Police officer shoots and kills Oxnard woman

March 28, 2015

police tapeAn Oxnard police officer shot and killed a 24-year-old Oxnard woman early Saturday morning, according to a press release.

Shortly before 1 a.m., Oxnard police received a report of a domestic dispute at an apartment building on Vineyard Avenue. While an officer was talking to the man who made the call, a woman wielding a knife approached the pair.

The officer shot the woman who later was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have not released her name or further information about the incident.

Department officials placed the officer on administrative leave, which is standard police procedure following an officer involved shooting.

Investigators from the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office and the Oxnard Police Department are participating in the investigation.

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Calcoast news, was this article written by a prison inmate in some special “bring an inmate to work day?”

This is only half an article.

A 24 year old Oxnard woman was killed by law enforcement at 1:00am last night. It happened when the officer was talking to the person who called for assistance when the officer was approached by a woman wielding a knife._____________________________ The officer shot the woman, who was pronounced dead.

Let’s fill in the blanks, since this HUGE part of the story is missing.


1. Woman approached the pair with a sandwich, but it had no bacon.

2. The woman approached the officer screaming, “this man attacked me, so I got out this knife!”

3.The woman said nothing at all. She refused to listen to all of the officer’s repeated commands to stop where she was and drop the knife.

4. The woman came outside and said to the officer, “Are you Christian Grey?”

I honestly mean no disrespect to any of the parties involved. I can’t respond to this story in a serious way because there isn’t enough information to know what really happened.


woman wielding a knife approached the pair

Approached could mean she took one or two steps towards them…

Did she run or charge them holding the knife.

How far away form them was she when the Office shot her…etc…


FROM them


Your ‘possibilities’ are preposterous, and have me shaking my head.

As a RN, you have taken an oath, just as this officer has.

Do you honestly believe the officer would have shot a woman under any of the ‘possibilities, you list?


My critique is on the writing of the article. RELAX.

I have a philosophy about writing, and it is only MY opinion; one should be able to put an image to mind of what is transpiring based upon the writing.

Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin capture that well.

This story missed like 4 chapters of the novel. I simply cut and pasted some chapters from 4 different novels.

My point was that a few more sentences, had they been known, would have made the story more clear. Had they NOT been known, the story could have indicated that point.

ex: Woman approached the officer and 911 caller and for reasons not known but still being investigated by the police, was shot by the officer.

Nurses don’t really take an oath. Doctors take the hippocratic oath. Nurses are just kind because we want to be.

I am not going to second guess an officer this early in an investigation. It is a HUGE deal to make the decision to use lethal force. He/she knew he was ending a human being’s life. Obviously it is something I have never had to do, but I would imagine it forever changes you. The last thing I am going to do is judge at this moment. My judgement was the missing information. There are lives involved.


Fresno Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster, 5 others arrested on drug charges


Xxcalibur STATED:

Makes you wonder exactly how long he was doing this before he got caught, And then I have to ask myself what other crimes Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster may have committed. I mean what a hypocrite, putting on his uniform everyday, strapping his gun to his hip and pinning that badge to his chest pretending to be better than the people he was arresting who were doing the same things that e was involved in. Makes you wonder how many people were taken into custody(or had an even worse fate) just so that he could further his own criminal career. law enforcement; At least in kern county where I live has become just as scary as the people they are supposed to protect us from, even more so because they have a badge on their side and can get away with murder just by saying “I thought he was going for a gun or he reached In his waste band or whatever they can think of off the top of their head. If you and I were in the same situation and we shot somebody that didn’t have a gun, but e mistakenly believed he had a gun, we would go to jail for Murder PERIOD. It really amazes me…


This is a problem in places but I doubt it is as wide-spread as you seem to think it is. Still it is a legitimate cause for concern and a reason to be cautious about making sure police use of force is justifiable by an independent outside oversight group.


You are wrong and full of crap. Ex-law enforcement my ass. Unless you got fired for being stupid.


Your posts:

You spout Animosity at me simple because I said I could easily shoot a person in the leg, instead of “center mass” that “approached / stepped towards / me with a knife…


All I am saying is that you are either a liar about being in LE or you worked for a department full of idiots if that is how you were trained.


a woman wielding a knife

approached the pair.

So, how far away was she when the Officer SHOT her ? ? ?

20 feet…10 feet….5 feet ? ? ?

At any of those distances, I could have easily shot her in the leg…with a pistol.




Having been on the Pistol / Rifle Teem in the Army and in Law Enforcement for years…you have no idea how good a shot I am…A hole…






Did you defend yourself from any fast-moving threats, or pretty much just target shooting?


HAVE YOU…? ? ?


If someone comes at me with a knife, and I have a gun.

Guess what I would do?


Why do police feel they have the right to execute people on the spot, without so much as a trial? Surely there were non-lethal ways to defuse this situation. They could even have shot her in the hand that was holding the knife — surely if their aim is good enough to kill, hitting a hand is possible. There’s too much police shooting. Let’s reign it in, coppers.


Don’t believe what you see in the movies, that’s fiction. It is very hard to draw a pistol and shoot someone in the hand or just disable them. If the officer missed, the attacker could easily kill the officer or other innocent people. All this woman had to do was drop the knife, very simple. The police don’t have to give a criminal a fair fight. When someone threatens police with a deadly weapon, they should be prepared to get shot.


This past week Officer Michael Johnson was shot and killed for no reason.

