Is Morro Bay parks official a government troll?

February 23, 2015
Aaron Ochs

Aaron Ochs

By CCN Staff

CLARIFICATION: CalCoastNews erred when it wrote that Aaron Ochs was considering getting a gun. To clarify Ochs’ statement, he said it was recommended by an unnamed individual that he get a firearm.

Here is what Ochs wrote on social media in January: “It came to my attention that Julie Tacker and Karen Velie made a direct threat of imminent harm to my family.” Someone “recommended that I should purchase a firearm because I was ‘going to be killed.’ “

Following the unsubstantiated claim, Tacker filed a report with the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department. Tacker told deputies she had no idea what Ochs was talking about and that she feared for her family’s safety. Tacker also informed the sheriff’s department that she believed Ochs was cyber harassing her and that she felt stalked.


It takes a lot for a member of a city parks commission to get noticed, but Morro Bay’s Aaron Ochs puts in the effort.

Ochs is arguably the most frequent online commenter about politics in San Luis Obispo County. He contributes to multiple social media pages that give him carte blanche to post just about anything having to with his favorite subjects — CalCoastNews and any community activist who questions the actions of San Luis Obispo County Supervisors Bruce Gibson or Adam Hill.

Ochs’ online habits have now led to a rare scenario in which an organized push had arisen to oust a member of a volunteer parks commission.

Following a recent string of profanity-laden personal attacks on South Bay citizens, a robo-call made its way around Morro Bay this weekend suggesting residents ask their local representatives why a city official’s public Facebook page, calls a woman a “vindictive bitch.”

CalCoastNews has been unable to identify the source of the robo-call.

The Morro Bay City Council appointed Ochs to the parks commission in early 2014. He received supporting votes from Mayor Jamie Irons and council members Christine Johnson, George Leage and Noah Smukler, according to city council minutes.

Since then, Ochs, through Facebook and several websites, has made numerous false claims alleging specific people are felons, or diagnosed mentally ill. He has impersonated reporters. He also has frequently manipulated photos of journalists and activists on his website in order to demean them.

In a post earlier this month, Ochs responded to an allegation that he photo-shopped CalCoastNews reporter Karen Velie’s name onto an online post. In his post, Ochs admitted that he has used Photoshop to forge in the past.

“I could go back to forging documents in Photoshop,” Ochs wrote about his search for a new endeavor. “But that’s the old me. Times have changed.”

In recent years, some governments have turned to the use of Internet trolls to deflect criticism, antagonize investigative media and steer political discourse off topic. CalCoastNews has obtained no concrete evidence that Ochs posts online on behalf of certain government officials, but many county residents allege that his actions resemble those of government trolls.

Last month, activist Julie Tacker sent a letter to the county noting that Gibson had violated the Ralph M. Brown Act during the board of supervisors’ selection of Adam Hill as vice chair. As a result, a re-do of the vote occurred, and Hill lost the vice-chair seat.

Ochs then began a series of posts about Tacker on Facebook. In one of his posts, Ochs says that Tacker has made a threat to harm his family and that it has been recommended he get a firearm. On the Facebook page, Tacker is referred to as a “vindictive bitch.”

The robo-call that circulated around Morro Bay on Sunday addressed the remark.

“Bad news, Morro Bay has a vindictive liar on a parks commission making remarks on women, local businesses and individuals. Parks commissioner Aaron Ochs has a website that labeled one local woman a donkey, labeled a local business illegal, called another local woman, quote, a vindictive bitch,” the robo-call says. “This is a city official. Aaron Ochs does not belong on Morro Bay’s parks commission. Aaron Ochs is arrogant and does not listen to you. Aaron Ochs once wrote, ‘What is said during public comment is quite dumb.’ Aaron, you have posted this about buying a gun. Ask Mayor Jamie Irons and the city council why they put Aaron Ochs on a parks commission. Call the city at 772-6206. Call 772-6206.”

Cal Coast Fraud, until recently dubbed  C2F , on which Ochs calls himself the “lead contributor,” launched in early 2014 with a stated goal of shutting down CalCoastNews. Shortly after it was created, Hill began sending out Facebook messages asking thousands of people, including other public officials and county employees, to go to the Facebook page and “like” it.

