Oil pipeline spills 21,000 gallons off Central Coast

May 19, 2015

off shore oilA ruptured pipeline near Goleta spilled 21,000 gallons of crude oil into the ocean Tuesday creating an approximately four-mile wide oil slick.

The portion of the pipeline near Refugio State Beach broke in the early afternoon spilling oil into a culvert that ran under U.S. Highway 101 and into a ditch that drained into the ocean. Three hours after the spill was identified, the pipeline was shut down by the Plains All American Pipeline.

“Plains deeply regrets this release has occurred and is making every effort to limit its environmental impact,” the company said in a statement.

Officials are urging people to stay away from the Santa Barbara coastline.

Southern winds are expected to move the spill two to four miles south overnight. It is unknown at this time how long the cleanup will take and when the beaches will reopen.

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Eh, a spill here, a spill there. The people of Santa Barbara voted pro oil last November by voting down Measure P, the anti-fracking bill. In return they were offered a cool $7 million. Their priorities aren’t evidently so much environmental as one would hope. So patch the pipe and clean the beach. Life will go on.

Leak now estimated to be at least 5 times what first reported.

These predictable accidents brought to you by anti-regulation, anti-government nihilists.

You can’t be serious…there has never ever been more regulation bestowed upon the oil industry in the history of America. It wouldn’t be the first time that sabotage has hit that plant by people you probably give money to.

Oh he’s serious…he’s a Liberal/socialist…of course he is serious!

You’re correct …I’m not an apologist for polluters and civilization destroyers.

Didn’t think that was a political dynamic. Even retarded Republicans and wacko-bird libertarians get poisoned and damaged by corporate and industrial malfeasance and neglect.

I’m serious about caring for even these too, in this regard.

So are car crashes brought to you by Anti-regulation, Anti-government nihilists?

Of course not, but you can always count on the left to not let an accident/opportunity go to waste.

If Cruz, Rand and friends had there way, they would reduce automaker safety oversight.

This would in turn increase injuries and deaths from accidents, so yes they want that.

Also if you do a image search for “Anti-regulation, Anti-government nihilists” you get Cantor, Rand and Ron, fools all.

220,000 gallons of sewage spilled into the Pacific in Pacific Grove this week. Does that mean that we should ban toilets in California?

maybe we can all use the cross gender toilets at Cal Poly…

That would be even more embarrassing than displaying one’s shortcomings at the men’s urinals.

Very interesting…just in time for the holiday weekend. I hope they take a close look at the break in the pipe. It was just inspected 2 weeks ago.

Why is there an off shore oil platform pictured? That has nothing to do with this spill. A little environmentalist propaganda from CCN perhaps?

Actually, two platforms linked to the pipeline had to shut off the flow from their end when the leak was discovered.

Where’s the propaganda now ?

With the left trying to tie this to fracking and evil bog oil….thanks for pointing that out.

So how many times a day do you blame “the left” ?

Too clever for their own good.

Now they’re equating ‘the left’ with ‘the evidence’ and ‘the facts’.

Shit happens.

Oil and Gas leaks naturally from the sea floor in the area….”Coal Oil Point” wasn’t named for a solar panel folks. Shit happens, they will clean it up, and the protesters can drive their cars to the protest burning gas.

Exactly, this spill is the same amount as naturally leaks into the channel every two days.

Oh? That must be why we always see a 9-mile oil slick from Gaviota to El Capitan.

I don’t see citizens protesting for cleaner energy in the streets. Until we see that—we will never realize the options of clean energy, and things will be status quo. Those at the top of the “financial food chain” like things the way they are. They came into Avila and cleaned that up….and everyone forgot. But—here it is again. A reminder that filling your gas tank up and going about your daily life without a second thought to clean energy: has severe repercussions.

21000 gallons is pretty minimal. I bet you also think that the poor need more assistance from the government, yet don’t blink when insisting upon alternative energy that is much more expensive. Those “at the top of the financial food chain” provide the jobs so that families can pay for their energy, transportation, food and more.

The pipeline in question delivers 150,000 barrels of crude per day and has for 24 years with no incidents. That is far less than the enviornmental damage done by the construction of Wind Farms or Solar Farms. Do some research of the number of birds killed at those facilities on an annual basis. In addition, you have the noise issues at the wind farm disrupting communities greatly. With Solar Farms you have environmental issues with the disposal of the “batteries” needed to store the power before transmission.

Much more oil than this comes from natural oil seeps daily in the Santa Barbara Channel.

ya sure we see five mile long oil slicks almost everyday!

So in your world, if you don’t see it, it’s not happening. Do some research.

Actually, 10,000 gallons seep naturally per day in that area so this is two days worth of natural seepage. Every 12 months 86,000 BARRELS of oil seep naturally in the Santa Barbara area.

How dare you utilize facts in a conversation with an environmentalist. LOL

Guess you haven’t spent much time at sea there then.

Zap, you ever been to the beach in that area? I’ve been going there for twenty five years and I always carry some WD-40 to get the oil off my feet when I come in from the water. It is all over, all the time from the natural seepage. Sorry to confuse you with reality.

Zaphod isn’t an environmentalist. He’s chicken little, running around being scared about the sky falling. He obviously knows nothing about the local environment like the other people who believe everything they read or see in the news media.

105,000 gallons Brown declared emergency he obviously doesn’t know anything either amirite?

Zap yes it is now reported at 105,000 gallons. At time of press it was 21,000 so your point is? What they lied? Most likely, to get it reported, went with early numbers. Kinda like when an earthquake hits and…………….low and behold the numbers go up over days.

Why don’t you stick with smashing printing presses ? Or do you just hate all technological advances in general ?

Really? So you think all you have to do is stop driving your car or clean energy and oil goes away? YOU are sadly mistaken. Take a look sometime and see ALL the products oil goes into!!!

As of May 20 in the AM there is NO mention of this spill on the Tribune’s mobil and Internet site.

The Tribune is DEAD….RIP