Laura Capps rules out run in 2016

April 28, 2015
Laura Capps

Laura Capps

The daughter of Rep. Lois Calls announced Monday that she will not join the congressional race to replace her mother, though she did not rule out a possible campaign in the future.

Earlier this month, Lois Capps said she would retire when her current term ends in late 2016. Following the announcement, rumors swirled about the possibility of 42-year-old Laura Capps making a run for Congress.

The younger Capps and her husband recently settled full time in Santa Barbara, making her eligible to run in the 24th District. But Laura Capps said in a Facebook post that a cross-country commute would prevent her from being the type of mom she tries to be.

“It would be the ultimate honor for me to represent this incredible district in Congress,” Laura Capps wrote. “After giving this campaign serious consideration, however, I’ve decided that now is not the right time for me, Bill and our four-year-old son, and I will not be seeking election to Congress in 2016.”

Three Democrats and two Republicans have already announced their intention to run. The Democrats currently in the race are Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider, Santa Barbara County Supervisor Salud Carbajal and San Luis Obispo farmer Bill Ostrander.

The Republican candidates are Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian and Justin Fareed, a former challenger to Lois Capps.


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Lois Capps still has another year to help California down the drain. Wonder what other great proposals she will try and rush in before she exits with her golden parachute?

Good Idea We Have had Enough Let’s move on..

Of all The stupidity… Good Lord!

Enough of the dynasty crap already. Stay at home and be a mother Laura, or study to

become an astrophysicist, or take up acting.

Just don’t run for Congress.

Enough of the dynasty crap.

That includes Capps, Bush and all the others.

Clintons too

Don’t limit it to dynasty families, dynasties of one need to end. We need a ballot measure to term limit all elected offices and appointments, and end the musical chairs.

No one related to anyone in office should be allowed to run for any office at any level of government. Brother, sister, aunt ,uncle, niece, right on up to 2nd cousin. If they have same last name even if no relation dont allow them to run. If they were best friends with any politician they are too tainted for office. We have to clean up the gene pool, look at these pukes running the country, state and cities! They are all traitors, thieves or idiots or some combination of the three. We are all idiots, proof is government we have.

You make some good points, and democracy has become an illusion in this country. But the root of the problem is the fact that money runs politics, not reason. Beneath all of the rhetoric and the superficial gestures and the spin of the media, the strength of the whole is repeatedly sacrificed for the benefit of the few.

Thank goodness. Just the thought of a continued Capps “dynasty” makes my skin crawl…

Louis Capps did next to nothing while in Congress. Let’s hope that the next Representative will get some additional resources to our district. Tax money pours out of this area yet many social programs and other government functions are underfunded.

A good example in choosing priorities.

It just isn’t any fun being in the Minority in Congress and having now power….and it sure looks like the Dems had better get comfortable with being in the Minority in the House of Reps.

Boo…Hoooo….maybe more of them will retire!

They may retire, but the damage they have caused will be with us for many many years, and we will be paying for it for a very, very long time.

True of most DC politicians in both parties.

The Democratic Party would control the country if black people and Latinos registered and voted. About 50% of voters would vote for either party depending on the candidate. But the rest would only vote for one party or the other and most of those people would vote for Democrats.

Don’t fret none now, the Dems in power are doing all they can so the Illegal Mexicans can vote now too,they’ll be back on top in nothing flat.

With John Boehner as the leader,the majority is about as worthless as tits on a boar.