?

slimeball sloth

It takes an ass to know one!!!

Hill must go….hopefully he won’t get re-elected and therefore won’t get to be a chairman

ever again. Chair Arnold should have spoken up at Hill’s comment and demanded an

apology from Hill….it would have been a great opportunity for her to take charge of

the situation and show the others sups that she won’t tolerate that type of


Debbie….please be forceful and not take any crap from anyone on that board; and that

includes the county staff.

From someone who wants to you to be very successful!!!

Well I was wrong. It took slightly longer than 5 days before the “waste of skin” ran his mouth again.

What the hell does the conversion of Saul to Christianity, while on his way to persecute some folks in Damascus, have anything to do with the actual topic that was being discussed?

He just can’t seem to stay on task anymore, and what little professionalism he originally brought to the table is non-existent.

Mr. Hill and Gibson, this volley ball game you seem to play in slamming others with your nasty comments is really unbecoming of both of you.

Get your ego’s out of this and do what is right for the people who elected you. I think most people are sick and tired of your venomous ways.

I know the reason I don’t go to any of your meetings is because I find it very distasteful reading in the news, or hearing it on the nightly news,how in mature you were.. I would be embarrassed for you both because of your actions. Why would anyone which to attend such a uncomfortable situation? Maybe that is why you do it, to keep people away, the people who elected you.

Is that how you wish to be perceived by the public? I just keep thinking of the saying “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” you might actually get more accomplished by toning it down.

I hope in the future you can start acting like mature,educated me instead of high school bullies, because that is what you appear to be BULLIES. And no body likes a bully!

Hill’s snarky “Road to Damascus/cover up one superviser’s a$$” quote sounds too tame in this article.

Listen to him on audio for the full effect.

Poor little guy. He’s just a ball of seething anger.

Remember the days when Rebuplicans were constantly accused of being mean?

Yeah, that was like what ……………yesterday?

The problem is mean, bully and misogyny are in all of the party’s and is not a left/right issue.

Being a jerk crosses all party lines.