Assisted death bill passes California Senate

June 4, 2015

suicide 2The California Senate voted 23-14 Thursday to approve a physician-assisted death bill that would allow some terminally ill patients to obtain medication to end their lives, in a vote that passed largely along the party line.

If the measure gets approval from the Assembly and Gov. Jerry Brown, California would join Oregon, Washington state, Montana, New Mexico and Vermont in allowing assisted suicide for terminal patients. The legislation would apply only to mentally competent adults with six-months or less to live.

Proponents of the bill talked about the ability to end a life rather then suffer through months of brutal pain.

Opponents questioned the morality, religious implications and if a patient could be coerced into ending their life by greedy heirs.

Multiple safeguards have been written into the proposal. Patients would have to make two oral requests to their doctors at least 15 days apart in front of witnesses. In addition, two doctors would need to find that the patient had six month or less to live and the patient would have to self administer the drug.

It is expected that Brown, who once considered becoming a Catholic priest, will struggle with his decision. Two similar bills failed in 2005 and 2007.

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CentralcoastRN says “This really is a constitutional right.” Oh, really? Please RN, tell us where this “right” is cited in the United States Constitution.

Life liberty pursuit certain rights endowed by my creator self evident. My choice not someone else.

Excuse me ? The difference is that the death penalty is generally assigned to cruel and dangerous narcissist who DON”T want to die.

I agree with RN. I watched a person who was made to suffer with terminal cancer. He would beg for more pain killers and I’ll never forget the day his Dr said, “we can’t give him any more pain meds because it could kill him”. Huh, the poor guy was dying anyway, did that make any sense? NO. His wife had to have him released from the hospital, take him home and bring in Hospice. The people from Hospice gave her a bottle of liquid morphine with instructions to contact them before contacting the Coroner. He passed away that night and when they came in the morning, they dumped out what ever was left in the bottle and then made the call.

I’m glad this bill is being passed and thank goodness for Hospice.

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06/05/2015 at 2:23 pm

I’m not convinced, if you want to die, it’s a piece of cake. If it’s the death penalty, it’s inhumane. Pray tell, what is the difference?

You, as usual Cindy. Missed the point. The description of a peaceful put down for wanting to die appears to be the same method as those being executed. Get it?

Why do you think it’s the same method? How about an easy overdose of morphine? Just swallow ……With this bill being passed, I would think that gone are the days of the Dr. Kevorkian contraption.

Well said, Central Coast RN, thank you.

It is only humane to allow a terminally ill person decide how they want to live the last few months. The terminally ill I have worked with verbalize fear of the unknown, of the loss of control, the loss of the ability to choose to die when THEY feel it is time, when they can go with dignity, with family, with comfort.

This really is a constitutional right. If a medical doctor has determined the patient has a terminal illness and it is agreed there is nothing left to do, a certificate should be issued allowing the patient to have the meds and ability to end their life on their terms. Everyone else should stay out of it.


It is quite obvious now that you’re NOT a true Christian with all of your subjective ungodly comments in agreeing with assisted suicide.

Like I proffered with Cindy above, and for the sake of brevity herewith, I suggest that you too reread what I posted on the first page of this thread relative to what our Hebrew God’s inspired words of the Christian faith has to say about assisted suicide, in that it is NOT to be condoned, period!

It baffles the mind in that Christians support this physician assisted suicide bill at the expense of going directly against the foundation of their faith in the bible that opposes it. As if this notion isn’t bad enough, these Christians will be thrown into the sulfur lakes of HELL upon their demise becauise of their outright insolence to God’s word. Total blaspheme!