SLO man killed in crash near Paso Robles

May 5, 2015

ambulanceA 24-year-old San Luis Obispo man died Monday night in a rollover collision near Paso Robles during which the vehicle hit a pair of trees. [KSBY]

Shortly after 8 p.m.,  Daniel E. McCornack Jr. was driving southbound on Willow Creek Road south of Peachy Canyon Road in a 2011 Honda. McCornacks Honda then turned toward the right shoulder, left the road and hit a tree causing it to rotate and flip over.

The car then hit a second tree and spun around before coming to rest on its side.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing. Investigators have not ruled out drugs and alcohol as possible factors.



I was friends with his dad and aunt growing up. His dad passed away a few years ago and now this! Many prayers for the family!


My deepest and most heartfelt sympathy go out to DJ’s family. He was a gentle soul with a million watt smile. His family has suffered so much, I pray they can find some comfort during this difficult time.

Hug your loved ones, people.


I hope they don’t rule out “distracted driving” to quickly either. I suspect that it has reached the same levels of deadliness as DUI — possibly worse for younger people.


Slow down people!!!!

I watched a guy careen into a Jeffrey Pine on a curve and kill himself before my very eyes. He was speeding and driving under the influence. I had nightmares about it.


People must SLOW DOWN. Most people have an exaggerate sense of their driving ability; they all think they’re Mario Andretti Jr. Taking a detour through the Emergency Room is the 2nd slowest way to reach your destination. The trip through the morgue is the longest drive a person can take. My heart goes out to his family.