Cal Poly scraps plan to build on farmland

June 15, 2015
Ag Lands Diagram

Cal Poly farmland considered for development

Following public outcry, Cal Poly announced it has dropped a plan to develop farmland that agriculture students use as classrooms.

As part of the university’s master plan update, Cal Poly officials were considering building housing, hotels and a convention center on 43 acres of farmland. The land consists of lemon and orange groves, grapevines, a deciduous orchard and silage for Cal Poly livestock, according to a university news release.

Cal Poly agriculture students recently launched a website and a petition opposing the development plan. Faculty members also voiced displeasure with the proposal.

Additionally, the College of Agriculture faculty recently conducted a vote of no-confidence in Agriculture Dean Andrew Thulin. Faculty members voted 78-21 against Thulin, citing alleged violations of shared governance procedures and micro-management as reasons for the no-confidence vote.

On Thursday, CalCoastNews reported on the no-confidence vote, as well as the mounting opposition to the development proposal. That same day, Cal Poly officials decided to scrap the plan to build on the farmland.

“We have heard from our students, our faculty members, and our alumni industry friends on this issue in recent weeks, and their voices have been unanimous: This land must be maintained for our ag programs,” Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong said in a statement released by the university.

The land university officials considered building on is located west of Highway 1 along the western entrance to campus.

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According to the Students For Ag’s Petition —“3 out of the 4 fields were declared solely

agricultural land.Our next step is focusing on the last field and a solid plan for relocating the green houses and the Arboretum.”

It’s not over …….Please take a moment and sign their petition at

Why would anyone want to increase the size of Cal Poly? It is already scraping the bottom of the barrel with drunken roof crushers, pot dealers and home invading students, don’t you think?

Quality……….Not ……Quantity.

Bull manure.

Cal Poly received nearly 52K applicants in 2014. It accepted less than 5.5K It could easily double its acceptance rate without lowering entrance requirements.

Why would anyone want to increase the size of Poly? To better serve the demand of those wanting a Poly education — and hopefully to better serve society by turning out more productive members of society.

Other Cal State universities like Cal State Northridge have DOUBLE the enrollment of Poly…

The entry requirements are too relaxed, I think you just made that point. Cal Poly is in San Luis Obispo not right in the middle of the San Fernando Valley like CSN.

… ’til next year ‘…

Oh, they heard from their alumni industry friends, did they?

I’m guessing they heard, “pave over ag land and you can kiss our donation$ good-bye!

Wow, Armstrong, you really almost blew that!

I was thinking the same thing….

You would think that a Department that graduated over 700 students this year would not be under attack by the campus president and his long range plans.

Hmmm, the President is actually listening?

Ye$, it appear$ a$ though he may have gotten the me$$age.

A good decision, Let’s hope it stands, because sometimes bad ideas develop a life of their own and keep coming back.