The first post falsely claimed that Velie was blackmailing former Senator Sam Blakeslee. Other posts targeted KVEC radio host Dave Congalton, whom Ochs has chastised for inviting Velie and CalCoastNews reporters on as guests.

Dave Congalton of C2FOne post showed a photo of Congalton spliced together with a picture of former U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, the man known for making unsubstantiated allegations about communist infiltration of America. A caption on the C2F post states that “the red-baiting Dave Congalton” and McCarthy have a lot in common.

In 2010, California passed a law making it a crime to knowingly impersonate another person on the Internet in an attempt to harm or intimidate.

In September, Ochs manipulated a post on Reddit by putting Velie’s email on one in a series of posts discussing “sucking dick for coke.” He then claimed Velie made the post on several Facebook pages he manages, after photo-shopping Velie’s name on it.

The original post on Reddit does not include Velie’s name, Ochs then claimed Reddit administrators provided him a post showing Velie’s email address on the post that he photo shopped.

Ochs ohot shoppedSeveral SLO New Times editorial staffers appear to have fallen for the ploy.

“It’s sort of like the drunk, belligerent animal at the watering hole at this point; someone’s got to take her down for her own good and for everyone else’s,” SLO New Times Editor Ashley Schwellenbach wrote on Facebook under Ochs impersonation.

SLO New Times cartoonist Russ Hodin regularly gives a thumbs up to Ochs’ Facebook posts, including a recent one that falsely claims an 81-year-old man who chastised Hill at a board of supervisors meeting is running an illegal real estate business.

In addition to competing media, several public officials affiliated with local governments where malfeasance has been verified regularly participate on C2F. For example, after several articles on CalCoastNews presented evidence that Oceano’s former general manager Tom Geaslen was overpaying himself, he was fired for cause. At that point, several Oceano board members began participating in C2F.

Oceano Director Matt Guerrero, an attorney who has applied to the governor for a judicial appointment, gives “thumbs up” to many of the articles that falsely claim reporters and activists have committed felonies such as blackmail, extortion and terrorist threats. Director Mary Lucey demeans Tacker, while blocking her through Facebook so that Tacker cannot see her posts, Tacker said.

“Ochs’ belittling the public in this way is not only extremely unprofessional and unbecoming of a public official, it may deter people from speaking out on real issues,” Tacker said.  “I hope the City of Morro Bay takes a good look at their choice of representatives on the Parks Commission.”

On Monday, the city received multiple calls asking about Ochs position. Morro Bay City Manager David  Buckingham said Ochs’ position on the parks commission is not in his purview and that the council will look into the allegations.

Ochs, who is also the president elect of the Morro Bay Eco Rotary Club, did not respond to questions from CalCoastNews.

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Dee Torres’ insane rants on this site, and her crazy observations, paints a clear picture of how she treats the homeless — bullying, demanding — a real Saint Teresa NOT.


Some have said that the Council should remove this person from the Rec and Parks Board. If they did that based on complaints regarding things he has said, would their action be legal under the laws that protect free speech?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like his nasty verbal attacks on others any more than any other CCN reader. I’m just wondering if the Council would face a legal dilemma here. Even when a Board or Commission member’s actions are an embarrassment to the City, can the person be tossed out so long as those actions occur outside of City meetings and activities?

I believe that Board and Commission members have to agree to some kind of basic rules – like serving and protecting the City, or something like that, when they are sworn in. However, I doubt if it covers activities other than those directly associated with the City. As long as the person adheres to the initial agreement made, wouldn’t Council action to remove a Board member potentially get the City into legal trouble?


Commission members serve “at the pleasure” of the city council. Easy in, easy out.


IronHub, that is way to SIMPLE for the “activist” to undrstand

Dee Torres

Are you kidding all this blog does is attack and rant against good people???? Post under your true name mbactivist 1 as this anonymous stuff is garbage!!!


Dee Torres, Hill or whomever you are …..seriously?


Well, hello Dee.


Rumor has it that he was fired from his job at ASAP Graphics this week. If it’s true; just cause or bad knee-jerk reaction?


Did you see Ochs responded to this article on his own page?!?! Here –

I don’t understand why he would’t just step up and talk to all of us directly instead of hiding (again) behind his defamation induced house of cards. Come on Aaron, come onto CCN and chat with all of us like a big boy!

