Dead body found at Atascadero motel

February 19, 2015

crime scene tapeA housekeeper at the Atascadero Motel 6 found the body of a man who may have committed suicide, police said.

Shortly before 11 a.m., staff at the Motel 6 on El Camino Real reported finding the body. Officers then spent most of Wednesday afternoon investigating the death.

Based on evidence found at the scene, investigators believe the man committed suicide. A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s forensic team assisted police with the investigation.

Authorities are not yet releasing the identity of the man.

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So sad.

This story has had me in a funk all day.

It’s heartbreaking when someone feels so alone they take their own life.

Dead body found at Atascadero motel


Dead body? Isn’t that a bit redundant? Usually when bodies are found they’re dead right?

he was a janitor at SLO high school