Orcutt man offers teens sex, drugs, rock and roll

March 6, 2015
Matthew Zigan

Matthew Zigan

A 33-year-old Orcutt man is accused of hosting parties for and having sex with underage girls. [KEYT]

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s detectives arrested Matthew Zigan at his home last Friday. Investigators say Zigan threw parties at the house for teenagers and provided them with alcohol and illegal drugs. Zigan is a software analyst who works as a contractor at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Detectives charged him with unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and booked him into Santa Barbara County Jail. Zigan was released after he posted $50,000 bail.

Detectives believe that there are more victims and are asking anyone with information related to the investigation to call the sheriff’s North County Criminal Investigations Division at (805) 934-6170 or to leave an anonymous tip by dialing (805) 681-4171.

On Wednesday, San Luis Obispo police arrested a 55-year-old man who intended to have sex with a minor. Detectives conducted a sting on the man after a citizen informed police that the suspect was soliciting sex on Craigslist by posting a photo of his genitalia.

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I wanna know why these creeps are getting so ballsy these days; Darwinian selection?

Is there a chance that the Daily Briefs can put back on the Briefs and avoid printing perv news. Personally, I find this stuff as well as murders to be a socially zero tolerance subject.

Where is the public good in thickening the reader’s skin on these subjects?

From his Facebook page:

Matthew Zigan

February 13 at 9:09am ·


Just laid down four bones for the Oculus DK2… one to two weeks and I’ll be watching VR porn. And other shit.

The dark soul is easily detectable to the trained eye. We need to focus not only on putting these guys away….but on detecting their “energy” in the first place. I almost always pick up on their creepiness….just an overly active “perv sensor” I guess…..

Certainly you’re not suggesting we put MEN in jail based on what you PERCEIVE as their “creepiness”? If so, good luck on obtaining an warrant for their arrest. Be sure to use your unicorn letterhead on the affidavit.

A warrant that is.

Having been married to someone who was “sensitive” to subtle cues in manner and speech, I learned to distrust people who claim that ability. She read way too much into things — “projecting fears”?

Upon sentencing, this guy needs to share a cell with the 55 year old creeper just arrested in SLO.

Great News

Lets get this sick bastards off the street….opps…but too bay Jerry Brown and the State Legislature is letting sex offenders our of Prison due to over-crowding!

How about we set up a tent in the Mojave Desert for them there…or better yet, send them to AZ and let Sheriff Joe house them!

why not Mexico ?

Cuz he’d just sneak back.


You were right the first time just… ;o)

I think he meant Mexico prison, with a 666 tattoo…..