Will Lois Capps’ daughter run for Congress?

March 22, 2015
Laura Capps

Laura Capps

Democratic Rep. Lois Capps’ daughter and son-in-law have given up their bicoastal life to settle fulltime in Santa Barbara fueling speculation the Laura Capps plans to run for her mother’s 24th District seat in 2016.

Rumors have been circulating for more than a year that Laura Capps, 42, was planning to relocate to Santa Barbara in order to run for her 77-year-old mother’s seat in the 2016 election. Laura, who started her career at the Clinton White House, is considered one half of a Democratic power couple. [Santa Barbara Independent]

Her husband, 37-year-old Bill Burton, is a political consultant who was the national press secretary during Barack Obama’s first campaign for president.

Lois Capps husband Walter Capps was elected to Congress in 1996, however, he died of a heart attack less than a year into his term. Lois Capps then won the seat in a special election in 1998.

Though she has continued to retain the district seat, in 2014, she had the closest race of her congressional career against Republican Chris Mitchum. Lois Capps ultimately won by a 3.8 percent margin.

During the race, Lois Capps was battling allegations of a coverup and that she was running deceptive campaign ads.

Former staffer Raymond Morua and Rep. Lois Capps

Former staffer Raymond Morua and Rep. Lois Capps

The alleged coverup of a fatal DUI collision caused by one of her staffers alienated some voters. Lois Capps allegedly attempted to place her former staffer Raymond Morua in a veterans’ treatment facility after he killed Mallory Dies while driving drunk last year.

Following a suit by the victim’s family, the federal government agreed to pay $2.5 million to the Dies family.

Capps drew further criticism late in the campaign for running a television ad that took a clip of a Mitchum interview out of context. The ad showed Mitchum saying he would not go to Washington to represent the 24th District, but when viewed in entirety, Mitchum was saying he would not go to Washington to bring back pork.

In Feb., Mitchum filed a lawsuit against Lois Capps, alleging that the Democratic Rep. defamed him in a television ad the suit says altered the outcome of last year’s election.

Though he has not yet announced, termed-out 35th Assembly District Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian said he is considering a run for Lois Capps’ seat in 2016.

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If you liked Lois, as well as what she stood (up) for, you’ll probably like Laura. (If you didn’t, well…) Figure this, though, Laura Capps will hit the ground running in a way few new Congressional reps can. Most spend their first terms just figuring out how it works… as well as being manipulated by staffs who have their own agendas and/or are equally mystified. The junior Ms. Capps will not have the important committee seniorities Lois has had, but she will have the benefit of a staff that knows where all the bones are buried, as well as her own first-hand knowledge of the place. If one wished to =keep= Lois in office, this is about the closest one could get to that.

I know nothing about Laura Capps-Burton.

She may be a fine person, and a qualified representative.

However, I would like to offer my candidacy.

My platform would be simple: ‘economic fairness’ … all income would be taxed the same.No more separate taxation between ordinary, working income and capital gains.

A ‘FLAT TAX’ of 50% on all income, individual or corporate.

An exemption of the first $100,000 for everyone.

This would be FAIR. It would also prevent budget shortfalls and crisis.

Everyone would have to work harder, including the rich….but we would all benefit.

Pragmatically speaking, Lois Capps pushed ACA, a health plan that almost no doctors take. It is crappy, overpriced insurance that the “young” are forced to take in order to offset those draining our “free” resources.

Laura is someone I don’t even know politically. If she was such a local activist and cares about our community, where has she been and what does she know about Central Coast issues?

I am so tired of these bureaucrats.

Why not push something that you give yourself an exemption to, and to many big companies as long as they provide $$$$$ to the right groups.

They didn’t have to read it before they voted on it, they made sure their own office was not going to have to sign up, and as elected officials they already have health care for life, paid for by the taxpayers.

“…ACA, a health plan that almost no doctors take.” Your lack of credibility is conspicuous. Doctors don’t “take” or “not take” the ACA. (Hope I don’t have to be nursed =by= you.)

Why not? our government has become incestuous anyway…Clinton Bush Capps Cuomo Kennedy….what the heck! It’s no different then Hollywood! Bloodline rules the day in America! the founders must be rolling over in their graves.


Jerry Brown has been the best Governor of California …EVER.

If he did run for president, I would vote for him unreservedly !

I know slower…I know…): (

“the founders must be rolling over in their graves.” Rather like John and John Quincy Adams, I expect.

This would be a dream come true for me. What a lovely woman and her husband is terrific. We will be very fortunate to have her run for her precious mother’s seat as our Representative. Yippy

Every fishing village needs an idiot

Every village of idiots needs a prophet to condemn.

Please, no.

They remind me of the kardashians, more nonsense without any value.

We dont need any more family dynasties on our political system. They teach their offspring how to slide into the network they have set up and we are stuck with generations of greed and incompetence.

You realize we already have that when it comes to the welfare system, Children learn from their parents how to game the system, and when there is more than one child it creates several new levels and the pyramid scheme contains, one has to wonder when the pyramid will collapse.

not contains, … continues

Would you say the same thing about Prescott, George 41 and George 43? Figure this, =all= political systems come with a measure of greed and incompetence, as well as unintended consequences. The Capps’s record thus far is hardly one of g & i regardless of whether or not one agrees with their political philosophies. One could the same about various Republicans, though sure not all of them. Please put a lid on the obvious partisanship and consider what is best for business, as well as social welfare, interests of SB, SLO and Monterey Counties.