Adam Hill attempts to stifle public comment

March 18, 2015

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill accused Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business (COLAB) spokesman Mike Brown of bringing “bloviating foolishness” to meetings of the board of supervisors.

Hill made the remark while calling for a public hearing on Brown’s private meetings with supervisors Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton. The comment set off a few minutes of heated exchange between board members.

“These are people that take time out of their day that come to the meetings and speak, and to chastise somebody from the public is beyond ridiculous,” Compton said in response to Hill.

“My response is that he is a lobbyist that meets with you every week. Don’t conflate the issue with the citizens,” Hill said.adam hill

During the exchange, Brown got up from his seat in the audience, called for a “point of order,” and approached the public comment microphone. Arnold, the board chair, said she agreed with Brown’s call for a point of order, but she did not award him a chance to respond to Hill.

Supervisor Frank Mecham attempted to diffuse the tensions by calling for a 10-minute break from the meeting. The board carried on with the meeting, though.


You had to know it was just a matter of time……..

A Hill,

When you spew nasty and snarky remarks and make accusations directed towards

individuals that come to the board meetings (and anywhere for that matter i.e.

New Times) from the ELECTED POSITION OF COUNTY SUPERVISOR, anything you

say from this day forward has ZERO value and you will no longer be heard.

Unfortunately this is what Team Hill is all about. I will celebrate your exit from this board.


Gibson and Hill prevent the county’s work from getting done because they continually create conflict.

Niles Q

I don’t know what hard-on Hill has for COLAB but he needs to get over it. Every time he goes after them, he ends up looking foolish.

That said, just what are the rules on lobbyists at the SLO County level?

Do they have to register and try to make appointments like all the poor schmoes who vote and pay the taxes?

Just how much access does COLAB have and with whom?

If Adam Hill has some evidence of potential wrongdoing, then produce it. Otherwise who’se spouting bloviated foolishness now!?!

JB Bronson

Arrogant, self-centered, narcissistic prick. Out of the same mold as Gibson, App, Edge, Blank, Ferrara, Solomon…

Kudos to Lynn Compton and Debbie Arnold for addressing an immature child posing in a grown man’s body.

Mike Byrd

I, too, have concerns about one man having too much influence with two supervisors but this kind of comment is uncalled for. The voters of these districts knew who they were voting for when they elected them so drop it. Likewise, the voters of the third district knew about Supervisor Hill’s cozy relationship with big developers when they elected him. It should never be a discussion at board meetings and citizens should never be attacked or intimidated for addressing their local government bodies.


There are those who are equally concerned by Supervisor Hill’s relationship with Tom Jones of PG&E. Should that be investigated, as well?




Hill is only speaking about himself. The guy is a walking conflict of interest. Look at all the crap he did with Dee Torrez before she rightfully got canned. Look at how he rigged things in Grover Beach when Debbie Peterson was mayor. Remember the Adam Hill medalions. They are a laugh, but that was Adam trying to F-up the gears. Hell, if Hill is involved, there is no trying. The gears will be f’d up.

Mr. Holly

The circus has come to town.


I certainly saw a bloviating fool wearing a green tie on this video.

Jorge Estrada

The public has serious time constraints and certainly not the last word, so I agree with Supv Arnold’s order to the Board, to not chastise the public for their sincere words.

Rich in MB

Hill is done folks….he knows his chances for reelection are slim to none so like a cornered wounded animal he is dangerous.

If he wasn’t so embarrassing to the good people on the left of the political isle, I would urge to recall him….but when your opponent is making a fool of himself…its best to sit back and let him.

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