Hammer wielding man evades deputies

April 10, 2015

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Deputies were searching Thursday night for a man wielding a hammer who escaped into a creek near the Santa Margarita Park. [KSBY]

Santa Margarita Park

Santa Margarita Park

At 7:19 p.m., deputies responded to a report of a disturbance on the 22000 block of I Street. During their investigation, deputies found a man holding a hammer who fit the suspect’s description.

However, the suspect ran from officers and escaped into a nearby creek that runs next to the park.

With the assistance from the Department of Fish and Wildlife, deputies set up a perimeter. After an hour of searching, they concluded the man had left the perimeter area.

Officials believe they know the identity of the suspect, but are not releasing it to the public at this time.

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I guess it will be a while before they nail him.


How do you know he’s not being framed and that this wood just be another construction of the police not built with a proper foundation of evidence?

Ok, I’ll stop now.

By holding a hammer, he may be working on a “I’ve been framed” plea?

The man’s name and a description or photograph should be released if the police think they know the guy’s name.

I hope the sheriff runs the numbers on that hammer when it’s found and see who the last registered owner was. This has got to stop.

We can’t have working people in our neighborhoods.

This sounds like a cover up. The kind of cover up where everyone over-reacted and someone was just repairing something but ended up on a wanted list. That is how paranoid things are these days. I know if I were to see someone in public with a wrench…I would hit 911 immediately. :)

If this perp was armed and running from LEO as stated, why won’t they release his name if the admit they know it. He could be hiding in a innocent citizens home or hiding in plain sight

Thor ?

I guess it will be a while before they nail him.