FBI offers reward for arrest of Victor Speedy Gonzales

April 9, 2015
Victor Speedy Gonzales

CORRECTION: Victor Speedy Gonzales

CORRECTION: The photo originally posted was of the wrong Victor Speedy Gonzales.


The FBI is offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of Victor Speedy Gonzales, 36, a Nipomo man allegedly involved in a Central Coast drug trafficking ring dubbed “All in the Family.”

On Tuesday, FBI agents and local officers arrested 12 members of the alleged Central Coast drug dealing organization. The Rocha family and their affiliates allegedly distributed highly potent and pure narcotics in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, including near Mesa Middle School in Arroyo Grande.

Authorities are still looking for Gonzales, who they say is armed and dangerous.

After a source asked agents if a reward was available for information leading to the arrest of Gonzales, agents said an undetermined reward amount would be made available if information leads to an arrest.

The 12 defendants arrested in Tuesday’s “All in the Family” operation were in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles Wednesday for an initial appearance before a federal magistrate. Listed below is the current status for each.

Defendants who have been detained or whose hearings have been continued to another date are being detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles.

Jose Alfredo Rocha, Sr., 52, of Nipomo – continued to April 10.

Irene Rocha, 49, or Nipomo – detained with bail denied.

Jose Alfredo Rocha, Jr., 24, of Nipomo – continued to April 14.

Tony Perfecto Rocha, 23, of Nipomo – continued to April 10.

Anna Rosa Rocha, 28, of Nipomo – released on $50,000 bond.

Maria Ynez Flores, 19, of Nipomo – released on $75,000 bond.

Jim Elkins, 59, of Grover Beach – continued to April 13.

Emil Brieg IV, 19, of Oceano – released on $50,000 bond.

Kyle Joseph Edelen, 31, of Nipomo – continued to April 10.

Frank Eugene Martinez, 26, Nipomo – continued to April 10.

Peter Bernard Salinas, 55, of Oceano – detained with bail denied.

Chase Ross Twomey, 26, of Nipomo – continued to April 14.


“Undetermined reward amount would be made available if information leads to an arrest”. Ok , forgive me if I don’t trust the government with a non specific reward amount. So, if I risk my life turning this “armed and dangerous” crime lord in, the FBI can give me a dollar. Find him yourself Sherlock!


Wasn’t he last seen at the Cantina? Drinking with Flo.


36? I’m suddenly feeling youthful in appearance.


The younger ones seem much more likely to have made bail. Interesting.


They hide and protect their own.


Doesn’t everyone protect their own? Kudos to loyalty at least, right?


So true.


My guess is that searching in Mexico would be a good place to start. The FBI will spread the word through the low-life druggy circles and something will come up.


Speedy Gonzalez: The fastest mouse in all of Mexico.

He’s making the real speedy proud.


Arriba arribe, andale andale.

Jorge Estrada

Don’t forget senior Queeks Draw……