Morro Bay named one of America’s top beach towns

May 25, 2015
Photo by Daniel Blackburn

Photo by Daniel Blackburn

Morro Bay is one America’s 14 best small beach towns, according to the online travel publication Thrillist.

“The best place to stop along the Pacific Coast Highway? Morro Bay, where you can take in Morro Rock (aka America’s Gibraltar) or stay at one of the five-star resorts overlooking the ocean,” the review states.

Thrillist’s review of Morro Bay also says the Central Coast is “one of the most spectacular stretches of sand in the world,” since California has not managed to develop its entire coastline. Only one other California town, Laguna Beach, made the list.

Florida had three beach towns on the list, the most of any state.

Thrillist recommends that visitors explore wine country and Hearst Castle if staring at the sunset in Morro Bay gets old.


I’m surprised not to see a picture of Iron’s in the foreground taking full credit for this recognition. I guess it’s only a matter of time.


If one of those members of the TBID Cult don’t beat him to it.


after all it is Jamie’s town, and he is


Morro Bay is also a top town on the central coast for political corruption.

Unfortunate that we have thugs occupying the top levels of our local governments.


get elected feel the love .


survive a recall feel the love


A Morro Bay definition of “political corruption”: when elected officials (from the side I don’t like) govern in ways I don’t like.




Just where might these five star resorts be located? I’m sure the locals would like to know.


Well, there’s the Holland Inn on North Main. It has a hot tub.


I liked it when it was cheap and funky. Its still one of the best places to live but you gotta leave town for something good to eat or fun to do!


Oh, great. Do you know how many homeless people are sitting in public libraries right now, reading this on the internet? Thanks a lot, Thrillist!


Note that the reviewer said, “Unlike its beach-brother Florida, California has managed to NOT develop its entire coastline, leaving the central coast between LA and San Francisco as one of the most spectacular stretches of sand in the world.” In other words, Morro Bay is a great place because developers have not been allowed to ruin it. Let’s make sure it stays that way.


I like the part about sand from SF to LA, since much, if not most of that coast is rocky beach, cliffs, and other non-sandy stuff. Suppose they visited or did they just look at Google Earth to write this review?


Yes, but bring EARPLUGS to avoid the brackish noise of un-muffled and un-policed bikers. Bring your CHECKBOOK if purchasing real estate with huge bills coming from the sewer debacle which Mayor Irons has created. And, our final tip, avoid embittered locals like LameCommenter whose grandparents owned 1930’s lots on Kern when it was a quiet place.


Wait, YOU’RE LameCommenter!

Rich in MB

Which is why we decided to live here on our Sailboat.

La Paz, San Blas, and Bara de Navidad in Mexico are our other favorite estuary beach towns.

If we could just get some authentic Mexican street tacos up here in Morro Bay!