Steve Adams files claim against Arroyo Grande

February 14, 2015
Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams


Less than a month after the Arroyo Grande City Council agreed to pay former city manager Steve Adams a $71,000 settlement, Adams filed a claim of involuntary separation with the city’s insurance carrier.

If the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority approves Adams’ claim, he could receive up to six months’ salary under the city’s executive separation insurance coverage. The claim, which is in addition to the $71,000 settlement already approved by the city, is for approximately $107,000.

If Adams get another job or retires, the monthly payments terminate before the six month period ends.

On Oct. 1, Adams announced his resignation after being the focal point of a summer-long sex scandal. In his letter of resignation, Adams stated that his departure from the city would occur after he participated in the recruitment process for a new city manager.

However, the city council elected to place Adams on paid administrative leave and did not permit him to participate in the selection of a new city manager.

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Steve, the integrity of a man is measured by his conduct, not his profession. The former mayor once characterized you as a man of integrity, but like himself, you lack the ability to exhibit any sense of character, integrity, and moral competence.

We are standing in solidarity, unwilling to reward you any further compensation for your moral turpitude.

QUOTING PELICAN1: “We are standing in solidarity, unwilling to reward you any further compensation for your moral turpitude.”


It doesn’t matter what “we” will allow or not allow.

With the city council members currently in office, “we” really have little influence on whether or not Adams is allowed to legally sodomize us to our graves.

Hmmm…how quickly you seem to have forgotten that WE put Jim in office. You are too fixated on this notion of being “sodomized” rather than focusing on what needs to be done. United we stand, divided, we fall.

I am NOT going to roll over and piss all over myself and allow this former PUBLIC SERVANT to steal any more of our hard earned dollars…period.

Steve: Way to stay classy, dude. I guess your innocent tea party that night really wasn’t anything more, so you’re having to put up with the indignities of facing all those accusations have to be placated somehow; money always seems to smooth out the rough edges though, hey?

It’s time to shed the city of Tim Carmel! Surely he knew this was a possibility. Had the Council been made aware, they certainly would have considered the magnitude of their settlement and offered something less.

Twenty one years as legal council is far too long. Obviously Carmel’s allegiance has been to the steady paycheck and the good ‘ol boys; not the ratepayers of Arroyo Grande.

Cut him loose NOW!

If Carmal had been doing his job this would not have happened, I’m sure he read the tendered resignation from Adams if that language was in it then he should have explained to the councill what the ramifications would be by their actions, it seems Carmal isn’t doing his job either.

It is the job of the mayor and City Council to instruct Carmel how they want issues handle, including the Adams termination.

We are seeing the results of what our mayor and city council told Carmel to do.

And they still allow Carmel and Adams to drain our city coffers like they were their own personal piggy bank.

Why do you think that is?

Yes, Carmel needs to go, but KB is no asset to that Council.

Her inexperience and naïveté and her “Daddy worship ” of Ferrara will forever blind her.

And all those phone calls to the PD.

KB does not understand her position and therefore should not run in 2016,

Our new mayor and the city council members are quite aware of Carmel’s failings AND that the activist residents of AG want Carmel GONE and, like NOW.

Yet they continue to let Carmel facilitate Adams’ financially sodomizing us at every step of the game.

It is the major and city council who have the power to bring this to the end. So far they have chosen not to.

I think they need to explain to us why they continue to put the best interests of Adams ahead of the best interests of the entire city of Arroyo Grande.

Really? Can’t he just go away? How much more public humiliation is he going to cause his family. Please, do us all a favor, put your house on the market and get the hell out of town!

Does anyone know the financial consequences to us the taxpayers if Steve “wins” his claim with the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority? Maybe we should bring Steve to court so that his whole story can be made public again, this time with proof of guilt!

Good idea!

Once again…. Who threw who under the bus?

Where’s Big Tony?

Any sight of him?

How can i bleed the system dry for every penny i can ger?This is the mindset of nearly every government official., and a good lesson for taxpayers.

If someone truly cared about serving thei community, they wouldn’t not attempt to extort from it whether they were wronged by their government puke breathers or not.

Get rid of the d’s and r’s that they want you to label yourselves with people. Realize they are all the enemy from Obama to Boerner, to steve Adams. All they want is to enrich themselves on your sweat and blood.

Brethren not breathers. Damn iPad

How ironic “How can i bleed the system dry for every penny i can ger?This is the mindset of nearly every government official., and a good lesson for taxpayers.”

Ironic as in written on a IPad, Apple has how many hundreds of billions of dollars “off shore” to avoid paying taxes, and we pay more because of it.

“All they want is to enrich themselves on your sweat and blood.”

This was happening long before the Obama, benghazi, birth certificate bullshit.

Of course companies keep thei overseas sales in overseas banks. The us imposes punitive taxes to repatriate the funds.

if the CEO ever did something so stupid as to flush 35 cents ont the dollar down the toilet, the shareholders would call for his head.

When people waste others money and do stupid thingss in government, conversely, they becme senators and presidents.

get elected feel the love

Who elected Steve Adams?

the royal family of Arroyo Grande

It’s not only Steve Adams, they all have contracts like this. Look what Solomon in Paso Robles received when she was really fired, as was Adams. It’s routine and all cities should reveal what these contracts really include and demand that they be modified to protect the taxpayers pocketbook.

Again, Paso’s City Manager serves at the pleasure of the City Council. It is the City Council who has the responsibility to direct the City Manager what to do.

What is happening in AG with Adams and what has happened in Paso with App does not happen in a vacuum. It is the responsibility of the city council to direct the City Manager and the city attorney to do what the City Council wants done. If the City Manger does not do that, there is cause for dismissal right there.

Yet both Adams and App will drain AG and Paso dry…and their city councils will do NOTHING to stop it.

I guess dignity was out the window for him when he got caught humping the help. Why not go full douche now? What a creep.

Steve Adams is nothing more then a money hungry JERK!!!!!!!

Steve Adams is the kind of person that makes the public hate government employees. Next time the posters are ranting about lazy, overpaid, narcissistic government employees just remember Steve.

Oceano C.S.D. -Paavo Ogren, watch what he is costing this small, poor, water district.

True enough but that is almost as bad a reflection upon “the public” as it is upon people like Adams. Not all public employees (or even the majority of them) are “lazy, overpaid, narcissistic.” It is a generalization like this that leads to the polarizations in politics that often keep good things from getting done.

Adams is a greedy, irresponsible jerk who won’t accept the consequences of his own misdeeds. Such people are much more likely to be in the upper echelons of government — although not all of them are like that either — and even Adams can’t accurately be called “lazy.” Limit criticisms to the individuals or organizations that deserve them and maybe those who don’t (and their friends, family, etc.) would be more willing to support efforts to clean up government.

The people elect representatives to do the work of governing the city or CSD. I don’t think it is fair or appropriate to blame the people of a city or CSD because the people they elected turned around and screwed them over.

Not everybody can afford to spend the time necessary to be an activist. That is the job of the people they elect.

There is no freaking way on God’s green earth that AG’s city council and mayor do not know what the AG residents want to happen to Carmel and Adams.

Yet the city council and mayor just don’t seem to be able to do it.

THAT is a failure on the part of the mayor and city council. It is NOT a failure on the part of the residents of AG.

Perhaps there are a few ( Guthrie and Barneich) who think it is a few who again want the last part of the Holy Trinity gone

Ferrara, Adams and Carmel.

They have had all the control for the last 13 years with the little steeples following nose to ass on the trail.


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