Dee Torres

What’s your real name BaseballFan56, you are the true coward hiding behind silly monikers. Who are you and what’s your question? What a silly blog this is. LOL….


No, Dee. A true coward is someone who sleeps with another

woman’s husband–who just happens to be a County supervisor–

so she can use him as a shield while she steals funds and

supplies from a homeless population.

Bring it on.


Lets see, how best to describe Aaron…..


I have to wonder, as maybe many of you already have; how many dislikes of the opines here have come from the very Aaron Ochs himself? The boy genius when it comes to cyberland.

The one thing I’m sure of is that he is loving all of this attention. He like others of his bent have no moral compass, no emotion.

I see the Saul Alinsky playbook all throughout.

And Karma [What goes around, comes around], is 100% certain.


I thought the same thing myself. How hard is it to log in with a multitude of different emails to try and dissuade the reality of this situation!

Dee Torres

Aaron could careless about your diumb likes/dislikes, grow up “TohellinahandBasket’ , good God!


People like Ochs and Hill are genuinely dangerous people. Their hypocrisy is maddening. They accuse CCN and its readers of all sorts of heinous speech and conspiracy. But the truth is that CCN is filling a market demand by average people who are seeking a way to empower themselves in a political environment overrun by lies and corruption. They love to associate readers of CCN with groups like the Tea Party or conspiracy theorists in general, which as all of you know is utter nonsense.

The views of the regular followers of CCN are wildly diverse, and we frequently have fierce debates. But it certainly is refreshing that there is a place that we are actually able to have these kinds of discussions without constantly being censored or drowned out by one overwhelming ideological majority or another. In fact, when it comes to local issues I think that more and more we are able to find agreement despite our difference. If we represent any group of people, it is people who are tired of misrepresentation, corruption, and the stifling of dissent

As a group, we don’t have a majority on the council. We don’t have a majority on the board of supervisors. We don’t have the implicit support of multiple bureaucratic agencies like law enforcement. We don’t have control of the money or the message going out to the public. We don’t have a giant political party backing us with money and strategy. We don’t have a newspaper of record that whitewashes what we tell them and reprints our press releases. ALL WE HAVE is CCN and each other.

So for these asshats to go screaming around town about our machinations, or Karen’s “poor journalistic integrity” while they lie, cheat, steal, and misrepresent and use multiple institutions and personalities and OUR TAX MONEY to do it, is so utterly ironic and ridiculous it makes me want to scream. But I realize, that’s exactly what they want, so they can point their finger when everyone is looking at say “see! he is hysterical.”


The real facts, eloquently, and accurately stated. Well done, Mkaney! – and well done CCN!


Hmmmmm…. mkaney. Sounds suspicious to me. Your retort that is. Given your track record from a left perspective.

But sir/ma’am, I applaud you for it. Well said!


I think you are confused about me having any sort of “left” perspective. I am actually on the EXTREME right. I subscribe to (as opposed to believe in) the philosophy of “anarchocapitalism.” I am a supporter of a TRUE “free market,” without regulation to raise barriers to entry, where due diligence is the responsibility of individuals or communities and personal responsibility reigns. Don’t confuse me with a libertarian either, as “no regulation” also means no limited liability for corporations (and their owners).

Though I consider myself an “anarchist” ideologically, it would be very difficult to envision that as a possibility at our current social evolution. I am rational and pragrmatic as well so at this point I do support some governance. My view of an ideal government is one that limits itself to national DEFENSE (not wars “protecting our interests”), and dealing with trade rules, currency (non fiat static supply currency) and other issues of standardization. The courts would be the place where most things were decided. So, in place of regulation, civil liability would reign.

If I seem liberal it is because moderate conservatives who scream about small government are not sincere about it. They are the first to pass laws restricting people’s personal choices, and increase the size of our authoritarian and military institutions. And while screaming about socialism they never met a farm or oil subsidy they didn’t like. I, on the other hand, am not interested in things which restrict the liberty of people including oppressing “illegal aliens,” the drug war, planning commissions that rule rather than facilitate, taxes on earned income, etc.. etc..

I hope that clarifies my position and why my comments appear to be to the “left” sometimes.


As someone who is on the far left, I applaud your distinctions and the clarifications. Kind of ironic, that someone like yourself, so far to the right, and myself from the opposite side, have very similar views on quite a bit on what it is that we feel is wrong with our current political/economic reality.

