Letter to the editor: Is it time to dissolve Los Osos?

March 4, 2015
Tom Salmon

Tom Salmon


Just when you thought the Los Osos Community Services District (LOCSD) could do nothing more stupid than allowing 150 million gallons – equivalent to six months’ of their district’s supply – of fresh water to be dumped in the bay last year as part of the wastewater project construction; it looks like they’re poised to step in it again.

The LOCSD’s agenda for March 5 has a closed session item that suggests that their General Manager Kathy Kivley is entering into negotiations to purchase the old 10th Street gym building. Most recently, the building had been used by HDR, the construction mangers for the wastewater project.

Right on the heels of the recent 50 percent rate increase to its water customers, this might just be the public relations blunder needed to cement the community mindset toward dissolution.

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The “old” 10th street gym building is the one now occupied by the Sheriff’s Department, which bought it in the early 1990’s. I understand the county is now looking at the “new” 10th street gym building as a replacement for their current location.

Maybe the county and the csd can get into a bidding war!