Camera captures men burglarizing SLO bank

May 26, 2015

bank 1San Luis Obispo police are looking for two men who were caught on a security camera burglarizing the Golden 1 Credit Union on Foothill Boulevard.

On May 15, a construction foreman working on a neighboring business discovered a large hole in the drywall leading to a storage room in the bank. Police say the neighboring business was vacant and openly accessible.

bank 2A security camera at the bank caught the two thieves entering the bank through the hole in the wall. After noticing the camera, one of the men disabled the security device. The suspects then left with an undisclosed amount of property.

Both men are believed to be Caucasians in their mid 20s. One suspect is described as having a slim build and short dark hair. The second suspect is described as having a stocky build, dark hair pulled into a bun and a beard.

Police are asking anyone with information about the burglary or the suspects to call the San Luis Obispo Police Department.


Did the cops get any fingerprints? If these guys can’t be caught we should fire the entire police force!


Fingerprints?!? Are you joking? Look at the still-photo of the dude’s face!!! If he is not in custody by now, THEN fire the cops!!!

Jorge Estrada

Is this an ethic joke? White men rob the broom closet of Bank.


“Tell me if you heard this one already;

Two guys walk into a bar with a broom. The bartender says, ‘You guys just rob a bank?’ “

Ted Slanders

Well, if these two are caught, and if they were Christians stealing because they were hungry, they will have to to pay back seven times what they stole and give ALL of their possessions of their domicile to Golden 1 Credit Union.

“People do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy his appetite when he is hungry, but if he is caught, he will pay sevenfold; he will give all the goods of his house.” (Proverbs 6:30-31)

If you think about it, this could turn into a great scam for businesses to be easily robbed and when the culprits are caught, they will earn a tidy sum of seven times plus ALL of the burglars possessions in their house!

This is one more reason that bible principles should be followed today. Who said God does not provide?


Dear Mr. Slanders,

I find it interesting and sad that you seem to spend so much time and effort in twisting the words of the Bible to promote your own agenda. (An agenda that is not clear to me.) Somewhere along the journey of your life you must have been terribly hurt by someone who used the Bible in their own twisted way to hurt you. I am so sorry for the wrongs that may have been done to you in the name of Christianity and the Bible. I hope that someday you will have peace on your heart and healing from your hurt.


Looks like a prank to me. What did they steal? A sheet of paper? A stapler?


These morons probably thought they’d just break through the drywall and into the bank vault. Stupid, stupid, stupid!


Those stolen sheets of paper may be filled with social security numbers, financial statements and bank account numbers. In other words, the keys to the kingdom of a lot of people.

Glad I don’t bank at Golden 1.


They’re part of the ‘Hole-in-the-Wall’ gang.

Ted Slanders


Are you still writing for SNL and Conan? Perfect comedy relief one liner for this story.


Well done. That is probably the most “thumbs up” you’ll ever get from the CCN commentators and you deserve it.


The one with dark hair is a nice looking young man. He’ll be the belle of the ball in prison in a few months.

Who forgot the masks? Cut their share of the loot.


Nice pics.

These guys are as good as caught. Cameras are essential to modern crime fighting. The more cameras the better. There’s also probably footage of them driving to or from the crime scene from other businesses.

They should basically put cameras in all public places.


Like public restrooms and beaches?

The bank is a private place.


Like public restrooms and beaches?



Definitely outside public restrooms. And there’s a pretty good argument for the common areas inside too. Why not? It could stop crime such as robberies and rapes. Are you against it? Do you do something in the common areas of public restrooms that is embarrassing or something?

The bank is a private place.


Gee, really? What’s your point? The bank had its own motivation for putting cameras in its private places, right? And we can solve a lot of crimes just by seeing who came and went down streets during the period a crime took place for example. And take London or New York city for examples. Virtually the entire cities are on camera. It’s a great way to catch criminals.


I have no problem with a private business recording what happens inside of their premises. If I do have a problem with it, I need not frequent that business.

Government putting cameras in public places on the other hand, to spy on its citizens, is a little troubling to me, particularly due to the politically vindictive nature of government officials.

If you are wearing a “F” Obama T-shirt or “F” Bush T-shirt, do you want officials to potential target you – maybe for a nice IRS audit due to this expression? Are you comfortable with high resolution cameras being able to read your documents?

Keep sacrificing liberties to government officials. One of these days we’ll see abuse of their powers like you would not have dreamed possible.


“It could stop crime such as robberies and rapes.”

Really?! Is this why we see videos of these acts still occurring….on VIDEO no less?!

Kind of like draconian gun laws. How’s that workin’ for ya?


Abigchocoholic – if you are true to your name you are probably 20-30 lbs overweight. Lets say Obama, by Executive Order, implements BMI standards into his Obamacare law because fat people are causing too many medical costs.

Would you like the Government to be able to utilize technology to determine your BMI while you are waking down a public street and start fining you? Far fetched? Maybe, but

I never thought the NSA would be collecting my phone data or monitoring my bank accounts either.


Would you like the Government to be able to utilize technology to determine your BMI while you are waking down a public street and start fining you?


No, far farfetched doesn’t come to mind. Inane comes to mind. Laughably absurd also comes to mind.

Come, join us in reality.


10 years ago I would have thought it laughable and absurd that the government could force me to buy a product. Now they do.

I would have thought it absurd that the IRS target people based on their political affiliation, but now they do.

I would have thought it absurd that local police would stop doing their jobs for fear of federal prosecution.

So enjoy your “snickers” (pun intended). They’ll be coming for your fat a$$ someday in the name of antidiabetes and to save the children.


Really?! Is this why we see videos of these acts still occurring….on VIDEO no less?!


Ge off your TV where they show you the same videos all day long. If it bleeds it leads. It’s not reality. It’s media.

Look at crime statistics. Crime is at all time historic lows across America. this is thanks mostly to modern crime fighting techniques. For example, they just caught that guy by his DNA on pizza. 50 years ago he would have gotten away and killed many more.


Like in Baltimore?


These 2 entitlement-mentality freeloaders are stealing from people who work for a living. Slap the cuffs on them and put them on a chain gang.


are you referring to the mayor and city attorney from the previous story?