I know very little of Aaron Ochs, and I don’t spend a second thinking about him; since he is the focus of this article though, his possible connections to Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill are potentially troubling. Supervisors Gibson and Hill are demonized as being “evil liberals” or “progressives”, but my contention is that they are neither. Just like there are many different stripes of conservatives (religious fundamentalists, small government advocates, keep illegal anything that “dirty hippies” might enjoy, so on), there are many different types of Democrats as well. My assertion is that both Gibson and Hill are currently in a mold of “corporatist Democrats”, a strain of political belief that allows you to spout off a couple of progressive or liberal sounding platitudes on occasion, but in reality, everything you do is sell-serving, engineered to buttress your hold on power, your connections to those who are also in positions of power, and everything you do is all about some sort of gain, either politically or financially for yourself ONLY. I do hope that there are a couple of viable candidates that stand up when it comes time for reelection for both of these Supervisors’ positions.


Your assessment on these guys as “corporatist Democrats” is spot on. It’s impossible to argue with people like this, because they actually honestly do believe their rhetoric, they just have no integrity. Most of the rhetoric conservatives and progressives use these days is manufactured at higher levels and repeated over and over again until it sticks. But if you listen carefully, you can see the stitching between their phrases.

“This mixture of vagueness and sheer incompetence is the most marked characteristic of modern English prose, and especially of any kind of political writing. As soon as certain topics are raised, the concrete melts into the abstract and no one seems able to think of turns of speech that are not hackneyed: prose consists less and less of words chosen for the sake of their meaning, and more and more of phrases tacked together like the sections of a prefabricated henhouse.”

– George Orwell, “Politics and the English Language”

Rich in MB

“My assertion is that both Gibson and Hill are currently in a mold of “corporatist Democrats”, a strain of political belief that allows you to spout off a couple of progressive or liberal sounding platitudes on occasion, but in reality, everything you do is sell-serving, engineered to buttress your hold on power, your connections to those who are also in positions of power, and everything you do is all about some sort of gain, either politically or financially for yourself ONLY. ”

Well that just described the current Dem Leadership in California AND Washington DC.


Sounds like both sides to me — once you get beyond the rhetoric, of course. You almost have to be completely full of it to make it i politics these days.


And the Republicans are what, “pure” in their pursuit of elected office?

Rich in MB

No…they are just as Bad. I wouldn’t trust them to take care of my cat.


Corporatism is just a LITTLE more complicated than that.


It does clarify my thoughts about you, at first I thought you were a conservative, then I started to think you were a liberal and I must have misunderstood your earlier posts, then I realized you are a free thinker taking positions as your own intellect dictates and that is when I decided to read all of your posts as many of them get me thinking in different directions, and those are the posters in here that I truly enjoy reading.


Same goes for Bobfromsanluis, well most of the time anyway.


Thank you, I appreciate your comment. There are so many layers of contradiction, hypocrisy, personal interest ($), ego, and distortion involved with most political issues that it makes it very difficult to take anything at face value, so I don’t. A little bit of objective research goes a long way as well as a constant willingness to find out I’m wrong.


I’m stunned by this:

“The Morro Bay City Council appointed Ochs to the parks commission in early 2014. He received supporting votes from Mayor Jamie Irons and council members Christine Johnson, George Leage and Noah Smukler…

The Morro Bay City Council made Aaron Ochs a Morro Bay official, and, therefore, a client of MB City Counsel, where MB City Counsel is now duty bond to protect him?

To quote Dave, “Wow. Just wow.”

That would be like, if, say, Bruce Gibson appointed a Parks Commissioner to the SLO County Parks Commission, AFTER he was aware that his Parks Commissioner-select developed, and then implemented, a twisted “strategy” to have the entire town of Los Osos “fined out of existence.”

Oh, wait…. that actually happened.

[Jeez, what’s up with these Parks Commissions? All of a sudden they’re the shadiest things in local government, and that’s REEEEEEEEEELY saying something.]


Oooops… above, I meant “duty bound,” of course.

And, while I’m here doing some housekeeping, the link to the MBCC minutes, in the story above, isn’t coded properly, so it doesn’t work, and I just want to supply a working link:

… because that document is interesting.

