Cal Poly staff and teachers to get pay raises

April 11, 2015

calpolyCal Poly administrators announced Friday that the university has committed $2.5 million to staff and teacher pay increases over a four-year period. [Tribune]

The announcement was made after the California State University faculty union released a report detailing the struggles of CSU teachers. The report surveyed 5,500 teachers in the CSU system.

Of those, 43 percent said they were unable to afford a home in their campus community. Many university teachers reported struggling to keep up with expenses.

In the past eight years, most teachers at Cal Poly received less than a 3 percent increase in pay. The salary adjustments this year will bring fulltime assistant professors up to a minimum target salary of $65,000, assistant professors up to $71,000; and full professors up to $83,000.


The bigger story here is that 20 Cal Poly administrators are getting $599,000 in pay raises. Talk about administrative bloat! No wonder the rest of the ranks have been stagnant in even getting a cost of living raise. CP needs less administration and more faculty, staff and parking.


These are starting salaries. It is not as expensive to live north or south of SLO.

This is the same mindset that has resulted in extreme salaries for SLO employees.

You know going in what your salary is, and these teachers get great benefits, great hours, student aides to help them, summers off, sabbaticals, office, staff, etc.

If you don’t like the pay, go do something else. But good luck finding a higher paying job with the benefits in the private sector here.


Yep, silly of them to stay. Almost any other university in CA (and really the nation) would be better for them financially.

Cal Poly

Full $94k

Associate $76k

Assistant $67k

ALL California Colleges (Average)

Full $122k

Associate $85k

Assistant $75k


The big increases in compensation has been in benefits and pension contributions and not pay raises. There are also sabbaticals for tenured professors. One must measure the total value of the compensation package. With the average person living longer, many professors will live longer after retirement than they worked in the CSU system. Many will take home more money after retirement.


CSU employees are paying more in benefits and pension contributions. A whole lot more.

Jorge Estrada

If the ability to purchase housing within the surrounding community is a justification for teacher’s salaries, good luck.


The University wants to attract the best talent possible. It is difficult to compete to get the best qualified instructors when they wouldn’t be able to purchase a home.

Jorge Estrada

Many companies pay less here because there is NO shortage of people wanting to live in SLO County. Competing for the best and brightest falls in the ranks of students not the instructors. If an instructor would rather live in LA for the $$, you tell me if that mind set is what we should pay to foster at this CSU?


They may WANT to live here, but unless they have family here, it is very difficult to move here and establish roots. We have LOTS of inquiries at our job until they see the pay.