Tribune printing press moving to Fresno

April 1, 2015

Tribune news standCentral Valley residents can soon get copies of the San Luis Obispo Tribune hot off the press. The Tribune announced Tuesday that, starting in early June, its newspaper will be printed in Fresno.

The Tribune’s parent corporation, McClatchy Company, is making the Fresno Bee a regional printing site. The Fresno Bee presses will also print The Cambrian, a weekly that serves San Luis Obispo County’s North Coast.

Tom Cullinan, the president and publisher of the Fresno Bee, said the change will allow The Tribune to be printed on environmentally friendly presses that use water-based ink.

Cullinan is currently The Tribune’s publisher, as well. The Tribune’s previous president and publisher, Bruce Ray, resigned on Feb. 27, shortly after McClatchy announced an initiative dubbed “corporate reorganization.”

Over the past decade, McClatchy’s stock price has plummeted. In 2005, a share of McClatchy stock sold for $74.80. It is now selling for $1.87.

In July 2009, the stock fell to a low of 44 cents. It rose to a recent high of $6.81 in April 2014, after McClatchy installed firewalls to make readers pay for online access.

But, the stock price has been in decline for the past year. Likewise, The Tribune’s online readership has decreased since McClatchy installed the firewalls.

The Tribune cites Cullinan as saying that 15-full time employees and 13 part-time employees will lose work as a result of the change in printing press location.

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We absolutely need to continue killing trees for paper and using large trucks that consume fossil fuel to provide news that could instead be accessed with the touch of a computer button (and creates no waste). That just makes SO much sense!

The same truck that delivers the papers in the morning can transport the wrapped fish back to Fresno later in the day.

You win the best line of the DAY!!!!!

Is that cost effective? And every day there’s an accident on Hwy 46 no papers for us.

Too bad the biased one sided writers dont move to Fresno as well.

Calling them “writers” will make their egos inflate so much they could float back and forth to work.

Cost effective, shmost effective…who cares when those big ‘ol trucks are hauling papers printed on an environmentally friendly press using water-based ink?

What a crock of cr@p.

Cutting payroll for 28 employees???

That’s the story.

shelworth…… really dont pay to read that garbage do you?

They figure most people read online and this will convince the rest after the paper is delayed enough times PLUS the big cost savings… Anyone think they will see a decrease in your rate? REALLY?!?!?!

I suppose the building that currently houses the Trib’s printing operations could be leased to some FOR PROFIT (for the officers and employees at least) corporation masquerading as a NON PROFIT corporation “dedicated to helping the homeless.”

Good grief, I can’t believe I just typed that! Just watch it happen!

Oh wait, NIMBYism would likely preclude such an operation from opening up on that side of the street!