Arroyo Grande man accused of kidnapping, child molestation

April 14, 2015

kidnappedSan Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Detectives arrested an Arroyo Grande man who is accused of kidnapping and molesting a child (update).

Detectives responded to the 500 block of Cameo Way in Arroyo Grande around 5 p.m. Monday. They were investigating allegations of child molestation, according to a sheriff’s office press release.

The detectives arrested 63-year-old Lawrence Lucien Jones and charged him with kidnapping, child molestation and penetration with a foreign object, the new release states. Jones is currently in San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $500,000.

The sheriff’s website for the county jail states that Jones is 63-years-old, and it indicates his alleged victim is under the age of 14.

A sheriff’s investigation into the case is ongoing.



  1. Perspicacious says:

    Hey, all he was doing was teaching her what those defending depravity in the “banned books” thread say we should be teaching youngsters.

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    • kettle says:

      You could start your own club, get your peer group and all of you could burn some books, because as everyone knows books are the reason.

      Later you could go to the library and get all of the books that might give someone a bad idea and burn those too or perhaps a “secure” book room so we can track who reads these and keep an eye on them.


      This is why America can’t have nice things.

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  2. agag1 says:

    How can one man do so much good, yet inflict such harm?

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    • dogeatdog says:

      Did he do so much good for the community or was he making himself invisible to do this nasty crime?

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    • indigo1955 says:

      Pedophiles ALWAYS groom the community. Otherwise, they could not gain access to children.

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      • dogeatdog says:

        Indigo boy do you know of what you speak. They groom the victim as well as though around the victim.

        This will be a family member or a long time friend of Lenny’s. His early encounters with the law where just the beginning of his crime, he has since perfected it.

        I think you and I know there are more victims but only a hand ful will come forward.

        for every pedophile who gets caught law enforcement knows there are many victims not identified.

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  3. jana says:

    There is a studio photo of him on the Tribune website from January, where Cynthia Lambert reported he was being honored at the Arroyo Grande Citizen of the Year.

    This is the same man who volunteers at Woods Humane Society and sponsors lots of fund raisers and charity events. Kind of creepy he is so involved in the community if this is true.

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    • Dave says:

      Up until last month, Lenny was the president of the board at Woods. Very sad.

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  4. agag1 says:

    Old Jones & Goodell info shows Lenny Lucien Jones as registered agent.

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  5. Citizen says:

    Lenny Jones, the realtor, was arrested years ago for indecent exposure to a minor, but it was determined to be accidental. It appears that this may be the same person, Lenny Jones, as the name “Lawrence (Lenny) Jones” is mentioned in various entries on the internet. Maybe someone else can help with verification.

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  6. jana says:

    Is this Lenny Jones the realtor? I hope not, Lenny is such a great volunteer at the Woods Animal Shelter and he was recently honored as Arroyo Grande Citizen of the Year.

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    • Black_Copter_Pilot says:

      Stupid of you to drag Lenny in to this if you don’t know the facts. I’m sure Lenny is happy .

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