Paso Robles mayor running for supervisor

May 6, 2015
Steve Martin

Steve Martin

Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin has announced he is seeking to fill the seat that San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Frank Mecham is vacating.

Martin, a Democrat, is the second candidate to enter the race for the 1st District seat. Paso Robles Councilman John Hamon, a Republican, announced his candidacy last week.

Last year, Martin ran unopposed for the mayoral seat. He was elected to a four-year term on the council in 2012.

Previously, Martin served on the Paso Robles council from 1987 through 1996, and he was mayor for two of those years. Martin is a marketing professional with a background in media and public relations, according to his biography.

“In the North County, we are faced with many important regional issues including water, economic development and job creation,” Martin’s campaign website states. “I am running for the board of supervisors to bring my skills and track record of bipartisan problem solving and coalition building to address these issues.”

The 1st District is a conservative-leaning area. It includes the city of Paso Robles, parts of Templeton and much of the northeastern section of the county.

Mecham, who plans to retire at the end of 2016, has held the seat since 2009 and did not face a challenger in his bid for reelection. Mecham is a Republican, but he has often voted with Democratic supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill, particularly on matters relating to North County water policy.

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Please Mr. Martin, don’t run for Supervisor! We have enough liberals on the board as it is. You were unopposed when your ran for mayor..and probably came in second. Go home, light up a marijuana cigarette you got from the dispensary your buddies will probably approve, and leave politicking to those that want to improve the county.

If Martin were power hungry he would have run for higher office decades ago. He’s simply a smart funny fellow who has served his local community well while being a private business

person at the same time. If one wants to view him as a gadabout so be it but to attribute

nefarious motives to him would simply be a blind partisan mistake.

Keen observation Paso_Citizen. Martin is a self-focused marketing guy.

He looks good like Hamon, but people on the inside know better.

Let’s be honest. Paso has yet to deliver anything but a poser in terms of a police chief, mayor, city councilman, city manager…

I would say that the people here on the inside don’t agree

Let me see if I understand this.

Martin runs for city council in 2012 – is elected to a 4 year term on the platform of serving

the citizens of this city.

In 2014, he slightly reneges on that and rums for mayor (unopposed). He is ‘elected’

to a 4 year term, again of the platform that he knows how to run things that will get Paso

Robles back to were it has been and should be. Just re-read some of his campaign

promises from 2014.

And now he wants to renege on the promises he made to the citizens of this city, be

elected as county supervisor; and cause the city to undergo the added cost of conducting

a special election to fill the other 2 years of city mayor.

It is exceedingly clear that Martin has been on a power hungry grab for political office and will stop at nothing in order to achieve that. His ego is bigger than the city limits of this


What’ next? Get elected to supervisor – quit, then Senator, then Governor. Wow! At this rate, Martin will be running for President in 2020 (or 2024 at latest).

Another Lisa Solomon supporter, I guess you can say if the 1st district votes for either Martin or Hamon, both supporters of the “perform badly and often times illegally and get a huge payout” form of government, you get what you vote for. But in this case the district is 1/5 of the SLO county which affects all of us, so either of them would be bad for all of us.

Martin was not on the Council when Lisa Solomon was hired as Police Chief, or when she got her pay off to resign.

I didn’t say he was on the council, I said he was a supporter of Solomon. He was in the area and didn’t speak out when the payout happened, but he now has his chance to speak up and either state he agreed or disagreed with how the past council wasted taxpayer money, and state since he has been on the council how he ended the past practices

Neither Steve Martin or John Hamon will get my vote because they both support the proposed water district. If approved, that would NOT be a good thing for Paso residents.

Enough with the libs!