Who is breaking bank windows in SLO?

June 10, 2015
A projectile used in the vandalism spree

A projectile used in the vandalism spree

An early morning vandalism spree left 10 San Luis Obispo banks and the local Apple store with broken windows Tuesday.

Officers began responding to numerous vandalism calls at around 3 a.m., according to a police department news release. Investigators did not identify any suspect or suspects, though.

Police found metal balls inside several of the locations with broken windows. The balls are often used with sling shots or similar type of projectile launchers, according to the police department.

The vandalism occurred in downtown, as well as on South Higuera Street and at the Marigold Center area. The businesses vandalised were: US Bank at 3991 South Higuera, Rabobank at 2276 Broad, Founders Community Bank at 237 Higuera, Heritage Oaks Bank at 1144 Morro, Apple Store at 899 Higuera, Bank of America at 1105 Higuera, Union Bank at 995 Higuera, Union Bank at 3840 Broad, Old Heritage Oaks building at 1135 Santa Rosa, SESLOC at 3385 Broad, and Chase Bank at 1235 Chorro.

Police say some of the broken windows were quite expensive. The Apple Store window was valued at $20,000.

Anyone who has information about the crimes is encouraged to call the police department at 781-7317.

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If video surveillance cameras don’t provide enough to determine those responsible, let’s hope there are some finger prints on those balls.

The banks that were targeted should be on high alert for a robbery in the near future. If I was testing banks to see which ones I could get out of after they trip the silent alarm and lock the doors, and which ones have good enough surveillance to identify a person or vehicle; I think a mass targeting of this type would provide valuable recon.

But why attack the Apple Store? Well, they do have some high-value merchandise that would be a prize for a smash and grab, especially that table of watches. Or perhaps it’s part of a smokescreen to make the bank vulnerability testing look like simple vandalism?

Food for thought.

One thing that nearly all of these businesses have in common, aside from Founders, is that none of them are local and represent crony capitalism. Our response to this should be to send them a letter suggesting they hire private investigators if they want to pursue this.

So when a crime is committed against someone that you don’t care for, they are not entitled to the same protection under the law as you? I would say that is more than slightly discriminatory. What other groups would you withhold rights from?

Hey, what should we expect as society decays? Respect for order and big commerce? No way, we’re on the way down. The latest cop to resign was engaged in an arrest or dealing roughly with a failure to disperse teenager, and then two men rush up (watch the video closely) with the one farthest to his backside having his hands BOTH briefly but clearly on his waistband where weapons are kept.

No wonder the cop drew his weapon and moved after that person who rushed him. Rushing an armed cop is DUMB. Video it and complain/review later, punk, don’t charge an officer.

Within 15 years this society will be a free-for-all of frequent urban riots, groups shouting down police commissions if they find the deliberations not to their liking, and Parkinson will view it all serenely from off-shore on his patrol boat, Marx and Lichtig will have hobbled whatever eunuch they hire as police chief, and outlying cities in the county will just have to wing it on their own.

Thumbs me down if you want, I’m just extrapolating from what I see. We are losing a group sense of law and order on a daily basis.

15 years ? You’re in flying unicorn territory. The collapse is cooked, but it’s a slow-motion train wreck. Much sooner than your optimistic 15 years, you’ll shake you head and wonder what happened.

When they did away with the draft, gang membership went up and civil behavior went south.

I most likely don’t agree with all of your reasoning, but do think a draft/national service is a good idea. For everyone …no exemptions except for extreme medical issues or past criminal behavior.

Thanks for that

Perhaps those that have “past criminal behavior” would be well served to be in the military. Learning new skills that they may not have, learning discipline and gaining valuable government benefits under the GI Bill (College Tuition Assistance and VA zero down Home Loans) may give some of these folks opportunities that they would never get otherwise.

More likely that happened when govt created the welfare state and did away with black fathers. Through the 1950s out of wedlock birth rates were equal for blacks and whites.

