Los Osos man allegedly raped disabled teen

March 30, 2015
Steve James Linzmeier

Steve James Linzmeier

Deputies arrested a 57-year-old man Sunday for allegedly raping a teenage friend of his daughter while the girl was spending the night at his home on the 1200 block of 11th Street in Los Osos.

On Friday night, after her friend and three other family members went to bed, the 16-year-old developmentally disabled girl retired for the night on the couch. Her friend’s father, Steve James Linzmeier, was in the living room watching television.

Sometime during the night, Linzmeier allegedly sexually assaulted the teen.

Deputies arrested Linzmeier on multiple charges including rape by force, child molestation and committing a violent crime against a person who is disabled. He was  booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $175,000.

Detectives are asking for the public’s help to identify any other potential victims in this case by contacting the SLO County Sheriff’s Office at (805) 781-4500.

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Geez, what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. You people already have this man convicted without knowing any of the facts. I hope none of you ever appear on a jury.


Please re-ryd the posts, they include ‘if this man’, ‘if he did this’, ‘guy who apparently’, and ‘alleged crime’.

For a crime as heinous as this, that may be as gracious as can possibly be expected.


There are 2 different reports on this situation….The Tribune states she was visiting the man’s SON, and this site reports that she was visiting a daughter. IF the Tribune is correct, (probably not) then why was this girl spending the night anyway? The question I had when reading the Trib…was what Mother would let her daughter spend the night?

Anyway….CCN reports a more believeable report that she was spending the night with her GIRLfriend. Rather odd that the family didn’t provide her to sleep in a bedroom with her GIRL friend.

Nontheless, if this man is guilty of this, he is hopefully headed for a long time in prison.


Next inmate to die at Slo county jail??


If he did this, execute this piece of shit.

black sheep

i hear your point but I don’t think there is an lawyer on earth this guy can afford to get this dropped. this isn’t some young girl crying rape from a celeb or because of money. this is some 57 yo sick fu** who apparently raped a disabled 16 year old. to me this is why we have a dealth penalty. if my daughter was the victim, this headline wouldn’t definitely read a little differently…. los osos man found…..

JB Bronson

I thought it over and came up with this:

A defense based on the truth, is fine. We all deserve that. But….

one reason there is no real sense of social justice anymore, is attorneys who skew the truth.

If your daughter was the victim, you would understand.

JB Bronson

I know everybody is entitlled to a fair hearing, but can’t wait for an attorney to come out and say, “My client is innocent. Wait till you hear all the facts and you will see my client is innocent.”

An attorney who represents a guilty person is a whore, and does it for the money, having the same absence of conscience as the sex offender. Don’t think so?

Imagine the defense attorney gets lucky and this guy gets set free. There will be another victim.

Chances are, this victim is not the first.


I don’t think they are whores, merely doing their job. We are all entitled to a defense, even the lowest of the accused. You might want to rethink your position


You’re correct. They are not whores.

They are very expensive prostitutes!


There are no words to describe just how despicable this alleged crime is.


I hope they lock you up for life, you scumbag. Of course with the new changes to Jessica`s Law will result in nothing more than a slap of the hand.You are very lucky it wasn`t my daughter…as you would not live to see the sunrise.


The new changes in JL have to do with how close a perv can live to a school. If guilty, they still go away for the mandate, which did not change