Lenny Jones charged with child molestation 2 decades ago

April 23, 2015
Lenny Jones

Lenny Jones

Arroyo Grande Citizen of the Year Lawrence Lenny Jones was charged with child molestation in 1995, though the charges were dropped after he underwent counseling. [Tribune]

Jones is currently being held without bail in the San Luis Obispo County Jail after he allegedly molested two girls under the age of 14, one girl under 10 year of age and a 3-year-old boy at a birthday party in March at his Arroyo Grande home.

Following an Arroyo Grande Police Department investigation, in 1995, Jones was charged with misdemeanor molesting or annoying a child. He then retained attorney Chris Casciola.

In December 1995, the district attorney’s office asked the court to dismiss the charge on the condition that Jones’ complete two years of counseling. Jones complied and the charges were dropped.

Jones is currently facing charges of kidnapping, penetrating with a foreign object, molesting two girls under 14 years of age, molesting one girl under 10 years of age, having explicit photos of a child, exploitation of a minor and molesting a child.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff investigators found explicit photos from the March birthday party on Jones’ computer that corroborate much of the information gathered from the children, according to a press release.

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I wonder WHO was in charge of the city at the time, and if it should be looked into. Citizen of the year, molestation charges being dropped….you do the math.

Dirk Anderson

I don’t know the biographical details about this Lenny Jones, I’m not sure I want to. This

seriously smells to high heaven. Seriously smells.

There just have to be others in around this individual who were aware of this sort of


This is the reason why I don’t go to Church, no telling what you might be seated next

to “grooming the community”.

I know who I am, what I am; God/Allah knows. Some of you I’m not so sure about.


Your comment about “Church” is just plain ignorant. Imbecilic too.

Dirk Anderson

“Ignorant, Imbecilic” ? You would know.

I read more Classical/Koine (“Biblical”) Greek, Avestan, Sanskrit (All dialects), than most.

“Churchianity” like much of the rest of the culture is sick and diseased. You can feed stupid little children lies and fairy tales until the cows come home.

Nothing Sacred about what attempts to “put on” airs. Has more to do with socio-

economics and politics than any thing else. Jesus Puked it all off on the Cross.

Nothing sweet or ecumenical about me, I’ll go there. Plenty of drunks and

degenerates to go around for all these Churches. In comparison to the likes of that

You fancy yourself “miraculous”.

Church is for cockroaches.


Your song-and-dance is amusing and all but your comments still smack of ignorance and prejudice. In other words, you’re not fooling anyone…


Less about each other, much much less.

Your ability to comment depends on this.

Dirk Anderson


I must be one of the most public, transparent individuals in the


I do have an internet presence and Blog with know holds barred.

“Song and dance, prejudice, ignorance, amusing” etc. Hides behind these words and labels. Basically makes my point.

Who is fooling who? brother fool on?


“And when you’re gone, you better stay gone or you’ll be gone. You’ve lost your LA privileges.”


The DA’s office has changed very little since 1995. It is a corrupt and lazy system that

arrests, then wants to plea bargain every case, especially those they know they would

lose if they went to trial. Those who cannot afford a high profile expensive lawyer are

coerced into a plea bargain by their public defender.

The DA will not go to trial unless they have an absolute guarantee of conviction.

They love to brag and throw about their 98% conviction rate. However, they are too afraid

and lazy to prosecute those like Mr. Jones who are able to

retain expensive defense attorneys. I would like to know where those children who were victimized

by Mr. Jones in

1995 and what the long term effects have been on their lives at seeing their perpetrator

get away with the harm he caused them. This is shameful!! They should be compensated

by Mr. Jones and the system who failed them.


Getting the children to be witnesses in court is the most difficult aspect of prosecuting child molesters. The parents don’t cooperate in many cases. The rules dealing with child witnesses have changed dramatically since 1995. Children can now testify on video tape and the questions are screened by the court. The child doesn’t literally face the defendant in court.


Unfortunately you are right. Many parents don’t want their children to be further

traumatized by having to testify and be poked, probed and interrogated by attorneys,

psychologists etc. And yes, the way minor victims are treated now is much better

than in 1995. I know of several parents who chose to not put their children through the

prosecution of their perpetrators back in the 1990’s. One moved out on the area to give

their child a “fresh start”. Another just took their child to counseling fer several

years after. I would not be the one to second guess a parents decision, but personally

I would want my child to feel empowered by seeing they can bring about justice. Also,

prison time for molesters was ridiculous in the 1990’s. 18 months in county jail.