There are way more single white mothers, as rates of single parentage are virtually identical unless you include Jews and Asians as ‘white’.

Wouldn’t matter to a racist anyway.

I don’t really know all that much about the teenager incident you talk about, but in the general sense what do you think is causing this downward spiral. I think it’s too simple to blame it on cultural decline. Culture doesn’t just decline by itself. I think the answer probably has a lot to do with the trajectory of the economy and people’s justified fears of their place within it. I have found though that it is hard for people to have disrespect for others who they feel respect them. Respect is earned (that goes both ways, of course). If one side rises to the occasion, almost always the other will follow. But for this to work there needs to be a general sense of cooperation, not feelings of exploitation, perceived or otherwise.

The racial narrative the media has been selling lately is just a divisive distraction. A lot of people — white, black, or whatever — are afraid for their economic future. They’re making the story about cops v. scary black people so the conversation doesn’t shift to corruption and how vulnerable the economy really is.

Excellent commentary!

I’m not psychic, not sure what incident regarding drawn gun is being referred to?

Maybe this incident? https://youtu.be/R46-XTqXkzE Yes there are rules, Laws, property rights involved and some need to be held accountable. But this cop with his language, attitude, behavior fueled this incident to the point of the gun being drawn. Dudes are naturally trying to be protective of the little gal. Maybe stupid but its natural response.

I was 100% Law enforcement, not anymore.

Banks are still under the too big to fail principle, remember all that? They are crooks.

That said this deal with the broken windows is childish, cowardly, typical of around here.

Well, we agree again, from different perspectives.

The ‘too big to fail’ crook banks need to be broken up, but this is not the way to do it

Breaking windows is ineffectual .at best , and most likely counter-productive.

Would need to throw the crook banksters out of airplanes at 10,000 feet without a parachute for real changes to be made; and maybe not even then.

They have no shame or honor.

We are losing a group sense of law and order because we are now seeing that too many cops are either ill-trained or psychologically unsuited for their jobs. It is a lot harder to explain away video evidence than hearsay — although you tried.

Legislative corruption helps isolate the rich and influential from justice for their bad behavior by legalizing some behaviors for them. That is not exactly an incentive to support the system for those who aren’t wealthy enough to benefit from those laws. A judicial system that makes it prohibitively expensive to fight charges one believes are wrong doesn’t help either.

Did ya ever hear about John Dillinger or Bonnie and Clyde? They were heroes to many Americans because they robbed banks? That was 80 years ago. The “good ole days” weren’t always so good.

You’re just extrapolating what you see from your TV screen, is the problem. I am a strong advocate of the free market, which is why I have very very little respect for order and big commerce. Why should I respect big commerce? Did it get big by virtue of its superior product offerings and efficiency? No in most cases it got big by rigging the system, receiving subsidies in some form or other, having limited civil and criminal liability, raising barriers for market entry, and taking advantage of currency manipulation.

I have respect for rule of law, but rule of law simply means we defer judgement to a written legal system, it doesn’t mean “rule of lawmen.” So if by order you mean getting line, doing what I’m told, submitting to unlawful arrest, etc.. etc.. then no I have no respect for that either.

On top of these contradictions in your analysis, you suggest we are losing a group sense of law and order, and that is simply not true. Crime rates are down to the levels of the 1960s.

So I don’t know what to tell you other than…turn off your television.

Fear not

Things are never as bad as they are made out to be.

The cell phone camera is a powerful tool ,

let me show the judge, rather than tell the judge

The possibilities for improving our judicial system is within our grasp !

Only bad cops and crooked judges are afraid of this.new power the citizenry possess

I’d like to see politicians have to wear body cameras. Lets record what they do.

Thing is …criminal cops have been killing and intimidating ethnics and other suppressed ‘weak’ groups in the US since, well forever. The only new phenomena is the visual evidence made possible by these handy tools, cell phone cameras.

