Thomas Yanaga back in San Luis Obispo County Jail

April 18, 2015
Thomas Yanaga

Thomas Yanaga

Murder suspect Thomas Yanaga was booked backed into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on Friday evening.

On Friday morning, Yanaga of Paso Robles, Benjamin Ramage of Morro Bay and Scott Penner of Templeton plead not guilty of attempted murder charges in Kings County. The three men are accused of participating in the Tuesday shooting of a Hanford man during an argument over the sale of a motorcycle.

Yanaga was in the middle of a murder trial in San Luis Obispo when he was arrested in Hanford.

On March 14, Thomas Yanaga, 52, shot Marshall Savoy, 32, of Atascadero three times in the chest. Yanaga plead not guilty to murder on March 18 claiming he shot and killed Savoy in self-defense.

On April 8, Yanaga posted $1 million bail and was released from the San Luis Obispo County Jail.

Yanaga’s trial for the murder of Savoy is slated to continue on Monday morning.

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JB Bronson

Wonder what schtick Funke-Bilu is going to throw at us time?

That his client is innocent and we will understand that when all the facts come out, is a tired, incredulous line; and has been for a long time.


He’s stuck in SLOCo prison and time keeps dragging on

But that train keeps a Rollin down the San Antone.


I don’t think it’s his trial which is underway. It’s a preliminary hearing. Hopefully the witness will return and continue her testimony.


Bail should be revoked and he should stay in jail until he is found guilty or innocent