Is killing a child molester murder or manslaughter?

April 15, 2015
Brian Reid

Brian Reid

The lawyer for a Santa Maria man who shot and killed his father argued in a Santa Barbara County courtroom that shooting a man because he sexually molested your children is not murder, but manslaughter. [KSBY]

Trial began Tuesday for Brian Reid, a man who allegedly shot his parents during a 2012 Labor Day barbecue at an Orcutt park. During opening statements, the prosecution and defense agreed that Reid had known for nearly 10 years about allegations that his father, William Reid, was molesting his daughters.

Defense Attorney Robert Ikola argued that his client is only guilty of voluntary manslaughter. Ikola said Reid killed his father in a “heat of passion” after he was driven insane and his family life was ruined.

The prosecution did not dispute the molestation allegations. But, Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Kevin Duffy argued the alleged molestation was not justification for Reid killing his father.

Reid’s mother, Pamela Reid, survived the shooting. She was 63 at the time, and her deceased husband was 73 years old.

Duffy said, on the day of the shooting, Reid armed himself with 40 caliber glock gun, coldly looked at his father and said, “I’m going to kill you.” Reid committed first-degree murder, and the prosecution will present evidence that he carefully and calculatedly planned to kill his parents, Duffy said.

Ikola said there were allegations that Reid’s father molested his three granddaughters for years and that he admitted to some of the allegations days before the shooting. The defense also says it has evidence Reid’s parents planned to accuse him of molesting his daughters, and Reid’s father was going to testify against him.

Following the molestation of his children, Reid lost his job, house, marriage and eventually his sanity, Ikola said.

After the shooting, Reid’s then 20-year-old daughter told the press that her grandfather was previously coming into her room at night and molesting her and her two sisters.

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We can only hope the testimony of the Reid daughters has an overwhelming impact on the jury, and their father receives the lightest sentence possible.

Mr. Reid did not kill a man, he killed a monster.

How do you know he was a monster? Did you know Forrest personally?

I did-and the Forrest I knew was anything but a monster.

None of us including yourself will probably ever know what really went on except the family themselves so in my opinion vindicating this guy for killing his own father and attempting to kill the wife before any of the facts come out (if they ever really do) and the trial is completed is a bit premature.

The pictures I’m seeing of Brian Reid looks to me like a very unstable individual with a loose screw but I never met him personally.

Either way a sad situation- I wish the whole family well.

Family values.