If killer cop Michael Slager is convicted of the premeditated murder of Walter Scott by shooting him in the back multiple times and then planting evidence, it will be the FIRST time, EVER, in US history.

So the 1 in 10,000 arrests that go bad are now viewable by the public.

I have a better idea, why not fit all fatherless black males between the ages of 18-25 with body cameras so their behavior is public.

Aside from the obvious issue with racism that would be involved with doing such a thing, there is also the issue that because they were raised in a different environment with different social norms and behaviors, you and countless others would interpret their actions completely differently than actions committed by more affluent white people that had the same outcome.

For example, when a black man robbed a wealthy old lady’s purse you would be shocked by his thuggish brutality and demand no less than his arrest prosecution, and if he resisted he should be dealt with accordingly (oh and his children should be taken away) . But when a police union got together and engineered a way to get themselves tens of thousands of dollars more per year by raising the fines for breaking rules which they themselves enforce, making it more difficult for a poor family to even raise their children, you would just consider it unfortunate politics.

In my opinion, this is what happens when society is constantly fed the propaganda that all the ills of the world are the problems of the evil 1%-er bankers. Apple then gets sucked into the hate/rage because they run slave labor sweat shops in China. Feeling the frustration when their parents won’t buy them the latest IPad so they can wireless stream their favorite counter culture music in their parent bought new car, they lash out and attack “The Man”.

We will know soon who did this, since it’s probably caught on tape and these days the criminals themselves may post it on Youtube just for fun.

Absolutely right. You can add the police as the latest casualty of the propaganda machine. Is it making our cities safer? Nope.

Keeping the constituents in a constant state of rage ensures voter turnout. Even when their political party is running the show.

Keeping people stupid is so much easier.

” …constantly fed the propaganda that all the ills of the world are the problems of the evil 1% bankers.”

I’d like to know how it is you think we are being “fed” this propaganda; it certainly isn’t coming from the established media, since most all of them are owned by only a few media conglomerates, and for the most part, are actually cheerleaders for the 1percenters.

Outrage against established centers of wealth does occur when you have severe economic disparity; look at some of the third world nations that have had riots due to having a small number of extremely wealthy individuals either running the governments or benefitting by the policies of governments that are corrupted by wealthy individuals. And, here in the US, we have had, over the last thirty years, a gradual erosion of the middle class as more and more wealth is concentrated into the the hands of the very wealthy.

That said, nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies vandalism of this nature, period. Either the suggestion that someone was testing alarm systems has some merit, there were some very bored individuals who wanted to see how effective their new weapon was, or there is just a plain ole’ sicko out there who wanted to see how much damage they could do, and their outrage at symbols of wealth was, in their mind, justification for these attacks.

I do hope they are caught and brought to justice, pronto.

Glad to hear you won’t be voting for Hillary…..good to know we are on the same page there….

Um, that was kind of from “left field”, wasn’t it? I assume you are referring to her and Bill’s wealth ? Does that mean you won’t vote for Scott Walker since he is being funded by the Koch Brothers?

On another note: The impact of the banking collapse hit a lot of people, and, in a lot of different countries. Here in the US, we had “too big to fail”, no one went to jail, and most of the rest of society has had to pay for the banks bailouts. Not so in other countries, especially Iceland. Link here to a great article about what Iceland did a few years ago, and how it has worked out. (sorry if my link is funky, haven’t been doing too many for awhile :)

Love the Koch Brothers….its called free political expression…..you know the first amendment. If you can’t see the difference in Hillary taking cash from foreign governments vs walker taking cash from american citizens….well…you must be a Bernie sanders supporter. Good luck with that.

Rich in MB, bobfromsanluis

Did Hillery or Bill break windows in Iceland? No.

Your love for the koch will have to live elsewhere.

There may be some people that fit your description but I would bet that the propaganda that you absorb makes the numbers seem far greater than they actually are.

It would be nice if these idiots did post to YouTube but I wouldn’t bet a lot on that happening.