We are moving in the right direction as a society, but pedophiles are not going to

be cured and should be taken out of society permanently.


You don’t know anything about the case which involved whether or not Mr. Jones was purposely exposing himself or accidentally exposing himself with a flapping bathrobe.

The police arrested Jones. The case was publicized locally. But the DA’s office had a he said/she said case of exposure. The DA’s Office would have been silly to go to trial on that basis. If more was involved, the public didn’t know about it.


This article says he was charged with molestation NOT indecent exposure. A “flapping bathrobe” wouldn’t fall into the molestation category. I’m thinking this is yet another incident.


Lilylu – Your logic seems chase its tail. If the DA had a weak case with no evidence why would droves of folks accept their generous plea deals? Would you accept a deal if you were innocent? Then let’s factor in lawyers. “If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you” so rich or poor people have attorneys and believe me, the public defenders office loves to beat the DA at open trial. How do you think they get invited to cross the hallway?

And twenty years ago Casciola was working cheap and not so well known so I don’t think anyone would have been terrified of that threat.


The Public Defenders office is overworked and in their opinion underpaid. They do

not have the time, energy or wherewithal to go to trial. They do in fact coerce people

they know are innocent to take

a plea deal with scare tactics. ie, “You could go to trial and lose and do 3 years in

state prison (for a felony) or take the plea deal which is a misdemeanor and pay

a $200.00 fine or do 40 hours of community service and have one year probation.

If you go to trial this will drag out for months or a year and will cost you thousands

of dollars in attorneys fees “. And the Public Defender is appointed if

you say you cannot afford one, but they are NOT FREE. If you have a job

or any assets they will attach anything and everything and

make you pay attorney fees.

If you hire a private defense attorney they will not even consider going to trial unless

you pay $15,000 at least up front. And that’s for a not very good third rate defense

attorney. You would be amazed at how many innocent people chose the plea deal.


I’m pretty sure this guy has been on the hunt for quiet a bit since 95′. A molester doesn’t go dormant for several years then decide to act on his fantasy’s all at once. I’m guessing this is the tip of the iceberg.


Why would the DA’s office ask for a dismissal? Perhaps a review of real estate records showing transactions with Lenny and any DA office employees around that time could prove to be revealing…


Interesting thought. Alleging, he paid off the victim. I cannot see Lenny getting off easily with these charges and the evidence that will be presented in court. The goal of his attorney is to make sure Lenny’s rights are not violated and to get the best sentence as possible. Life in jail. This cause is too popular for the Lenny to receive a lenient sentence.


When was the last time the San Luis DA actually put effort into any case? This division is in critical need of a big overhaul to replace these lazy government pension collecting sloths. It has become glaringly apparent that the DA, in their cushy job statuses have zero drive to protect the public, otherwise known as doing your job!. This is just one of many ongoing failures. Letting this man skate through the system only to ruin families lives forever is directly the fault of the DAs office. Do you think the DA is losing any sleep over the damage they have allowed? If you want to wheel and deal, sell used cars, not lives.


I say give the man his day in court BUT if he is found guilty of the charges against FOUR kids and with his prior history, MINIMUM of 15 years SERVED before ANY PAROLE even considered!!!!


I realize he would be pretty old by then but I don’t see why parole should ever be an option if he’s found guilty. It’s not like the kids, especially the older ones, won’t have at least some lasting effects from what happened to them. If they don’t get a reprieve from something they didn’t cause why should he?


Agreed! However, even at 15 years, Jones will serve more time than Robert Holguin, who brutally MURDERED an elderly neighbor and stole his car. While Jones has scared his young victims for life, Holguin ended his victim’s life and deserves a harsher punishment.


“…In December 1995, the district attorney’s office asked the court to dismiss the charge on the condition that Jones’ complete two years of counseling. Jones complied and the charges were dropped…..”


Good job SLO DA! You FAILED!


His Robe Fell open.. The DA Did Not have enough I’m sure they Knew Back then..Lets just hope He only has the Victims They have now , Lets Hope!!