Bayside Cafe spot in Morro Bay up for grabs

March 30, 2015

morro bayThe state of California may soon give the boot to the operators of a longtime restaurant situated in Morro Bay State Park.

Bayside Cafe has been operating under a contract that expired in 1993, according to a state parks news release. State parks plans to put the location of the restaurant up for bid.

On Thursday, state parks and the Morro Bay Harbor Advisory Board will jointly conduct a meeting in which they will take public input on possible uses for the facility. State parks officials wish to hear public input and ideas prior to preparing a request for proposals for a long-term contract to operate the location.

The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday at the Morro Bay Veteran’s Hall. Those who would like further information about operations of the restaurant facility may contact state parks officials Brooke Gutierrez (805) 927-2065 and Vicky Waters (916) 653-5115.


The only way to stop Money grubbing government is to reduce it’s size. It’s at the ballot box where that is achieved. Don’t vote! Don’t complain!


You can bet that the current city council has their hand in this.


will they have Crabby Patties?


Who in their right mind would want to open a business in Morro Bay, given the current atmosphere perpetrated by the Mayor and council


Answer: No one in their right mind! This council has made it perfectly clear that they’re going to do everything they can do to make it more expensive and difficult to do business in Morro Bay.


You are spot on taxpayer.

It is my understanding the council has hired someone to come in and FIND ways to generate $$$.

Hold onto your wallets business owners and residents of MB.

Mr. Holly

Sounds to me that some politician is probably behind this and wants to get one of their buddies in there. This will be interesting, Just another reason why everyone should be pro-active and be involved before these crooks get away with things like this.


Oh, by all means, State of California, let’s boot out the owners of a successful venue in Morro Bay and turn it into one of those tasteless (literally) concession stands State Parks is so famous for! The audacity of it all…..


Hey, you government bastards keep you hands off my favorite restaurant!!!!


Typical SNAFU by an overpaid and underworked state employee.


“Bayside Cafe has been operating under a contract that expired in 1993…”

OK, so whose responsibility was it during the past 22 years to recognize that the contract

had expired and be responsible for renegotiation/renewal of that contract? Somebody had

to be in charge of that. Who?

And during those past 22 years was that person given pay increases? Who was in charge

of THAT person?

Who is in charge here, folks? Is anybody in charge? Is anybody actually doing their job?

Hello- hello- anybody… anybody… ?


sounds like the state is turning their pockets inside out. how the “bullet train” doing?


The State delegated management of the State Park Marina area to the Morro Bay Harbor Department. I’m not sure if that included the restaurant, but the marina concession was supposed to go out to bid according to State law. The Harbor Department never did that. They just kept giving the concession to one business.


There you go again, mbactivist, coming up with your own version of the facts. When the story doesn’t quite fit your version of the truth, you spin, you omit, you mislead ( ) Keep to your editorials, but don’t posit your positions as fact when you don’t know what you are talking about.