Jury finds feces eating bank robber, sane

March 27, 2015
Andrew Gilbertson

Andrew Gilbertson

A San Luis Obispo County jury found a 40-year-old man who said the Virgin Mary ordered him to rob a bank and eat his own feces, sane and guilty of bank robbery.

In July 2013, Andrew Gilbertson disguised himself by wearing a hat and a pink child’s backpack. He then entered a San Luis Obispo Bank of America branch and handed a teller a note with a drawing of a peace sign that said “Give me the money.” A few hours later, officers arrested Gilbertson in Atascadero.

Gilbertson, who claimed the Virgin Mary chose the disguise and directed him to rob the bank, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. While testifying on Wednesday, Gilbertson put his hand into his pants, pulled out poop, and began to eat while claiming the Virgin Mary had told him to eat poop.

Deputy District Attorney Dave Pomeroy described a man seeking methamphetamine who planned out the robbery and then changed his appearance to avoid arrest.

On the day of the robbery, Gilbertson caught a ride from his parents and instructed them to park far away from the bank. He wore his hat pulled low on his face and a glove on one hand. After the robbery, Gilbertson got a haircut and shaved.

His defense attorney, Brian Buckley, argued that Gilbertson had suffered from mental illness for more than a decade, heard voices and had a history of harming himself that included blinding one eye.

Pomeroy said the poop eating was a stunt to avoid jail time.

A sentencing date for the bank robbery has not yet been set.

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If this man is truly as mentally ill as he has been behaving and continues that behavior

when he is in prison, he will end up in the psych unit at the prison any way, and maybe even

at a state hospital as a 2684 commitment. If he was just pretending to be crazy by

eating his poop, doesn’t that prove he is mentally ill anyway? I mean really, would anyone

you know who is sane eat their poop for any reason? The man needs mental health treatment

and he will get get it one way or another despite what the jury decided.

Ok, the jury is stupid.

Yes, I said it.

A hat and a PINK BACKPACK is an ANTI disguise. His peace note and everything he did screams LOOK AT ME, I am freaking crazy!!!!

Let me tell you a little story. If I am going to rob a bank, I am going to “case” the bank. Who goes there? What do they wear? How do they act? I will “disguise” myself by dressing like all “those people”. I want to BLEND IN.

If I have blinded myself in one eye (because ALL sane people do this), I would probably want to wear glasses or something to tone that down a bit. I would probably want to leave my Poo-poo platter at home and eat the free cookies the bank gives out.

Also, I would probably talk to Jesus, not the Virgin Mary. We all know it’s “Jesus” who makes us do things..

Honestly, do they find Jurors in troll caves? Note to self, hire a freaking professional Jury selector if I ever stand accused of some crime, AND a change of venue…..

They very likely shared your opinion in surprising numbers right up to the moment he began recycling food in public. Your insight and experience notwithstanding: they were in the room, they were privy to scads of information you were not, and they saw his post-snack behavior for themselves.

You speak above yourself.

My opinion is simply my opinion.

This man obviously needs to pay the consequences of his actions. Mental illness doesn’t give you a free pass. I would simply think that he and society would be better served if he were placed in a psychiatric facility immediately and not waste even more tax dollars on this. We all know he is going to be found guilty. He did it. I am just saying that I think he is severely mentally ill, and by saying he is mentally incompetent, he could be shipped off to a psychiatric facility where he can be properly managed and medicated. Think that will happen in a prison?

Yes, I know I wasn’t there. It doesn’t change my mind. Stupid was the wrong word. Ignorant jury would be better.

To answer another person’s question, yes, I have sat on a jury.

Have you served as a juror?

I have, and can tell you that not only do jurors take their obligation seriously, they get no pleasure from sending someone to prison, even when convinced of their guilt.

You may not agree with the jury’s decision, but I doubt they are stupid.

You are way off base.

Quoting SLO_Johnny, below:

Sanity is a legal concept and not a medical diagnosis. Someone is sane if they understand that their actions are criminal. The jury decided that the evidence demonstrated that the man knew he was breaking the law. They didn’t decide that he wasn’t mentally ill.

I will never be able to order a pu pu plate again!

Since when does a jury of people that have no training in psychology get to make a medical decision?. Do you go to the doctors office and ask everyone in the waiting room if the doctors diagnosis is correct. The guy is clearly nuts and has a Dr’s opinion to back it up.

Sanity is a legal concept and not a medical diagnosis. Someone is sane if they understand that their actions are criminal. The jury decided that the evidence demonstrated that the man knew he was breaking the law. They didn’t decide that he wasn’t mentally ill.

The jury must have the collective IQ of Forrest Gump.


Those twelve jurors (volunteers) sat through the trial and heard ALL the evidence.

Do not underestimate the length to which a criminal will go to feign insanity, or any number of health emergencies to avoid sitting in a jail cell.

Many inmates ‘work’ the system for a brief break from the monotony.

They think it’s a joke.

None of the tv coverage said if he had a psychological exam

in the past or for this trial. Sounds like his attorney dropped the ball.

The psychiatrists disagreed. The jury decided that he was LEGALLY sane. The fact that he tried to disguise himself, arranged to make a get away, and then altered his appearance to evade capture was strong evidence.

Maybe Andrew can be sentenced to assisting Los Osos with their sewage problems.

Fine cuisine all for not.

Trying to avoid capture means you know right from wrong.

You ate your own shit for nothing scumbag.

LOL!!!!! Anybody see the striking resemblance between this guy and Ass Hill?! Especially in the photo accompanying this article.


Please don’t defame this suspect Gilbertson by comparing him with an ACTUAL low life.

Evil twin perhaps?

Adam being the evil one, right?