Sorry I digress. Lets instead focus on the horror of an officer killing a knife wielding psycho at 1a.m.


Obviously some commenters have never had to use a gun in self-defense, or even picked one up No one can “wing” a maniac charging, waving a knife, which can kill in seconds. The lesson here, as usual, is do not threaten an armed person with bodily harm…you will die.


I agree Jon!

For those debating the subject, I encourage you to watch the following video;



jonhartz says: No one can “wing” a maniac charging, waving a knife…

You statement / opinion . including your 28 likes is simply NOT true…

It’s done everyday in Law Enforcement even using Stun Guns…!


Let’s see you use a stun gun to defend yourself against a person holding a knife after they have caught you off guard. If one of the barbs misses and fails to contact the skin, that person will stab you in the guts. The body amour isn’t designed to stop knifes and it doesn’t protect the face and throat.

No one can know what that situation is like unless you have been attacked by someone trying to kill you.


The more you post the more foolish you sound and the bigger liar you become.


Sure thing…What lies ?

FYI, I’ve been shooting since I was 10 years old.

My dad was NRA Rifle Instructor and a 1940 Camp Perry 30 Caliber Rifle Trophy winner…


The lies about being in LE for years. NO credible LE agency anywhere trains to “Shoot to wound” such as you have been espousing. Big deal, your dad being a rifle instructor and a rifle competition winner has exactly what to do with LE situations and makes you an expert how?


In the end, it’s the Officers choice to either shoot center mass to kill person or “shoot to wound” a person in any given circumstance.

P.S. What makes you an expert on anything?

I see you don’t like President Bush…!


No one should ever plan on brandishing ANY kind of weapon unless they plan on using it to kill.

You don’t see PCP as often as we once did, but a person high on PCP is like….unstoppable. If you don’t shoot to kill, someone is getting hurt.

There is a video below of a young woman who is COMPLETELY high on PCP. You have to click that you are above 18, because at one point, she is rolling around and you “might” get a boob shot. (trust me, you won’t be impressed) What you should look for if you watch is the complete vacant look. People are checked out, like you cannot communicate with them. By the end of the video, it takes like 6 people to get her on a gurney, and she isn’t really fighting them with regard to punching and biting.


I am responding because shooting someone like this in a “non lethal” spot would most likely not stop them from aggression. In fact, it would probably make them worse. People high on PCP are in their own “dream sequence” and are acting that out. We in reality just get in the way of that by placing “safety limits” on it.

That’s just my 2 cents on the subject.


Uno menos.

Jeanne Blackwell

This is very disturbing. Is the mentality shoot to kill no matter what? These

officers I am sure are all excellent shots. Why couldn’t he have shot the

knife out of her hand? Why couldn’t he have shot her in the foot? Why shoot

to kill?

And I think this might discourage domestic violence calls which is

certainly not a good thing either. I don’t think the caller intended for the victim

to be killed in response to the call for help. And had the caller taken the same

action on their own as the police and shot the person dead is that o.k?

Is the officer going to plead self-defense? If this is the case why bother

calling the police? And if calling the police means you risk getting the

person killed that might send real mixed messages for someone calling for


Why was the accused not removed from the scene to prevent something

like this from happening? Isn’t there special training and procedures that

must be followed to prevent things like this from happening?

Very very disturbing.


Police in America think they have the right to kill anybody who gets in their face. Just look at all the comments saying as much on this site to understand how ingrained this attitude has become. And we call ourselves the home of the free?


They have to power to shoot you when you brandish a deadly weapon and threaten people. In some occasions the police are wrong when they use deadly force. This isn’t one of those occasions.


No, the “mentality” is to survive. Sounds like an armed, enraged attacker threatened imminent harm, and he responded. Let’s let the facts come out before getting all up in arms.


I also have questions about the need for this (and many other) police shootings but some of your other comments show an ignorance and naivete that gives them reason to reject your comments as coming from a clueless person.

Let’s start with marksmanship. Many police officers are far from expert in accuracy with a pistol. Even those that are would not think of attempting to shoot a knife out of a hand or even trying to shoot a foot. Both would be extremely difficult to do reliably even for an expert particularly when there is no time to plan and anticipate the need to do so. This is real life not a Hollywood script. If one is going to shoot, the intent should be to immediately and effectively disable with no concern given to whether or not it might result in a death. If you want to avoid killing someone, a taser or other less-lethal weapon is the way to go.

The article doesn’t give enough information to make a good judgment either way on the need for deadly force. While I think police training on dispute resolution is generally sub-par, I don’t know whether that could have been the case here. Domestic disputes are notorious for being the most dangerous activity that police routinely encounter. Emotions of the parties involved can often render them temporarily insane and are made worse if alcohol or other drugs are involved. It is can be an extremely difficult situation to resolve peacefully. Good training can reduce, but not eliminate, the need for deadly force.


Ever wondered why the police wear bulletproof vests? They protect the torso which is the easiest target and holds the vital organs. I’m sure the officer drew his service pistol and stopped the threat by putting a few rounds into the torso of the advancing (suspect) threat. What more don’t you understand?


The police are trained using years and years of data to back up the training, which reflects strictly the percentages; that is shots to the center of a person hit more often. That’s it, if attacked, you shot at the center of the torso, unfortunately this results in death or grievous injury.


Shocking! For once it wasn’t the Santa Maria PIG Department…!


Wouldn’t it be funny if you needed the police and they knew who you were and what you post?


You are disrespectful of the good police out there.