Salinas mothers found guilty of torturing girl

May 17, 2015

deanda 2A Monterey County jury found two Salinas women guilty Friday of torturing, starving, and chaining an 8-year-old girl inside their home. [Monterey Herald]

In March 2014, Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies discovered the 8-year-old girl who weighed just 40 pounds and was covered in bruises inside the home of Christian Jessica Deanda, 45, and her girlfriend Eraca Dawn Craig, 32. The girl’s 7-year-old brother and the 4-year-old son of Craig also lived in the home.The women had guardianship of the two older siblings.

The women often kept the girl chained to a wall by a collar on her neck. When the girl would wet herself, the women would have the boys urinate on her and beat her with a belt.

Former Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller said the child abuse case was one of the worst he had ever encountered.

On Friday, the jury of six men and six women found Deanda guilty of 16 counts, including torture, false imprisonment, and child abuse with starvation enhancements. Craig was convicted on six counts, including child abuse.

Deanda is facing life in prison while Craig is facing 11 years of incarceration.

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So if someone had touched this girl on the chest (not breast) – how ever fleetingly over clothing – they would be on a web site until their very last day.

Torture, starve and chain the same girl – not so much.

Totally bizarre priorities….

Evil incarnate. That is what they said about my sister and I: “one of the worst cases of child abuse ever seen in LA County”. Think I celebrate Mother’s Day? Not on your life!

Mothers? They are ANYTHING but mothers.

Here’s hoping female child abusers are subject to the same treatment in jail or prison as their male counterparts.

I take exception to use of the term “mothers” to describe these women.

The fact that a woman gives birth does not make her a mother.

Ah, Salinas, California.

Another golden town of this state.

I believe two people were shot to

death over the week-end there.

But not to worry, crime is down.

Every study out there says crime is down over the short and long term. Here is the ‘mother of all studies’.

What is way way up is reporting about it and hysterical reactions to it… coincidentally, or not, what is also way way up is the portion of your tax money that pays for the prison and correction systems.

Other, comparable nations (i.e. in Western Europe) have neither the crime problem nor the incarceration rates. Why is that?