Steve Adams files claim against Arroyo Grande

February 14, 2015
Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams


Less than a month after the Arroyo Grande City Council agreed to pay former city manager Steve Adams a $71,000 settlement, Adams filed a claim of involuntary separation with the city’s insurance carrier.

If the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority approves Adams’ claim, he could receive up to six months’ salary under the city’s executive separation insurance coverage. The claim, which is in addition to the $71,000 settlement already approved by the city, is for approximately $107,000.

If Adams get another job or retires, the monthly payments terminate before the six month period ends.

On Oct. 1, Adams announced his resignation after being the focal point of a summer-long sex scandal. In his letter of resignation, Adams stated that his departure from the city would occur after he participated in the recruitment process for a new city manager.

However, the city council elected to place Adams on paid administrative leave and did not permit him to participate in the selection of a new city manager.

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Is anyone else so sick of this man they could just scream?

I’m starting to lose patience with the city council, as well.

They have acted like gullible hayseeds in dealing with Adams and, for whatever reason, they seem reluctant to get rid of probably the worst attorney (as far as the people of AG are concerned) AG has seen in awhile.

This has to stop. Between the City of AG and the SSLOCSD, at this rate the people of AG are going to be bled dry by Adams and Carmel.

Too bad Porter Rockwell is unavailable

Too bad Ghengis Kahn isn’t available.

” I cherish all my time serving the city of Arroyo Grande, and I bear no ill will to anyone who has opposed me in this matter, and I hope everyone can now seek a new level of cooperation in addressing some major challenges ahead for our community. Meanwhile, I loof forward to spending more time with my incredible family, who has been so supportive of me throughout this ordeal and my life.”

– – -Steve Adams, Oct. 2, 2014

Published in Trib

No ill will?

I guess $71K, plus potentially another $107,000 is all it takes to make Adams go away for good, or is there a way for him to come back a third or fourth time until he’s gotten enough?

Way to go Steve, your kids must be so proud!

I’m sure we can ask our city attorney to protect the residents from any further issues from Mr. Adams…………….. Almost couldn’t get that out without getting ill.

Come on Mr. Hill, Ms. Harmon, and for once Mr. Brown stand up for the residents of Arroyo Grande and vote to end the city’s abuse at the hands of Mr. Carmel, end his contract immediately.

Even mentioning his kids–on any level–is inappropriate.

Give me a break. Read the above quote from Adams himself.

He mentions his family, and then Rose, the ever faithful doormat wife

drags them down to city hall to tell us all

how much she’s going to miss her house.

Well I for one wish she WAS missing her house,

because that would mean they were actually GONE!

They are just KIDS.

Then Adams should not pimp his kids in an attempt to get him out of the fire he created when he decided to have an extramarital affair with a subordinate.

Would you want your mistakes or worse attributed to your kids?

Was Adams thinking about his kids when he was sticking it to McKlish? I doubt it.

Of course not, and that is exactly my point. The kids are blameless–leave them out of this.

Anyone see the irony here. This is Adams Valentines gift to his community …..

He is like a vampire …. sucking his community dry. Please go far away and take your dipstick wife with you.

I blame Adams, but also blame our then inexperienced and too close to “friend of Steve ” City Council for their botching of the famous July 3rd incident.

On July 8th the City Council could have fired him for CAUSE! They blew it!

They were asleep at City Hall using Coty Hall as a sobering center and private getaway for their personal out of work relationship.

My God how Steve Adams likes the limelight.

With all due respect, who but KB was inexperienced?

Guthrie has NO excuse. His professional experience surely included sexual harassment training.

Costello had NO excuse, again, he knew the rules.

Brown has NO excuse, also would have been terminated by his employer for similar conduct.

Ferrara had more excuses than everyone else put together, the POA, etc.

Our previous council didn’t only blow it, they threw the residents under the bus in their attempt to keep the lid on things for Ferrara.

Thank goodness that backfired.

If Mr. Carmel was doing his job for the City of Arroyo Grande, would he not have put language in the $71,000 agreement that stated no further lawsuits, legal actions, etc. will be awarded regarding the employment of Adams v City of Arroyo Grande. This no turns out to be six months severance AND $71,000 bonus for good behavior. Really! Who is stirring this ship because it is sinking…

If our mayor and city council were doing their job, wouldn’t they have demanded Carmel put language in the $71,000 agreement stating a cease to legal harassment of the people of Arroyo Grande?

Wow a politician screwing his own constituents, nothing new here. Maybe someday we will all finally say enough and change the laws in a manner so that these types of assholes stop fleecing the people.

Let us voters also not forget Ms. Barneich and Mr. Guthrie have been sitting on the council all through the Adams disgrace and supported him all along, and since they have not spoken up likely support him now. Come next election let’s make sure us voters do not support them. There are many reasons including their refusal to get rid of Mr. Carmel as city attorney.


Election 2016 will be here before you know it.

They both have to go.

Mr.Guthrie, as a hotel general manager,shound have known how to properly terminate an employee. And Mrs. Barniech is too busy picking her kids up from school anyways.

We need someone with business sense!

One more politician who has demonstrated who is number one (or is that number two?)

It’s well established that Steve Adams is a slime ball in every way. The problem is the councils continued naivety in allowing Carmel to advise them in this debacle. Tim Carmel was obviously aligning himself with slimy Steve from the beginning. This should have been a red flag to the council. Ex-Mayor puff & stuff tried smoke and mirrors to deflate the Affair, but while the dust was settling, Adams was allowed to call the shots when he should have been stripped of any control. The fact that Adams is now getting rewarded for what should have been a humiliating kick to the curb shows an accepted laziness in todays governments and lack of basic knowledge they need to have to make import decisions for the community. So, we have an Attorney who oversees contract negotiations that also include his future earnings. Who is overseeing Carmel? Carmel is the problem. His continued employment is a costly mistake. This council needs to quit driving down the middle of the road and take charge of this runaway train.

I no longer believe our city council members are innocent babes in the woods who are so naive they repeatedly allow Adams to legally sodomize the city residents out of funds our city can not afford to waste.

I certainly don’t believe our city council actually ever believed that Carmel would do anything but to fix things so that the best interests of Adams and Ferrara were achieved–at the expense of AG’s residents.