Tom Geaslen’s new gig

February 23, 2015
Tom Geaslen

Tom Geaslen

Former Oceano CSD general manager Tom Geaslen is embarking on a business venture with the aim of becoming the king of short-term RV rentals. [Pacific Business Times]

Geaslen is one of the founders of Nipomo startup RVPlusYou, a business modeled after vacation rental giant Airbnb. Rather than offering listings of homes, though, RVPlusYou links vacationers with trailer owners.

The startup also hopes to avoid the tax and regulatory burdens that have recently plagued Airbnb. Cities across the country, including several on the Central Coast, are imposing bed taxes and strict usage regulations on Airbnb home rentals.

Geaslen’s company plans to circumvent anticipated challenges by requiring RV owners to drive their trailers to and from the locations where guests will set up camp. That way, RVPlusYou would avoid passing down the costs of large insurance premiums to its customers.

Geaslen is seeking investments in the business from venture capitalists and San Luis Obispo County residents. He said the company is currently in bootstrap mode, but it plans to scale nationwide and eventually to Europe.

In 2013, the Oceano Community Services District board fired Geaslen after an audit revealed that he paid himself more than $45,000 extra in salary. The board ordered Geaslen to pay back nearly $37,000.

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Good on ya, Julie. This guy seems like a real sleaze.

Any time a public official tries to hide his compensation from the public he’s supposed to be serving it should raise red flags.

The oh-so-convenient “computer hack” almost made me laugh out loud. Just how gullible does this weasel think we are?

Any of you who want to invest with this guy – I’ve got a bridge I’ll sell you, cheap.

I think I’ll hold out on the RV investment thingy but when Geaslen gets around to heading up the new Oceano to Grover high-speed monorail project, boy…you can bet I’ll be all over that winner!

I fell on the floor laughing at this. Thanks Side_Show_Bob!