Open letter to SLO County Board of Supervisors

April 18, 2015


This letter is in regard to the Las Pilitas mine project. Private property rights are a corner stone of a free society in this country. When government tells private property owners what they can and cannot do with these owner’s property, freedom disappears.

The land on which the Las Pilitas mine project is located is zoned for mining, as I understand it. Instead of using the tyranny of government to prevent the owners to use the land to mine, those opposed to the project, to protect private property rights and freedom, should either buy the land as a group and do with it as they please or move away.

It is incumbent on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors to allow the owners of the land to do as they see fit.

Gary L. Kirkland is president of the San Luis Obispo Libertarian Party.

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How does one get away with complaining about or not allowing the activity the property was zoned for?

Have people lost their minds?

Let’s just throw the zoning books away.

Why would someone buy property in a mining zone for a residence? Because it was cheaper than buying residential or ag acreage. Those people took advantage of the zoning and now they wish to prohibit what it was zoned for. Betcha the property taxes are cheaper on mining zoned property than on residential/ag zoned properties. Another advantage. Screw them, they are gaming the system.

Most people who object to this un-necessary project have lived here for a very long time and have put up with two existing quarries and their problems.

And the required route out of this new proposed project location is directly through a small town, past a school, across RR tracks and down a state highway that CALTRANS refuses to take care of properly.

If that is the case Mr. Kirkland then it is suffice to say that your rights end

where my rights begin. And if one iota of uninvited noise, dust, traffic, smells,

enters onto my property that clearly constitutes an infringed of my rights to the

peaceful quiet enjoyment of my property, right?

And it would therefore also be incumbent on the Board of Supervisors to

insure that all property rights are respected and adhered to equally and justly

without exception.

“Letting them do whatever they please on their own

property” is still an absolute right. However, there are consequences for

using that right to do the wrong thing. Forcing your indiscretions

and reckless disregard for other peoples rights is the wrong thing to do

and there are consequences.

Letting them do whatever they please on their own

property” is still an absolute right. However, there are consequences for

using that right to do the wrong thing.


Ah, you left out the analysis of how mining on a property zoned for mining is the wrong thing. Try again.

All property owners have rights, including the neighboring property owners. They also have the right to the use and enjoyment of their property. You cannot use your property in a manner that infringes on their rights. The community also has the right to consider the impact that any activity will have on the broader community. There have been laws that address these development issues since California was founded.

You cannot use your property in a manner that infringes on their rights.


Same flaw as Jeanne Blackwell. You left out how using the property zoned for mining to mine infringes on others’ rights. Try again.



You must be one of those Tea Party Domestic Terrorists. Let’s sic the IRS on you pronto!

Froodom is racist, homophobic, and I’m sure has some white privileged in the mix also.

Forget about Freedom, only Government has the Power to Set you Free through the good of the collective.

Hmmm Rich,

Sounds like you don’t own any property. Most people would not like anyone telling them what they can or cannot do with there own property. Especially if it was zoned for the purpose they want to use for.

I’m not a right or left wing crazy, just a middle class working person. I’ve lived in SLO county almost my entire life. Gravel mining in the Santa Margarita area is nothing new. The county needs to back off.

Racism and homophobic? Really? You discredit yourself.

I take it that you are fairly new to these CCN comment sections. Based upon past comments, I can guarantee that Rich in MB is being sarcastic. (We really need a sarcasm font! Are there any font designers out there? I have an idea but no graphic skills to put it into place.

As a long time property owner in Santa Margarita and someone who pays property taxes, I fully support the approval of this project. Santa Margarita desperately needs good paying jobs. There will be more business for the downtown area. Economically, the Las Pilitas is one of best things to come along in Santa Margarita in a long, long time.