Adam Hill running for reelection, not the assembly

February 27, 2015
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill filed an intention to run for supervisor in 2016 with the clerk recorder on Feb. 9.

Hill had been considering a run for the 35th District Assembly seat, according to several union representatives who said Hill approached them for support last year. The seat is currently held by Katcho Achadjian, who will be termed out in 2016.

Nevertheless, Hill is likely to face multiple opponents in his battle to hold on to the District 3 supervisor seat. Several people have considered running against Hill including Pismo Beach Mayor Shelly Higginbotham, Grover Beach’s former Mayor Debbie Peterson and Grover Beach’s current Mayor John Shoals.

Former state Senator Sam Blakeslee said earlier this month that he was considering running for the District 3 Supervisor’s seat. Blakeslee said his primary reason for a possible campaign against the two-term incumbent was because of Hill’s support for a proposed 1,500 home development in Wild Cherry Canyon.

On Thursday, Blakeslee said he is no longer planning to enter the race because he has learned a credible candidate will challenge Hill in the 2016 election. He did not disclose the name of the candidate.

Three supervisor seats are up for grabs in 2016. District 5 Supervisor Debbie Arnold said she plans to run for reelection. Former District 5 Supervisor Jim Patterson said that rumors about him running again are untrue.

When District 1 Supervisor Frank Mecham first ran for office in 2008, he said he would only run for two terms making this his last.  However, Mecham said Friday he will announce whether or not he will run for a third term in June.

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This can’t be over.

I just made popcorn.

Not to worry. Enjoy your popcorn during intermission. Many of us are interested in the lawsuit filed by Mrs. Hill against CAPSLO. Her high-powered Santa Barbara attorney was in court last week and got a three-month extension, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer, but the sequel promises to be even more entertaining than this original thread! Stay tuned.

Desperate Dave!

You two should get a room!

Desperate? Who is Dave suing?


Um, which part of my statement is false, Dee? (1) You have a high-powered woman attorney from Santa Barbara. (2) You are suing CAPSLO. (3) Even though you claimed on this thread last week that you weren’t in court, your attorney was and she got a three month extension. So which part of that is false, Dee? Why exactly are you suing CAPSLO? You’ve been all over this thread preaching transparanency–here’s your chance!

I thought she said she didn’t have to be in court?

Dee, thank you for your participation in this commentary. I usually don’t read long posts but I have been thoroughly entertained by you and the other comments. I will leave the merits of the comments to be judged by others, but let me say that if you bring the same enthusiasm into your marriage that you do to these comments, Adam is a lucky man indeed.

Please JMO, let’s not go there.

Ms. Hill, I would like to make an observation regarding the written exchanges you’ve had with several of the posters here at CCN.

I noticed that your comments started out as being written from a caring supportive wife

attempting to defend your husband by asking posters to email you with real questions

and wanting to know what votes Adam had made that were contradictory to your

perceptions of his position. I though…Hmmmm well maybe she has some sincere

motives, well as with most things, time is a teller of the truth. Your posts became

increasingly vile, laced with an obsession of trying to get posters to tell you their real

names, arguing that their opinion had no value otherwise. When you don’t seem to get

what you’re seeking, the true YOU comes flashing out with naming people and attacking everyone with the accusations of being bullied. I find this very offensive as you are acting as the bully, not the ones you’ve accused.

Furthermore, I must tell you that there is one post that sent me over the top, one that

forced me to break my silent disgust and comment.

Your response to Marcuaurelius on 3/3/2015 @ 11:15am

You wrote:

“Another personal attack from an anonymous person. There really is a strong theme here.

Really, you think a good utilization of my time would be to personally get to know the

10-25 volunteers that serve the lunch meals seven days a week. Should that also be what happens at breakfast and dinner at MLM? What about all of the other volunteers, should I have driven to the overflow to shake hands each night with the overflow volunteers….

Please tell me how many homeless shelters, day centers and county-wide case

management programs you’ve run at once. Your management style intrigues me. I will tell you that I currently volunteer in several areas, and if the Director was running around all day and night meeting and greeting volunteers, I’d quit! That being said, thanks if in fact any part of the above story is true, and if you’re actually a person:)”


Ms. Hill, I volunteered at the Prado day center and worked with the fine folks that were

putting in the time and effort in an attempt to make a difference. I didn’t volunteer so I

could receive praise or notoriety. I did it because I wanted to know more about the

programs and services that were offered to the homeless. Your explanation of leadership, in your own words shown above, speaks volumes about your LACK of leadership.

YOU Ms. Hill don’t understand what it means or takes to be a leader. I’m sorry that it took CAPSLO so long to finally stop covering up for your failures.

BTW, you know who I am so, if you care to discuss, feel free to contact me.


I have not met you, do not know you and have no contact information for you, but you may e-mail or fb me anytime. I do know of you and that you volunteered at Prado during the time that Dave, Karen, Dan, and Josh were writing and saying very horrible things about Prado. I was told you volunteered because you wanted to see for yourself how people were treated, and based on your comments above I see that you learned things were very different than the way they were being portrayed. That’s great and I respect that.

I also greatly respect people who voluntarily share their time and resources with others in need. I started my work with the homeless as a volunteer well over 20 years ago at the overflow, so I’ve been on all sides.

Lastly, I have a lot of respect for the person who blogs quite a lot on here and other sites, who agreed to meet, and we did that today. I can only speak for myself but I felt that we had a very civil, adult conversation, which I truly appreciate.

What I can’t respect is anyone who posts hateful lies on this blog or any other about me or anyone else.

All I can say at this point is what I have always said, if you have questions about my leadership skills, my failures, what my name is, why there’s simply not enough hours in a day or days in the week to personally meet and get to know each and every volunteer when your overseeing a multitude of programs all over the county, or anything else, I’ve posted an open invitation for constructive dialogue This pummeling of name calling is a no win situation that I’m exiting myself from after this post. The longer you stay on this site and endure silly attacks the harder it becomes to keep your cool.

Hope to hear from you DennySLO!

All my best to you and the others here, I’ll push send now and let the mud sling:)

Just to be clear, Dee Torres/Hill… CalCoastNews reported your theft of gift cards from the homeless, something you never really denied. Your own workmates reported that you were doing this. Your own employers reported you were doing this. Nothing was reported about Prado. Please do not involve others in your wrongdoing.

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