Mission Prep sued for football injury, bullying

May 23, 2015

Mission PrepA former Mission Prep football player is suing the high school over an incident during a 2013 practice that allegedly left him with a concussion and brainstem stroke, as well as a series of nasty text messages from students. [Tribune]

The plaintiff, who is still a minor, suffered the injuries from a helmet-to-helmet hit, which is not allowed by California high school football rules. The injured athlete was also diagnosed with sensory deficits, headaches, pain walking, difficulty breathing and swallowing, according to the suit.

Following the incident, he endured bullying from Mission Prep students, particularly by way of text message, the suit alleges. One text message stated, “Team captain says u r a wimp and hez glad he made ur brains scrambled… and is gonna get u next week to.”

The team captain, also a minor, was the player who delivered the helmet-to-helmet hit, according to the lawsuit. He is also one of the defendants. That player’s parents likewise are listed as defendants.

The lawsuit additionally names Mission Prep head coach Chad Henry, former assistant coach Nick Friedman, Principal James Childs and the Diocese of Monterey.

Friedman allegedly conducted the drill during which the injury occurred and did not stop or discipline the captain for making the hit. Rather, Friedman applauded him for the helmet-to-helmet hit, the suit states.

The plaintiff has since transferred high schools.

The suit was filed in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on Friday. The plaintiff is seeking punitive damages for claims that include assault, battery, bullying and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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TiaMiaOhMy – I don’t know who has been identified as the bully in this instance but I do know that there have been instances at MCP where certain “kids” have been protected from consequences by their parents and at least one administrator. If the same people are involved, they absolutely do deserve to be named. We aren’t talking about a victimless crime here.

Is it part of the “education” at MCP that kids learn the reality of money/power/connections/politics? And a high school aged “kid” saying he’s glad he “scrambled” another kids brain? His parents must be so proud.

This is an unfortunate situation. BUT unless “his parents” were in on the bullying…and the stinkin’ lawyers can SHOW that the parents had something to do with promoting this behavior then I don’t believe that it’s fair that the parent’s may end up taking it in the shorts. Yes, I know that the invidividual and “his family” would be suffering the concequences of the bad behavior of the other “kids” but it should mean that the parents (unless they had contributed in some way to his actions) end up losing their home, retirement or ? The darn little “bullying” pukes should be penalized in a manner that affects them – not always the parents financially. The system SUCKS that way. So I agree with what “info” says…”who is the bully now?”

Are the pope and Vince Lombardi also defendants? I am sure there is another side to this story. This lawsuit sounds very agenda driven.

Ya…..the Money Bingo Lottery Winning Agenda!

Sadly this is probably the tip of the iceberg. Maybe schools need to rethink football.

Info – please explain what you mean by this. “The type of lawsuit means defendants were telling the truth.” In my experience, the head football coach at Mission Prep, Chad Henry, is a great guy and positive role model. Beyond that, there may be some cultural issues at MCP that need to be addressed.

I wish the best to the defendant and I believe that bullies need to be held accountable. Those who use technology against their victims are the worst. These kids can’t escape it even in the “safety” of their own homes.

SLO PD said the school should handle it but administration did not protect this kid. Was the bully well connected? Untouchable? Why was this allowed to continue?

I hope that this is a learning experience for everyone involved. And that the injured young man is compensated while responsibility falls on the bully and all who protected him. My fear is that the wrong guy will take the fall. Very sad.

I meant to say I wish the best to the plaintiff. It takes a lot of courage to fight back like this. And I have reason to believe he is telling the truth.

IF the claims are accurate, I’d say they have a case. (Big IF there — a lawyer is involved.) There are still some old-school coaches who think that displays of toughness are too be valued above all else. This may be sometimes applicable in life and death situations but not in high school athletics. The rules are there for a reason. If you don’t like them, don’t be a coach.

The texting bullies need to be tracked down and corrected too. Hopefully, none of them will attain a position of authority (police, politician, bureaucrat, coach, teacher, business manager, etc.).

Feel bad for the young man. I even understand a law suit. But the type of law suit clearly shows to me the defendants were at least telling the truth.

Going after individuals livelihoods? Who is the bully now?