Pismo Beach planning to ban pot deliveries

February 19, 2015

med potThe Pismo Beach City Council voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of banning medical marijuana deliver services.

Tuesday’s vote introduced the ordinance, and the council must vote for it again at an upcoming council meeting in order for the ban to take effect. The council did not debate the issue at all prior to voting on it this week.

No public speakers address the council about the proposed ban, either. Both the San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles councils considered banning marijuana delivery services last year, but they tabled the proposal after listening to public opposition.

Pismo Beach already has a ban on fixed-location marijuana dispensaries. A city staff report says that marijuana delivery services create some of the adverse impacts that fixed-location dispensaries do.

Staff did not list the adverse impacts, though. A second reading of the ordinance will likely appear on an upcoming council consent agenda.


Pot will still get delivered, it always has…no decree from the king or queen will stop it.


good luck