Cal Poly’s explanation of St Fratty’s Day released

June 11, 2015

roof 2Cal Poly has released a report detailing the findings of a university investigation into the March 7 “St. Fratty’s Day” party that led to a roof collapsing and eight students suffering injuries.

The St. Fratty’s Day concept began about six years ago when a former Cal Poly student and fraternity member who was living at the “Pink House” created the event, according to the report. The Pink House is the home located at 348 Hathaway Avenue where the March 7 party occurred.

In years since the initial party, residents at the house maintained the tradition. This year, residents of the Pink House invited 20 to 30 people for a “bring-your-own-beer” party scheduled to begin at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday March 7, according to the report.

But, information about the party spread by word of mouth, text message and social media. The gathering kicked off at 4:30 a.m., and more than 1,000 students joined the party by the time the roof collapsed around 6 a.m.

“Many students suggested that social media applications such as Twitter, Yik Yak, Instagram and Snapchat contributed to the large gathering,” the report states.

The Cal Poly probe, which was conducted in part by an external investigator, concludes that no specific Greek organization facilitated the party. The report does state that members of Greek organizations participated in the event.

All Cal Poly Greek organizations were on social probation at the time and prohibited from hosting parties.

As previously reported in the media, the Cal Poly report states that university officials and San Luis Obispo police were caught off guard by the party, even though they were warned ahead of time that the party would take place. Two days prior to the party, a fraternity president sent an email to Cal Poly officials informing them that a party would take place that weekend.

Cal Poly  officials passed the information on to the university police department. University police then contacted SLOPD to coordinate staffing, review information and collaborate on preparations, the report states.

“No one anticipated that the social gathering would begin on Saturday morning, March 7, at 4:30 a.m.,” the report states. “The email information received from the fraternity president did not contain that information.”

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So they say they weren’t alerted to the time?? Why did their spokesperson say “To clarify, the university’s Student Affairs Office received an email that included a reference to a possible St. Fratty’s Day party on the morning of March 7,” Thompson wrote in an email to The Tribune.

They aren’t lying or misleading us, nah they would never do that. (I have a bridge for sale if you believe that)

Read more here:

To bad the firefighters of San Luis couldn’t do anything about it. One was to busy painting his chief’s sidewalk with fresh red paint (only in front of his house no where else) for his fire zone, while the other chief was out in his firefighter chief suv garage selling in Arroyo Grande. Our city employees are to busy doing personal work on our tax money to deal with these kinds of shenanigans. I read a post someone said our city officials should have to wear body cameras like the officers. That would be interesting….

There had never been any problems in the previous 6 years when the “Pink House” had the party. If I were investigating this, I would have concluded that the onus is on the CP Admin.

This is what happens when there is no other party in town. Shame on them for blocking all other Greek Parties.. LOL

Government investigations and hearings with no results or accountability for anyone.

Calpoly looks a little like congress.

What a waste of resources to deliver conclusions that a 5th grader could have ascertained. The party grew out of control because word got out on social media. No shit Sherlock.

So, a fraternity president alerted the university police of the upcoming party. They in turn passed this information on to SLOPD, but the fact that the 4:30 am start time was not provided now seems to be the reason the SLOPD couldn’t get the situation under control before the 6am roof collapse. Really?

Well, obviously SLOPD officers need a raise, a bump in benefits and be allowed to retire at 125% salary at 45 years old to handle these type of situations, Oh yeah and next time SLO needs to fire a police chief for stealing taxpayer money and having illegal ticket quotas the city needs to give him $500,000 so as to not talk about the city manager and other city officials.