Los Osos man reportedly admits he’s a child molester

April 10, 2015
Steve James Linzmeier

Steve James Linzmeier

A Los Osos man accused of raping a developmentally disabled girl told detectives, “I’m a child molester,” a police report states. [Tribune]

Steve Linzmeier, 57, told sheriff’s detectives that he had gone skinny-dipping with the 16-year-old girl and that he had hugged her in a hot tub on multiple occasions over a period of several months. Linzmeier did not admit to raping the teen, though.

Rather, he said that on the night of the alleged sexual assault, he rolled around on the couch with her. Linzmeier admitted to several graphic and illegal acts but denied completing sexual intercourse, a sheriff’s report states.

On March 27, the 16-year-old spent the night at the house of a friend, who is the son on Linzmeier. When others went to bed, the teen retired on the couch in the living room, and Linzmeier kept watching television on another couch in the living room.

In an interview with a detective, the alleged victim said that Linzmeier, wearing only boxer shorts, forced himself on top of her about 15 minutes after everyone went to sleep. She said that he then sexually assaulted her for about 20 minutes, the detective’s report states.

The girl told the detective that she was too afraid to scream or resist. Linzmeier said nothing to her during the sexual assault. When it ended, he simply told her not to tell his wife, according to the report.

The alleged victim reportedly then cried herself to sleep.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived at Linzmeier’s home on March 29, they found him naked in his bedroom. He admitted to being a child molester before deputies arrested him.

Linzmeier pleaded not guilty late last month to three counts of rape, sexual penetration with a foreign object by force and sexual battery. He also pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor child molestation charge.

Linzmeier appeard in court on Thursday, and a judge scheduled an April 30 hearing to determine if enough evidence exists to proceed to trial. Linzmeier remains in San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $175,000.


Such a sad sad story.


“When it ended, he simply told her not to tell his wife, according to the report”.

Women are always the last to know….and it can be as damaging for her as for the victim.

Pedophiles are not stupid (even if they are evil). He knows what to expect in prison: so he is setting it up for state hospital so he can save his own ass. Literally….


Sometimes women are the first to know and never say anything at all.. and they let it

happen over and over again


That’s not a woman: that’s a coward!


Predator POS


and he resides within 2 blocks of an Elementary School….No one knew