Among other things, it also reads:

MOTION: Councilmember Smukler moved to postpone voting on this position until we get a chance to re-notice and bring a larger batch of candidates to vote on and review. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Nancy Johnson and carried 5-0.

There was one applicant for the Public Works Advisory Board vacancy: Aaron Ochs.

Boy, I just smell the stink of Tom Fulks all over this.


Ochs is clearly a local gov troll who is being rewarded for his misdeeds by both of the Irons’. Jamie Irons’ wife is the HR Director in SLO city.

The city of San Luis Obispo is also paying Aaron for a job that he isn’t qualified for. Do a public records request for any contracts and payments between SLO city and Aaron. You will find that they have been paying him to teach extended city employee education classes for “canned” computer programs, like Word and Excel. He isn’t an employee but was hired in the back door with a contract that didn’t go out to the public. Hiring contractors is how the city sneaks in the people that they want without going public about it.


Thank you, Nancy.

CCN: Care to vet this?

mb business owner

CCN, while you are at it, take a look at the city clerk situation, city reorganization issue done while the city is paying 80K to management partners for a study on-city reorganization, changing city employee working conditions without any meet and confer, the amount of $$ spent on a part-time contract city attorney and that’s just the short list. the crowning blow will be the citys stance on the marine sanctuary issue, you just wait.


Good grief,more attempts to turn any discussion into an attack on the Council. Enough is enough. You lost the last two elections. Too bad, too sad.

The topic of the story is a Rec and Parks Board member whose activities should provide more than enough material for discussion in the comments section.


The Morro Bay City Council put this guy on the Recreation and Parks Commission. They are responsible for this mess. Too bad, too sad.


I find your answer very amusing, given the fact that the subject of the article was recently elected to a high office by the Morro Bay Eco Rotary Club.

Surely, for that to happen, he must have spent a great deal of time with those who voted him into office – probably a lot more time than he spent with Council members.

The point here is obvious. Some people have Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personalities, and their “Mr. Hyde sides” may not be known to or even suspected by most people. If the members of a club that this person belongs to couldn’t figure out that there might be some problems, it seems highly inappropriate to imply that the Council could. So far as I know, the City has no budget to run background checks on applicants for City boards and commissions


I agree with mbactivist1 on this one (not many though). They appointed Ochs before this crazy feud kicked into high gear, and before his crazy rants began. Granted, he was always a little unhinged, but upstanding for the greater part. Maybe the power went to his head a little bit and he needs a little grounding. I find it hard to believe both the Eco-rotary and MB City govt. would be duped. Ochs clearly made a dramatic change lately.


Ochs was appointed to the Recs and Parks Commission way after he began insulting and demeaning people on his website. They fact of the matter is that the City Council is aware of his instabilty at this time. Why hasn’t he been asked to resign? I don’t care if he his an officer on the Eco Rotary. The Morro Bay City Council is a duly elected group of politicians who are supposed to oversee the members of our citizen boards. If they think they made a mistake then they should get rid of him now. If not, they must agree with him and his propoganda. Being an officer on the Rotary has nothing to do with serving on a board for the citizen’s of Morro Bay. This person is representing the City and he appears to have his own unhinged agenda. The City Council should move to take this person off the board.

mb business owner

I have resisted responding to your many attempts to engage, but here I go. This has NOTHING to do with the election-that is old news and I suggest you move forward. this has to do with a number of issues and how the city is being run – take a look into the things I have mentioned and even you might find some concern.


Been there, done that. The City is being run far better than it has been in decades. Major improvements have been and are being made. Hiring Dave Buckingham (and predecessor Ed Kreins) is the best thing that has happened to Morro Bay in a very long time. Finally, we have a REAL city manager running the City for the benefit of all residents instead of for a small number of special interests. Of course the special interests don’t like that, and are mad they aren’t in control anymore.

Now, can we get back to the topic of the article, please


Yeah CCN I did hear about the illegal employee working conditions at City Hall. That’s what you get when you hire someone from the military with no experience. While you are at it, look into how the stupid pilot parklet was approved. Even a temporary pilot project needs CEQA review, Planning review and a Coastal permit with a public hearing. Morro Bay Council did none of this in Public. Back door deal between Irons, Smukler Johnson and their cronies. Good Old boys network is alive and well in MB. Irons is working his properties in the downtown area into this program. Someone needs to turn them into the FPCC and the CCC. Oh wait, the new attorney hopes someone does because then he will make more money since he is hourly. I heard we are now spending over 500k in legal fees per year. WOW !


