Morro Bay named one of America’s top beach towns

May 25, 2015
Photo by Daniel Blackburn

Photo by Daniel Blackburn

Morro Bay is one America’s 14 best small beach towns, according to the online travel publication Thrillist.

“The best place to stop along the Pacific Coast Highway? Morro Bay, where you can take in Morro Rock (aka America’s Gibraltar) or stay at one of the five-star resorts overlooking the ocean,” the review states.

Thrillist’s review of Morro Bay also says the Central Coast is “one of the most spectacular stretches of sand in the world,” since California has not managed to develop its entire coastline. Only one other California town, Laguna Beach, made the list.

Florida had three beach towns on the list, the most of any state.

Thrillist recommends that visitors explore wine country and Hearst Castle if staring at the sunset in Morro Bay gets old.

Jorge Estrada

It could also become a mining town in they need aggregate.


America’s Gibraltar? That’s precious.


Morro Rock is often referred to as “the Gibraltar of the Pacific”. Not sure where they got “America’s Gibraltar”. The former sounds better.


What Morro Bay doesn’t tell anyone in its brochures is that Morro Rock was blown to shit way back when, by the Army Corps of Engineers, to make the harbor. That’s right – that concave impression in the rock is manmade – the Rock was once a near-perfect half-dome. I don’ think anyone ever blew up the Rock of Gibraltar and I think Morro Bay should give up on that little slogan. No one gives a damn about the Gibraltar of the Pacific, and no one gives a damn about the Rock of Gibraltar.


Moron Bay WTF!!!!


Great comment.


Send all of these readers to morro bay. Please don’t tell them about Avila.


How would they fit in Avila? It’s the size of Harmony and it costs you ten thousand dollars just to drive through.

mb business owner

Well, I don’t think he can take credit for the rating, but there are a few things we can give him and the others credit for. funny how irons, christine johnson, smuckler and the new manager are blaming previous administrations for the woes now, primarily not raising water/sewer rates. if one were to look into the facts, they would find the city attorney did a remarkable description of why the rates hadn’t been raised (based on various surplus issues, state water, etc) just prior to irons making the move to can him. funny how that works – maybe those cc members felt like the “cat got out of the bag”.

maybe someone can post the public testimony that irons told the coastal commissioners about the price of the new waste water treatment plant and how that jives with the current estimate, or maybe someone can share with the general public that the proposed plant will only be “reclamation ready”.

do your research, see what kinds of things you may find.


It’s still good ol’ “Morbid Bay” to me.


It’s much more entertaining to watch the gang fights in Paso.


Thrillist=spam click-bait