Tribune publisher Ray seeks new pastures

February 16, 2015
Bruce Ray

Bruce Ray


Tribune president and publisher Bruce G. Ray has resigned effective Feb. 27, Executive Editor Sandy Duerr announced Saturday in a front-page story.

The resignation comes as stocks in the Tribune’s parent corporation, the McClatchy Company, have plummeted to $2.63 a share this week, from $74 a share in 2005. The stock’s low point was $2.12, in 2011.

Ray, 44, has held his position for six years. He is departing just two months after the McClatchy Company announced a new program of what company officials termed “corporate reorganization.”

Ray said he is leaving to pursue “two intriguing local opportunities.” Fresno Bee president and publisher Tom Cullinan will “oversee the Tribune in the interim,” Duerr wrote.

Ray led the Tribune “during the newspaper industry’s unprecedented turbulent times,” Duerr added.

During the last part of 2012, the Tribune announced it planned to start charging readers for online access. McClatchy had by that time already test run firewalls in five markets, to block unpaid visitors. The company then started charging for online access at all of the company’s 24 remaining papers.

As a result of the firewall installation maneuver, stock prices soared to a high of $6.59 in April 2014. Since then, however, McClatchy’s stock prices have been steadily falling to its current price.

At the same time, online readership for the Tribune is about a third less than it was in 2010, while mobile visits by click-through, one-time visitors has risen and now accounts for nearly 50 percent of the Tribune’s total readership.

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Along with the elevator attendant and the buggy whip, left leaning agenda based news organizations are on the way out. Newsweek, New York Times, The Tribune and many others are done. Intelligent people want factual information to make decisions on our own not to be told how to think.

Sorry to break it to you but just as there are left leaning agenda based organizations so are there right leaning agenda based ones. But I do agree with you that intelligent people want factual information unfortunately to many voters don’t fall into that category.

There has to be a ‘paper of record’. …even if it is just for obituaries and other official announcements.

Most small town papers and even medium sized locale tabloids would have died long ago if not.

Only the satire sometimes included in any supposedly ‘news’ is really news or information. Everything else is just another form of advertising.

When I read this article on the Tribune website I posted a one liner on their blog that read, “Good riddance … Hopefully Deurr is on deck”. My post was quickly removed and banished to never never land.

Truth is, many years ago is I used to enjoy the Tribune. I was a subscriber for 20+ years. I had great respect for the reporters like Danna Dykstar-Coy and the Editor, Jeff Fairbanks. I loved sitting down with my morning coffee, reading and digesting the news.

But all has changed when the Tribune fell into protecting corrupt officials and failing to stand up for the working stiffs.

The Tribune will never again suceed until they change their mantra and start abiding by the journalistic code of ethics …”FIND THE TRUTH AND REPORT IT”

The Tribs Motto: People you know, the paper you trust.

This is why they have anonymous editorials, we might know who it is.

I have a theory that some of those “editorials” are not written by Trib employees.

Real name on trib comments mandatory! Where is the real name on editorials?

I don’t know why this is so hard for you to figure out. The editorial at any daily newspaper in the country is written by members of the papers’ editorial board. You can go to the Trib’s editorial page and you’ll see the members of their board listed at the very top. A woman named Stephanie Ficune has been writing the Tribune editorials for years. They’re not anonymous. She’s speaking for the paper, hence no byline is needed.

The print newspaper is going the way of the transistor radio. In 5 years they will be obsolete.

Why would someone read yesterday’s news when they can read news as it breaks?

I don’t agree. Clearly, the numbers of print-media readers has declined. However, there are print publishers who have morphed to meet the challenge.

I have found print-media publishers really stepping up to the plate and offering in-depth studies of issues, something that the short-attention-span-serving digital media mostly does not.

When I am looking for info on fast-breaking major news, I will use the internet. However, when I want to get the subtleties of what is happening, I always turn to print media.

I somewhat agree, Mary but The Trib hasn’t offered “subtleties of what is happening” in years. Also they haven’t “morphed to meet the challenge” at all.

The Trib does almost no investigate stories, concentrates on fluff pieces about new wineries and businesses, and is politically very biased in its coverage/op-eds.

They’ve had almost a complete monopoly on local news for years but have blown it so badly; I think their days are numbered.

In depth issues can also be written and posted online. Why print I’d dying is its additional costs of delivery, and alternatives for advertisers. Their one advantage is that the newspaper is the only place people like to get adds (those Sunday coupons).

7 years ago I had to hire someone. Advertising in the tribune, which was very expensive, yielded a higher quality candidate than online alternatives. With Craigslist, that gap has closed. Top employers don’t need the tribune anymore.

I thin their only chance is to convert to all local, including youth sports coverage, like newspapers did when I was a kid. Cover the 8 year old soccer game, put pictures in the paper of kids. The only reason I would buy the tribune would be to see my kids names in it.

Will the Trombone’s product finally improve? Will the ultra-entrenched politico bias be relaxed? Sadly, I doubt it.

Not to worry Kevin, there’s always the Trombone of the airwaves (ksby) Liberal, local and literally worthless when it comes to anything of value in this day in age .Bias media at its best, at least they don’t really sensationalize anything unless its the weather, its all boring babble.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Bruce.

Having lived here all my life, I remember the “Telegram Tribune” as being fair and honest. A paper that served ALL of the community. It did what CCN does today. Real journalism. Real facts. Shining the light on the rats that only come out at night under cover of darkness. And much more.

Then the leftists like Bruce came to the front. He and those who “think” like him. Much of what the main stream media is today.

Like his leader in the WH, Bruce and all his Fascist/Communistic followers are paving the way for the antichrist to come on scene.

Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life.

I was with you till the leftist Fascist/Communistic antichrist part.

Don’t let reality hit you, it’s going to hurt a lot (mentally).

@ kettle,


No, I have a firm grip on reality.

@ kettle,

Just what reality do you have a grip on? What the world teaches?


Jesus. I believe that You gave Your life for mine. I believe that you were slain for the sins of not only myself, but for the world.

I believe that that you were slain for my sins, were buried, and after 3 days resurrected from the dead through the power of the Holy Spirit.

You knock at the door of my heart. Enter Lord.

kettle. That is REALITY. Believe it or not.

If you guys get a room, I will videotape or podcast for $$$.


me know.

I would look through the advertising pages online and support the advertisers but refuse to as long as I am charged to do it. You would think “someone” would realize that having the advantage of “many viewers” when it came to charging for the advertising space they provide. Stupid is as stupid does!

McClatchy’s term is “corporate reorganization” but it’s better known as rats fleeing a sinking ship…in this case, the S.S. Tribune.

Traditional newspapers are all suffering from declining readership.

I understand the drop in Trib readership.

It has lost touch with many of the readers it is supposed to serve.

For many of us the decision to discontinue is a vote with our dollars,

it’s not that we wouldn’t still enjoy reading a good paper.

I still don’t think they get it.

Parroting the local and corrupt government doesnt help their cause either.