“Illegal” working conditions? Yeah, sure.

Regarding the parklet, first of all, the idea came from a concept developed by LEAP – in other words, from participating merchants, businesses and community members of the LEAP program. It was not conjured up by the Council or City Manager.

CEQA applies to projects with “potentially significant environmental impacts”. Temporary (or even permanent) placement of wooden benches, flower boxes,greenery, etc. on a small section of sidewalk and roadway could hardly be said to have a potentially-significant environmental impact.

If you read the public information provided over a month before installation of the pilot parklet you will gain a better understanding of the pilot project. Note the specific mention of the Planning Commission. Note also that this is a TEST.

As for the City Attorney, I think the City could do better, but the contract concept went through a 6-month analysis and was found to be less costly than a permanent hire – maybe because of the horrendously high cost of benefit/retirement programs for permanent public employees.

NOW can we get back to the subject of the article?


The more you post the more I really understand that you really do not understand anything about Morro Bay, the Government Process and how inconsistent your statements are.

CEQA review is require for every single project. Quoting you “Temporary (or even permanent) placement of wooden benches, flower boxes, greenery, etc. on a small section of sidewalk and roadway….” is considered a project which requires CEQA review and the issuance of a Coastal Development Permit. It does not matter even if you or Mr. Irons or Mr. Marine say it does not have a potentially-significant environmental impact. it is still a project that must go thru CEQA review and obtain permits. The public must be allowed to be heard and even appeal the project if they don’t or do like the project.

The public information sheet you cite proves that this project NEVER went through a noticed hearing procedure. It does not matter that it is a TEST. The law requires a public notice hearing. Because it will go to the Planning Commission in 6 months is irrelevant.

Let me also explain how inconsistent your statements are. If while Yates was Mayor, they put this Parklet down on the embarcadero without any public process, I am 100% positive that you would have come unglued. Under the previous City Manager and City Attorney this project would have followed the legal requirements. Under Irons and his cronies there is no longer a public process. This was and is a backdoor deal and there are so many more going on it is ridiculous.

As for the City Attorney, it is good you now think the City could do better. Unfortunately, we had one of the best in the state as was proven by how quickly he was rehired at much more money. No analysis was ever done on the in house vs. contract because it absolutely would show we are already spending more than when it was in house. Spend more and have less legal service. Why? Because than Irons and his cronies can do whatever they want and circumvent the law without anyone telling him he cannot violate the law.


When Yates was Mayor he point-blank told businesses on Main St that he didn’t give a damn about them or their success. It was only the Embarcadero that mattered. You might want to shine your torch of righteousness on somebody else as an example.

And to bring the City Manager and Parklet into this discussion thread seems petty, at the least.

This is an Aaron Ochs discussion, why in God’s name do you people keep bringing the City Council into it???


BRAVO!!!!MB Waiter!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mbwaiter, you said,

“The more you post the more I really understand that you really do not understand anything about Morro Bay, the Government Process and how inconsistent your statements are.

CEQA review is require for every single project”

No, that is not so. Please review this City of Morro Bay document:

It is called, simply, “ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW (CEQA)”

The document says, among other things, ““In some cases, state-level decision-makers have decided that no environmental review is necessary. Some kinds of projects are exempt from the environmental review process. There are two sources of exemptions. One source is the CEQA statute”

Many Morro Bay projects have been declared exempt from CEQA. One example that comes to mind is the 2009 project to upgrade the desal plant. Some of us thought that one should have been subject to CEQA because the project essentially doubled plant capacity and thus the potential environmental effects of increased brine disposal. However, the Capital Projects Manage did declare it “categorically exempt from CEQA”,and that declaration was formally recorded


nancy, thank you for bringing this to light. No surprise that the irons use pawns to do their dirty work. They have no integrity to face people head on, much less face to face. People like Ochs live in glass houses with mommy and daddy shouldn’t cast stones. Beware Mr. Ochs if you get sued in this county you and your parents will loose everything. You won’t find a sympathetic jury in this county.


Oh but wait! He can move in with Dee Torres and Adam Hill!