Two charges dropped against Pismo Beach woman

March 6, 2015

carThe San Luis Obispo County District attorney agreed to drop charges of resisting arrest and battery of a police officer against a Pismo Beach woman as part of a plea deal.

Andrea Hansen, 32, agreed to plead guilty to public intoxication. As a result, she has to pay a $350 fine and serve one year in jail in which she has to stay away from Pismo Beach bars and liquor stores.

On Oct. 11, Andrea Hansen, 32, started having seizures while walking home from local establishment where she had been drinking alcohol, Hansen called 911 seeking medical assistance.

She told the operators she had too much alcohol to drink for someone who suffers from seizures. Because of her admission, she agreed to plead to the drunk in public charge.

Two officers arrived instead of an ambulance. Because Hansen acted disoriented and slurred her words, the officers determined she was intoxicated. Officers then sent the first ambulance that arrived on the scene away.

Officer Leslie Stout reported that Hansen slurred her speech, smelled of alcohol, and was combative. Stout arrested Hansen for public intoxication, resisting arrest, and battery of a peace officer – all misdemeanors.

Hansen retained attorney David Vogel, and regardless of the plea deal, she could pursue a lawsuit against the Pismo Beach Police Department. Hanson has accused Stout of excessive force in her arrest.

And because of an recent altercation that resulted in his termination, Stout’s testimony could be called into question.
Several months ago, Stout stopped by Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant in Pismo Beach after learning his girlfriend was planning to leave the restaurant and head to another bar with some friends, restaurant staff said.

Patrons at the restaurant watched as Stout, who was on duty at the time, forced his girlfriend into his police car before driving away, restaurant staff said. A concerned patron then called police to report the physical altercation between Stout and his girlfriend.

A week later, police internal affairs investigators called Giuseppe’s and asked to view the security tapes of the incident, which had already been recorded over.

Nevertheless, on Dec. 23 Stout was terminated because of the altercation with the woman he has since married and also because of issues with his version of events, sources said. Defense attorneys can use prior acts of dishonesty to impeach a police officer’s testimony.

Downtown Bob

Apparently, Jake knows his california history but forgot his integrity.


dont tase me bro


A year in jail for public intoxication? That seems harsh. If you text while driving and kill somebody, this DA doesn’t even prosecute.


You don’t ask for security tapes a week later…..just saying.