Adam Hill attempts to stifle public comment

March 18, 2015

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill accused Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business (COLAB) spokesman Mike Brown of bringing “bloviating foolishness” to meetings of the board of supervisors.

Hill made the remark while calling for a public hearing on Brown’s private meetings with supervisors Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton. The comment set off a few minutes of heated exchange between board members.

“These are people that take time out of their day that come to the meetings and speak, and to chastise somebody from the public is beyond ridiculous,” Compton said in response to Hill.

“My response is that he is a lobbyist that meets with you every week. Don’t conflate the issue with the citizens,” Hill said.adam hill

During the exchange, Brown got up from his seat in the audience, called for a “point of order,” and approached the public comment microphone. Arnold, the board chair, said she agreed with Brown’s call for a point of order, but she did not award him a chance to respond to Hill.

Supervisor Frank Mecham attempted to diffuse the tensions by calling for a 10-minute break from the meeting. The board carried on with the meeting, though.


So A.Hill calls Mike Brown a lobbiest, probably because he is an employee of COLAB.

OK. Using that logic, Andrew Christie is a lobbyist for the Sierra Club. Dawn Legg is a lobbyiest for Topaz Solar. And on and on…..

Continuing with that twisted logic, I guess every agent for any land use application should be considered a lobbyiest since the’re a paid advocate for their clients.

Wait a minute….doesn’t Adam Hill accept campaign contributions from local developers? Is he then technically in their employ with his quid pro quo support their project applications? Does that make A.Hill a lobbyist of sorts for his campaign supporters.

Of course it doesn’t. Everybody has the same access to all 5 supervisors. Cal their office and make an appointment. Mike Brown made the same request to meet with Hill and Gibson several years ago and was rebuffed. So he continues to meet with those supervisors that are will to speak with him. End of story.

Glad to see Sup Compton there to back up Sup Arnold.


Please insert the correct spelling of lobbyist wherever appropriate. Sheesh…


Adam Hill is the poster child for ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

That’s not going to change, Gary Grossman has one goal after he buys the upcoming election for Hill.

One very self serving goal, and his pal Adam will be more than happy to repay his debt to Grossman.


My local supervisor is totally ramping up for election season, with this latest back-patting article:

“Supervisor ADAM Hill pointed out that the Internet is an integral aspect of people’s ability to participate in democracy.”

Yet Mr. ADAM Hill, my only local government representative, has blocked me (and many other involved citizenry) via his “Team Adam Hill” Facebook website, with no discussion, no warning, no dialogue whatsoever.

So much for “an integral aspect of [the] people’s ability to participate in democracy” via the web.

It’s not surprising, sadly, given his track-record as a Supervisor. He has had article after article after article written about his complete disregard for the public’s involvement and voice.

He’s out of control and it’s our time to take back control. Arroyo Grande and the 5-Cities have really made a change and impacted local government. ADAM Hill needs to be our next step in the cleaning up and airing out process.

Within the boundaries of District 3, there is a much better fit for *our* Supervisor. Let’s go get that person elected next year!


This is why Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson try to attack and berate Mike Brown.

…He (Mike Brown) went on to a 42 year

career in local government management including service as Deputy City Manager of

Hartford, Connecticut, Chief Deputy Commissioner of the Connecticut State Department of Housing, City Manager of Berkeley, City Manager of Tucson,

and most recently County Executive Officer for Santa Barbara County from which he retired after 14 years.

That’s right. Mike Brown is more experienced and knowledgeable than all 5 supervisors put together. But Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson, instead of taking advantage of Brown’s information and knowledge, have– like little tiny mental twits– try to discredit him.


Wow, the comments made here, against another human being, are down right horrible. I wish all of you the best and hope you find positivity and a happier life offline.

Kevin Rice

Human? Based on what evidence?


Why is Hill’s face so bloated? Is he ill?


It’s not “bloated”, it’s “bloviated”.


I have to start taking every other Tuesday off. And the County could make some bank selling beer (o.k., and wine), popcorn and peanuts in the lobby.


This guy wants to be re-elected?? It’s very hard to take him seriously at this point.

Tom Jones, Fulkes and the rest of the gang must be cringing!

Anyone running against Hill should create a montage of his crazy moments. There’s no shortage of material.

Should be a piece of cake.

Mike Byrd

Don’t under estimate him. He’s a very good politician. Play to his liberal base in public and rake in the big developer bucks in private. That’s how the game is played these days.


I dunno. I think there’s an “anybody but” base that would back Debbie, Sam, Stew, Mickey Mouse…


I dunno. I think there’s an “anybody but” base that would back Debbie, Sam, Stew, Mickey Mouse…s**t, I’d even put Lenthall back in.


Never underestimate the stupidity of large groups of people, or, to find the intelligence said group, take the average IQ and divide by the number of people in the group.


I’ve said it before and I’ll keep repeating it…..Hill must go.


The transformation of Mr Hill is disturbing.

It is hard to believe the two photos above are even the same man.

Whatever is happening to Mr Hill is having a very negative impact on him physically.

He is aging before our very eyes.

Angry on the inside looks very ugly on the outside.


Leprechaun in the Hood.


Two things explain this transformation:

1) He has gone off his meds

2) He is married to Dee Torres


On a serious note, Dee has two or three kids and if Adam Hill were MY step-dad; I would be absolutely mortified.

Mike Byrd

Please keep his wife out of it. He can answer to his issues and she to hers. Someone attacked my wife when I was briefly in the public eye and it was extremely unfair and hurtful.




I disagree, if she was in the background totally then yes but with everything Capslo and the shenanigans she may have pulled?? I don’t think so.


P.S. and are we all getting so thin skinned? His comment was about embarrassment on the kids part and nothing disparaging of them or her. Good God people this is part of all the P.C. crap that is screwing up our country!


Dee Torres and Adam Hill have worked together for their mutual gain.

One schemes to benefit the other, and vice versa.


So mike, does your wife steal diapers donated by good citizens for the homeless and then sell them to homeless mothers and pocket the money. does your wife steal gift cards donated to the homeless shelter and use them for her personal gain. If your wife does that then I would come after her and you as worthless human beings and fair game. It ain’t unfair and should be hurtful.


He is morphing into Shrek. The transformation is almost complete, he only needs to lose the clown ring and tweak the ears. Maybe he wont be such a prick when finished.