Atascadero mayoral runner-up arrested

March 19, 2015
Charles John Scovell II

Charles John Scovell II

Atascadero police arrested a recent mayoral candidate late Tuesday night on DUI and hit-and-run charges. [Tribune]

Charles John Scovell II, 36, garnered 40 percent of the vote in last year’s Atascadero mayoral election. On Tuesday night, Scovell allegedly crashed his vehicle into a tree and a fence on the 10000 block of Atascadero Avenue and tried to leave the scene.

But, officers responded to a report of the crash and stopped Scovell around 11 p.m. They booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail after arresting him.

Scovell’s car did not collide with any vehicles or pedestrians. His lone passenger received treatment at a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Scovell is no longer in jail, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office website.

During his run for mayor, Scovell admitted that during his youth he dropped out of school and got involved in drugs. He was convicted of a series of minor offenses in late teens and early 20s.

Scovell said that one reason he chose to run for mayor was to increase the amount of positive activities offered to kids in Atascadero.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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Okay folks….let’s move from the brainstem and amygdala back to the prefrontal cortex. There is no evolutionary law that prevents someone who runs for office from turning to the bottle. I think they call that “substance use” now. Hey, it’s all funny and fun to make jokes at….until it is your son. Then: it is heartbreaking.

His parents probably realized long ago with his nefarious behavior that they had better accept it; as who he is. Shouldn’t be heartbreaking or surprising anymore. He’s just a disappointment and from his mugshot, doesn’t give a damn.

reminds me of pat hedges, except doesn’t look like this guy got the “good ole boy” ride home

This would be a better story if he had been elected and was the current mayor.

If this clown got 40% of the vote, it just goes to show how many people vote blindfolded.

And Obama wants to make voting mandatory, hmmmmmm….brilliant!

The 40% was simply a referendum on how many people cannot stand Tom “It’s all about me” O’Malley. People cannot stand how he tries to take credit for everything while the city plumments to disrepair.

Basically people were faced with a vote for two clowns.

You must remember that Tom will on a regular basis use his canned statements that he was an economic major and that every good idea that comes before the city council he recommends a cost analysis in order to obtain cost recovery. It hasn’t worked for the last 12 years that he has been on the council.

40% is scary close to getting this guy elected.

Would he be better than the incumbent?

Could it be the vote reflected 40% dissatisfaction with the current regime candidate?

They elected Lois Capps into office right? Anthony Weiner nearly stuck it out long enough to run for whatever he was running for a while back. Hillary is favored for the dems this next presidential election. The guy from New Orleans, William Jefferson I think, had a refrigerator full of bribe cash and he was sent back to office right? Obama and all his gun running that killed thousands of Mexicans in Mexico was re elected? The voters, 10% of which are not even citizens, elect whoever gives them the most stuff we are beyond the tipping point and are in decline from here on out.

Welcome to Atascadero…