CMC guard killed in bike crash near Paso Robles

May 12, 2015

CHP@California Men’s Colony correctional officer Larry McCracken died in a dirt bike crash in rural Paso Robles Monday afternoon. [KSBY]

McCracken was 61. He was a 16-year veteran at CMC and was still employed as a correctional officer at the time of his death.

CHP officers say McCracken was riding his dirt bike near the intersection of Wellsona Road and North Star Lane on Monday afternoon when he hit a large hole. The crash ejected McCracken from the bike.

McCracken was not wearing a helmet, according to the CHP.

CMC prison information officer Lt. Monica Ayon said McCracken was one of the kindest and most gentle people. McCracken always had a smile on his face and something kind to say, Ayon said.

The CHP is still investigating the crash.




  1. Jorge Estrada says:

    I remember Larry from the McCracken tire days, his family store. He was a big guy with a big heart and enjoyed life. He was a talented motorcycle racer (dirt bikes) and did not let his size be a handcap. He almost got me back into racing as he explained the senior class, racers that don’t want to get hurt and just have fun. His very large good spirit remains.

    My best to his family.

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  2. Perspicacious says:

    Another question…when Joe Blow from xyz construction company dies, why isn’t the headline “Construction Worker Dies in Bike Crash”?

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    • smile says:

      Well Larry was from a long time family who had a very well respected business in downtown
      SLO for years. McCracken Tires. The business was sold after his father passed away.
      Solid, well respected, big heart, big smile, sparkling blue eyes. Just my take.

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  3. Perspicacious says:

    Was this a bicycle or a motorcycle? Can’t tell from the headline or the article.

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    • OnTheOtherHand says:

      I suspect that it was a motorcycle as off-road bicycles are usually called mountain bikes rather than dirt bikes.

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  4. debbins says:

    They say he hit a “large” hole? Would this be a pot hole in the road? hmmm……

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    • OldNed says:

      Right, he was riding a “dirt” bike in an area that’s mostly unpaved. The article doesn’t say he was riding on the road. Did you come up with the random pothole theory through the anal extraction method?

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      • kayaknut says:

        Maybe this line, “near the intersection of Wellsona Road and North Star Lane” from the article led them to think he may have been on a road.

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  5. SLO_Johnny says:

    Riding without a helmet is reckless and foolish. If you ride, wear a helmet; the best you can find.

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    • OnTheOtherHand says:

      True enough except that there isn’t a lot of difference in quality between the good helmets. Buy a good helmet that fits and is comfortable enough to not make you want to take it off much of the time.

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  6. Side_Show_Bob says:

    No helmet?! That’s a shame.

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