Family sues ASH after patient strangled to death

April 23, 2015

ash2The mother and sister of a deceased Atascadero State Hospital patient who was allegedly strangled to death by his roommate have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against ASH. [Tribune]

Kevin Turner, 53, died on May 28, 2014. An ASH psychiatrist found Turner with his face stuffed in a dorm pillow and Adam Cary, 35, on top of him. Cary allegedly admitted to killing Turner, but he has pleaded not guilty in criminal court. Cary is 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 225 pounds.

The lawsuit alleges several patients in Cary’s unit complained that he was violent and threatening. ASH staff failed to properly assess Cary and placed him in the wrong environment, the suit states.

Cary has convictions of attempted rape and assault. He allegedly was experiencing religious and sexual delusions.

At the time of the alleged strangling, ASH was placing patients with the most serious and violent behaviors in a special program. Cary should have qualified for the program, the suit alleges.

The lawsuit also states that ASH was understaffed when the strangling occurred.

Turner spent more than 10 years in ASH. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, burglary and petty theft.

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wow.. unbelievable..

kevin was not a murderer, manslaughter means accidental. what happened was an accident and my brother took the rap for it.. what happened is some one stole a womens purse and knocked her down. my brother tried to help her, since he was there they put the charges on my brother. the lady died in the hospital 4 months later after her ingeries of falling when the person robbed her.. my brother was at the wrong place at the wrong time. so he went to prison for it.. they’ve never even looked for the person who hurt this lady she was in her 80s.. that’s as much as I no..

adam paul cary strangled my brother in his sleep.. my brother didn’t even have a chance to fight back. my brother was 4 foot adam was 6 foot 8. do the math.. and for what ever reason my brother was in Atascadero.. didn’t give adam the right to murder him.. and as for money. im not after money.. all I wanted was for adam to be locked up so he could never hurt anyone again. he tried to rape a girl.. and he even hurt his own mother and brother. you might want to search adam paul cary and read up on him.. then you can get your opions straight. sorry for the spelling.. I loved my brother.. you have no idea of his life since birth..

kevins sister mary

Listen up, the lunatics have run the asylum for far too long. Close the place and send them all to prison, with real walls, and real concertina wire and real armed guards in towers

Any money this family receives should go directly to the victims of his crimes that landed him where he was. The state cannot and should not be held accountable for decisions made convicted criminals as no one can truly know what they’re going to do at anytime other than after the fact.

That’s a weird idea, but I sorta like it….

Turners family is entitled to nothing. He was there for killing someone along with other

Crimes. In my opinion he had a choice to not be where he was, thus placing himself in an inviroment known for violence. The taxpayer has been paying his way after being

Convicted and now his family wants to continue the payment to them? For what? I think the taxpayer has paid enough.

That’s my opinion.

“He allegedly was experiencing religious and sexual delusions.” Heck, most of the Republicans on the hill have religious delusions, like the earth is only 6,000 years old, evolution is just a theory, and man is too insignificant to impact climate change on the earth. Ya know, I think they are just as dangerous too, because their craziness can impact millions of lives….and, they love guns. Let’s raise their Thorazine levels, and see if that helps. The staff, and other patients knew this guy was dangerous, but those in charge seem to have ignored the warning signs. Let’s not make the same mistake with the Tea Baggers in our midst.

Speaking of delusional, were you going to make a point in your ramblings or was that simply a plug for “I hate people who don’t vote like me”?

If you don’t believe in evolution, think the earth is 6,000 years old, climate change is nonsense…..oh, blah, blah, blah……you ain’t too smart bro…..

WOW! SandyK……..

Schtick? Did you not take your Thorazine today?

Our planet is relatively young. About 10,000 years old. The universe, older. Made up of matter just waiting to be created by God who holds all matter together.

Evolution: Debunked. [Except to those who can’t think critically], such as you.

Climate Change: A lie concocted by Al Gore [So he can get rich, rich, rich] off of people like you [and unfortunately we who disagree] who believe in a person like him. We all lose. Climate changes consistantly. God controls all of His creation. Not man.

Impact millions of lives: You and those who vote like you [your ideology] has brought great harm upon our nation. It’s not the Republicans. They really are no better than what we have now. They are politicians! But I do like the fact that they have moral absolutes. At least compared to the left.

Guns: Read the 2nd amendment and understand its meaning. Don’t base it on what you hear from most likely your favorite news outlets, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, et al. By the way, because of people like you, and the current lawless administration, we just may have to defend ourselves with our guns. Have you read about military excercises being conducted in cities? DHS and many other gov’t agencies buying up mass quantities of ammo?

Got news for ya Sandy. The world is not falling apart. It’s falling into place. Do some research on Google. Maybe something like “Biblical Prophecy” In the beginning, God. He created all things. He is in charge of all things. He is the Alpha and the Omega.

I hope you get what I’m saying. We live in a very dark time. Not as anytime we’ve experienced. The end of the age as we know it. Look to September 2015.

Repent of your sins. Give your life to Jesus Christ. He gave His life, that you might live.


I heard that Jesus is still alive, and living in North Hollywood, so what you’re saying can’t be true.

Solitary confinement constitutes cruel, inhumane, degrading treatment so ASH puts a rapist and murderer in the same cell. The rapistkills the murderer and the family cries foul?

Only one person wins. The rapist stays in prison, the murderer dies, our taxes go up. Murderers family goes on vacation. We Americans are so civilized.

No sure of this, but I think that ASH either has single rooms, or dorms…not placing two to a “room”, not cell. They are patients, not prisoners.

If they can’t check themselves out……their prisoners. But if the word patient makes everyone feel better then so be it.

The patients at ASH have more freedom then prisoners. Most can go to the movies, or the yard, or the canteen during the day. At night, most are NOT locked in their room, and have access to the latrines, dayroom, ward office, etc.

Orange jumpsuit = inmate

Tan jumpsuit = patient, serving time in hospital until sane enough to go back to prison to serve more time

Wow, a dozen people don’t like the facts…….those are the facts. Dorms, or individual rooms, never two to a room. The State of Calif. considers them patients, not prisoners.

how would you feel if this was your brother or child.. the rapist raped a girl. tried to kill his own mother and hurt his own brother.. and im crying foul.. kevin was my brother and I loved him very much.. im paying taxes to.. just like you.. and im surley not on vacation, im sitting here in my home which is a trailer. im sure you live in a much nicer home…

wondering why my brother is dead.. at the hands of an evil person. and why they were put in the same dorm room for him to be murdered. I cry every day for my brother I have his ashes here at my home. in my trailer on my shelf with his picture on top of his ashes..

you no nothing about my brother kevin.. if you did maybe you would talk a different tune.. who knows.. and to let you no I have not received a dime of any kind of money. so on that note..

have a good day.. every one is intitled to there opinion as you are.. mary kevins sister

A lawsuit just leaves the State with less money to run the mental health system. It improves nothing. Prisoners sometimes assault and kill other inmates. We have no way of knowing who started this fight. The dead man could have been the aggressor. Turning the dead mans family into millionaires solves nothing.